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SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING – A BRIEF Using social media portals to positively influence customers towards a website, company, brand, service, product or a person with sole end goal of conversion.



THE DYNAMICS An upside down approach

CATCH UP - The History


Traditional Approach

Social Media Approach

Controls content seen by audience

Emphasizes audience contribution

One-way communication

Two-way communication

Domineering approach

Discussion approach

Exclusivity agreements

Trust building

Different Channels – Different Purposes o Blogging for SEO

o YouTube for content marketing

o Social networks like Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn for

branding and engagement


Best Practices o Don’t just Join conversations, add Value too o Set a Goal o Be Active & Engaging o Maintain timely Response o Self Identification and consistent


o Remain where Your Customers Are

The X-Gen Gladiator for Businesses o Social Media helps get the word Out o Reach to All Ages and Demographics o Remain where Your Customers Are o Social Media is very Popular

The Dominance Continues o A perfect medium for Customer Service o Business sharing made A Lot easy o Social media Users are Active o It’s everywhere‌

The Big 5 – Key Highlights

Big 1 : Facebook o 1 Million Websites have integrated

with Facebook

o 23% of Users check their Accounts 5X

or more Everyday

o 80% of Users prefer to CONNECT with

brands on FB

Big 2 : Twitter o Average Twitter User has tweeted

307 times o Since birth, around 163 billion tweets have been made

o 34% of marketers have generated LEADS

using Twitter

o 69% of follow are suggested by friends

Big 3 : Google+ o 625,000 join Google+ everyday o “+1” button is used 5 million times a day o 67% plan on increasing Google+ activities o 70% want to know more about it o 40% of marketers already in use o Website using “+1” button increase page

traffic by 350%

Big 4 : Pinterest o 80% of pins are re-pinned o 80% of users are Women o 57% of users interact with food related


o Pins with prices get 36% more pins

Big 5 : LinkedIn o 200+ million users o 50% find LinkedIn to be a good source

of brand experience

o More than 2.6 million companies have

LinkedIn company pages

Social Media Monitoring Tools

The Free o Google Alerts o Social Mention

o Co.mments o BoardTracker o CoTweet

Social Media Monitoring Tools

The Paid o HubSpot o Radian

o Techrigy o Scout Labs

o Crimson Hexagon

US Companies Using Social Networks for Marketing Purpose (2009 - 2014) % of total

Social Media + Lead Generation Opportunities = ROI Social Media is for driving leads, customers and sales. Networking being your only KEY to successful business marketing exploit Social Media to the best possible way !!

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Social Media: From Pure Networking to Serious Marketing  

Using social media portals to positively influence customers towards a website, company, brand, service, product or a person with sole end g...