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Project: Eveline Lowe School, Southwark

1st prize winner of the RIBA International Design Competition for ‘Southwark Schools for the Future’. The 1967, Eveline Lowe School in Bermondsey was the first of the new open plan schools in Britain and therefore holds a unique place in British educational history. The buildings at Eveline Lowe represent a turning point in the educational provision in the ‘60s that went on to radically influence primary schools across Britain, and time has proved the design to be a very successful. Working in association with HKR Architects and with Prof. Sir Colin Stansfield Smith as consultant, our brief was to refurbish the existing building and add a new Upper School. The existing building is modest and unassuming, with understated architectural rhetoric but its educational intention is innovative and influential. The new buildings offer sleek coloured glass-clad elevations symbolic of educational aspirations for the 21st century.

PROJECT DETAILS Client: Architects: Consultant: Contract value:

The London Borough of Southwark John Pardey Architects with HKR Architects Prof. Sir Colin Stansfield Smith £7,529,000.00

Structural Engineer: M+E Engineers: Landscape: Cost Consultant

Barton Engineers Hoare Lee Consulting Grontmij E C Harris

Eveline Lowe School