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2012 Poster Catalogue

John Paulding travels around the United States, takes snaps and turns them into artworks using a distinctive ‘pen & ink’ style.

Kickin’ Off - New Jersey Somethings going down. This New Jersey Highway Patrolman has spotted something suspicious and has pulled someone over. What happens next is anyone’s guess.

All pictures © John Paulding 2012 No unauthorised reproduction permitted

18 Wheeler - Arizona The Peterbuilt 18 wheeler typifies the American Highway. This one was travelling through the Arizona desert. What you can’t see in this picture are the snowchains has was carrying underneath the trailer. He obviously was planning to travel far beyond Arizona.

Abandoned Motel - Route 66 Back in the 50’s Route 66 was one of the main routes from the Mid West to the Pacific, but with the coming of the Interstates it was bypassed and the small towns along the way were abandon. This motel still stands as a tourist attraction and a memorial to what once was The Mother Road.

Above: Baywatch Left: Lifeguards You’ve seen the program, this is the reality. Yes they really spend their days in wooden towers on the beach. Yes, they really drive around in yellow custom built pick ups... No they don’t look like Pamela Anderson.

Buggy - Arizona While we were photographing a Porsche this thing burbled by. It handled the sand a lot better than the Porsche did!

Cars - Route 66 It’s not just the towns that were abandoned along Rote 66. A lot of the vehicles were too. This enterprising tourist shop owner collected some of them and turned them into real life versions of the characters from the Disney movie ‘Cars’.

‘56 Ford Victoria - California All down the West Coast, Sunday morning is a time for cruising. This rare 4 door Ford Crown Victoria harks back to a time when most of the traffic on these streets were actually made in America and not Japan!

Top: Old Bridge Diner - New Jersey

Left: Seville Diner - New Jersey The metal clad roadside diners are something uniquely American. You won’t find the likes of these anywhere else in the world - unless it’s been imported

Above: Anaheim Police California Left: Kingman Police Arizona Some ‘snapshots’ of American police in the course of their daily duty. Anaheim police use the traditional American black and white livery for their Harley Davidsons and crew cab pick up trucks while Kingman Police go for a more European all white livery... and yes, this is the Kingman, Arizona in the Route 66 song.

Cowboy - Arizona Yes, you can still find them if you look hard enough.... Gas Stop California ...although nowadays they are more likely to ride around in something like this.

Tourist Attractions

Manhattan Beach Pier - California Manhattan Beach gets a mention in the Beach Boys Surfin’ USA... “all over Manhattan” MacArthur’s Connie - Arizona This Lockheed Constellation was used by General MacArthur during the Korean War in the early ‘50s

Above - Passing Through - New Jersey A lot of the fascination of travelling around America is just observing what you see from the window. This guy doesn’t change cars he just buys more. Left - Matador Missile - Arizona We’ve all heard of Cruise missiles, but this was one of the first. In the ‘60s it defended the West in Germany and packed a nuclear punch - but was powered by a sub sonic conventional jet engine and had a frightenly short range. Now it stands derelict in the desert outside a ‘Flintstones’ themed diner. (What’s a missile got to do with the Flintstones?)

Red Light - California This dramatic illustration captures the Los Angeles street machine scene. Two muscle cars side by side at the red light. Who's got the fastest reactions, Who’s going to come off the line first and ‘hole shoot’ the other guy? As the two drivers play out their personal duel the rest of LA goes about its daily business in the background. Stop Sign - Route 66 This sort of sums up Route 66. The traffic stopped and the world moved on. Now they’re coming back to find what they lost.

Above: Stop Light Grand Prix - California All too often we don’t get to see the results of what we observe from the car window. This time we do and we’re treated to a tyre smoking drag race as the cars come of the line... and stop at the next set of lights. Left: Route 66 In contrast to the crowded streets of LA this section of The Mother Road is deserted.

Above: Abandoned Truck Arizona Left: Low Rider California A couple of trucks, one rusting in the high desert the other turning heads on the Pacific Coast Highway.

Above: El Ranchito - LA Left: Old School Tattoos Seligman AZ. America’s great architect Frank Lloyd Wright used to design his building so that they would look interesting in their decay. These seem to have managed it all on their own.

Above: Trucks at Seligman Left: Seligman Yard More trucks at Seligman on Route 66 Arizona. Note the open body Snow Cap ice cream sales truck. What a great restoration that would make!

Above: ‘60s Custom SEMA Show Las Vegas Left: ‘56 Ford Rat Rod - Las Vegas Two different takes on the custom scene. The ‘60s ‘dream car’ illustrates what customizers thought cars might look like in the 21st century, while the modern ‘Rat Rod’ shows what the current trend really is!

Above: Signs in the Desert - Arizona Pointing the way to Historic Route 66

Left: The ‘Vegas Sign Nevada Marks the gateway into the gambling and entertainment capital of the World

Above: Preserved Locomotive Kingman, Arizona Left: Highway 55 - California The preserved locomotive shows what transportation was like and the multi-lane Highway 55 just outside of LA shows what it’s like today.

Above: Fuel Dragster Florida Left: Sox & Martin classic A/FX dragster - Florida American don’t do corners. Their roads are usually incredibly straight so they invented Drag Racing - a motorsport based on going fast in a straight line.

Above: ‘55 Chevy - Las Vegas The ‘55 Chevy promoting Meguiar’s car polish looks original , but has had considerable body and paint work since it left Detroit on 1955.

Left: The Munster’s Koach - Las Vegas The Munster’s Koach is a product of the ‘King of Kustomizers’ George Barris and featured in the TV series The Munsters. Back in the ‘60s Barris considered it cool to replace the letter C with a K. So that should be Kool, I suppose?

“Be seeing you” - Willy’s Jeepster - LA

All images in this document are available as screen savers, postcards, posters and signed and mounted limited edition prints. For prices and sizes please contact us.

© John Paulding Associates 2012 All enquiries to John Paulding Associates +44 (0)1223 834777 Fax: +44 (0)1223 835597 sales@johnpaulding.com

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American Highway  

A poster catalogue of pictures taken across America and then digitally rendered in 'a distinctive pen & ink" style

American Highway  

A poster catalogue of pictures taken across America and then digitally rendered in 'a distinctive pen & ink" style

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