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Sticky Thump Content, Ads and Leads come together in a radical sticky web


Addressing the Question …we need to take a hard look at what content we believe will drive the most traffic and connect consumers to listings, rentals or mortgages as well as drive revenue growth. I also believe we should have a unique angle on this type of content that provides more value than the standard fare that exists today – (and) use internal data to write unique articles and drive traffic – Scott Boecker

And here’s one look at an answer – a different way of mining Move Network’s content assets, and turning them into something unique


The Aim: Alignment Create a perfect alignment of content, ad sales and lead generation

“Previously our emphasis was on the accuracy of our content. The context of the experience is what is important now” -- Steve Berkowitz, Sept 16, 2010

Content – drives organic search traffic and engagement Ad Sales – monetizes the traffic and engagement Leads – our business depends on leads … … and these leads can be generated through an exciting and unique means of


curating content

The Editorial Component We have millions of content assets – photos and home data Normally the way users access these is through searches on the site to SRPs and LDPs But these are for the most part search results pages and – especially until the Redux change that gave a distinct indexable url to properties – could not be indexed in search engines and enlarge our search engine footprint. However, if we add some editorial – a way of curating our content into unique pages – then we benefit, not only from being able to put new context around our content assets, but by also creating distinct and unique content units that are searchable and will direct traffic to the site, and even leads for our listings. Think of it this way: While you can search for fashion and furniture in thousands of online shopping sites, the magazine Lucky became successful by adding editorial around the very same photos and copy. The magazine made editorial selection and made the content assets more easily digestible.


The Essential Tool In this proposal the essential presentation tool we will use to harness the power of editorial and content -- to generate ad impressions and leads -- is the SLIDESHOW This deck will show how existing content assets on and, as well as other assets that are available to us, can be turned into a unique content product for ALL our sites It’s a product that mixes traditional editorial expertise with machine selection logic of tagged assets Most of the slide components described here will be generated automatically once we’ve set the rules 5

Why Slideshows? … Traffic!

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Not just Yahoos! Andrew Meares, chief photographer at The Sydney Morning Herald, reports that slideshows, which magnify ad impressions, have become very popular with online site visitors — more so than video. “Our video team pop the champagne with 5000+ views.Our top text stories of the week rate 80,000+,” he says. “Total slides pageviews to date are 1,214,918.” – Teaching Online Journalism


And besides traffic?

The SLIDESHOW as we envisage its use here is the perfect tool to make use of what is the Move Network’s principal store of freely available content assets – photos and home data

We have libraries of photos – and associated data -- that other content sites can only dream about

The unique Move Network slideshow can take these assets and use editorial context to enable them to generate engagement in a new, user friendly way – and, most importantly, provide an exciting way of generating leads for our consumers


Hereâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s something basic

Simple Ad integration in Slideshow


Hereâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s another Adverts are inserted throughout the slideshow


Sponsorship application Hereâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s a sponsorship for J C Penney integrated into the slideshow


Packing them in Keep the ads coming in all locations

Banner and separate right rail Buyout of both positions Google Banner Google Ads all over


So … It’s easy to see how useful such curation of content – adding editorial to content assets -- is to Consumer Ad Sales, since you can slip ad into the slideshows and have them sponsored.

But what about Lead Generation? Yes. That’s possible too since the photo in the slideshows can link to LDPs 13

Only one example of this tactic The slideshow example that follows in the next section is just one way of providing context to our existing assets with editorial curation.

Also, while this slideshow is an advanced example of whatâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s possible, and would depend on us making a commitment to tag our photos more extensively, we can start small using existing tags (some later slide show ideas in this deck will show this) to use curated content in slideshows to back campaigns, or to disseminate data, and from there iterate to the more complex products


The Full Picture What a Move Network slideshow might look like


Editorial sets the story


Slide created by editors


Slide created by editors


Slide using content assets

to hoto e p k c i us Cl ull ho see f


An advertizing slide


Slide created by editors


Using assets


Using assets


Using assets


Slide created by editors


An advertizing slide


Using assets


Using assets


Keep on clicking â&#x20AC;Ś..


The Elements The Move Slideshowâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s component parts


The Slide Types Three main types • The assets slide • The Editorial slide • The Advertising slide


The Editorial Slide Two types here They set and maintain the theme for the slideshow


Header Slide Tells the viewer what the slideshow is about – it’s the “cover,” the “front page” It is created by a Content Team Editor

•  It will have a short engaging title •  A subtitle to carry relevant keywords associated with the theme of the slideshow •  An “upfront” paragraph – expanding the theme, encouraging viewing/action and value prop


Body Slide Basic components are a photo, related text and ad unit This content is created by an editor

2 copy elements • 

Engaging magazine-style long photo caption


Related “TIP”

Other Elements Like/dislike button Facebook Share button Links – both to content and other areas of Move Network sites and outside courtesy links


Photos for Editorial Slides We already have access to Remodelista home design photos and use them in blogs

Also if we set up and encouraged a designer community on, (just like ELLE magazine)

â&#x20AC;&#x201C; with profile pages and links to design sites â&#x20AC;&#x201C; we could build and access a major library of photos 35

Ad Photos for Editorial Slides Killing two birds with one stone we can also arrange with companies to use their catalogue photos in advertorial/editor selected advertising slides to a consumer sales opportunity as well as an editorial experience a la Lucky.


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Tip: <')$%1,#7#&'-+%10&,2%="17'-+%>1*;%)*.-%)*% )*.-?%89!:@2%4!A34%B'-2%#"-%#1,"),%"%#02)*;% 2*1C-+%"1,"%)$")%B&,-D2%1'+$)%'-)*%)$,%."&&%*>%"% B1'+$)%"-D%&'=,&7%(')#$,-%&'(,%)$'2%*-,E%


Itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s even possible to make full slideshows in conjunction with companies like Target, Home Depot, IKEA and others

Ad Slides We sell the full slide space to an advertiser, a sponsor or use house ads

To take full advantage we should build to allow the inclusion of interactive ads that encourage viewers to click these ads to see video, download apps etc.


Realtor generated slides Same look as editorial body slide but with a bit more back end complexity Data Merge

Tagged Photo


Content Unit

The Realtor Photos Photos we have – plenty of them Need to tag so we program editorial selections – “kitchen” “bedroom” “modern” etc

Important tag -- is photo good?

Sales force first line of editorial control Editorial Mechanical Turk second – how we ensure tagging and photo quality of available library


Realtor Copy Two components â&#x20AC;&#x201C; the slide description and the filler (tip, fact or other tagged micro content unit)


Slide Description Copy We will not use Realtorâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s beauty descriptions but plug data into a variety of templated forms


Facts and Tips Content units used to fill in under a minimal house slide text. We can write a 100 or more of these and they can be called to fill space and provide sales or link ops.

Note About Use: So for instance, if the bathroom we show in the slide is from a “ranch” home, rules will specify that a fact or tip related to “ranch” will be the first fact/tip called to the space. If a “ranch” tagged fact or tip doesn’t exist, or the ones tagged in that “ranch” category that have been used previously in the same slide show, rules will cause a more general fact/tip related to homes or real estate will be called.


Realtor Slide Functionality Two cases: ! House on Market ! House not on Market

This is a decision we can make later on Obviously we would program to use photos from houses on market first

But we may want to feature houses (with a link to the realtor’s profile page) that a lot of people like. And we may need these photos to fill out a slideshow theme.


The invitation â&#x20AC;&#x201C; Click Candy Speaks for itself Invitation to view more slideshows


The Anatomy of a Show Putting it all together


Slideshow size Ideally it should be about 15 slides •  Cover and final •  Ad Sales slides (2) •  Edit “Body” slides (4) • photo assets slides (6/7)


Sequencing Sequence is important to set and keep focus and maintain engagement A suggested sequence: 1.  Header 2.  Editorial body slide 3.  Editorial body slide 4.  Realtor photo slide 5.  Ad slide 6.  Editorial body slide 7.  Realtor photo slide 8.  Realtor photo slide 9.  Editorial body slide 10.  Ad slide 11.  Realtor photo slide 12.  Realtor photo slide 13.  Realtor photo slide 14.  Final – Invitation to click more


What to do with it?


Link it from a homepage


Facebook, Blogs and Syndication


Can use slide show tool for other content The most expensive U.S. housing markets Newport Beach, Calif.Calif. Palo Alto,

Homes for sale in Newport Beach, Calif., La Jolla, Calif. In Palo Alto, Calif., the average listing Rye, N.Y. have an average listing price of $1.83 million, In La Jolla, Calif., the average listing price is $1.48 million, according to list the for anSan Rye, N.Y., homes sale average the highest in the U.S., according to for Coldwell price for homes is Francisco $1.21 million, Coldwellprice Banker Home Listing Report. (5$sale of $1.33 million, according to the A home is shown for in the Haight Banker Bankerâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Home Listing Report. The data according to the Coldwell (2)$!"#$!%&'()(*+,-%*+,'.%/01223/42122 Coldwell Banker Home Listing Report. Ashbury neighborhood in San Francisco. cover February to August and specifically Home Listing Report. Average listing prices there are $1.33 million, look at four-bedroom, two-bath houses. according to the Coldwell Banker Home Listing Report.r Tip: <')$%1,#7#&'-+%10&,2%="17'-+%>1*;%)*.-%)*% Tip: <')$%1,#7#&'-+%10&,2%="17'-+%>1*;%)*.-%)*% )*.-?%89!:@2%4!A34%B'-2%#"-%#1,"),%"%#02)*;%Tip: <')$%1,#7#&'-+%10&,2%="17'-+%>1*;% )*.-?%89!:@2%4!A34%B'-2%#"-%#1,"),%"%#02)*;% Tip: <')$%1,#7#&'-+%10&,2%="17'-+%>1*;%)*.-%)*% 2*1C-+%"1,"%)$")%B&,-D2%1'+$)%'-)*%)$,%."&&%*>%"% )*.-%)*%)*.-?%89!:@2%4!A34%B'-2%#"-% 2*1C-+%"1,"%)$")%B&,-D2%1'+$)%'-)*%)$,%."&&%*>%"% )*.-?%89!:@2%4!A34%B'-2%#"-%#1,"),%"%#02)*;% Tip: <')$%1,#7#&'-+%10&,2%="17'-+%>1*;%)*.-%)*% B1'+$)%"-D%&'=,&7%(')#$,-%&'(,%)$'2%*-,E% #1,"),%"%#02)*;%2*1C-+%"1,"%)$")% B1'+$)%"-D%&'=,&7%(')#$,-%&'(,%)$'2%*-,E% 2*1C-+%"1,"%)$")%B&,-D2%1'+$)%'-)*%)$,%."&&%*>%"% )*.-?%89!:@2%4!A34%B'-2%#"-%#1,"),%"%#02)*;% B&,-D2%1'+$)%'-)*%)$,%."&&%*>%"%B1'+$)% B1'+$)%"-D%&'=,&7%(')#$,-%&'(,%)$'2%*-,E% 2*1C-+%"1,"%)$")%B&,-D2%1'+$)%'-)*%)$,%."&&%*>%"% "-D%&'=,&7%(')#$,-%&'(,%)$'2%*-,E% B1'+$)%"-D%&'=,&7%(')#$,-%&'(,%)$'2%*-,E%


A Slideshow can be used to back a campaign Say we want to target foreclosures: Slideshows can be created mixing foreclosure information and tips under a title such as: Foreclosures for $200,000 in Atlanta Foreclosures you can get for $300,000 F*1,#&*201,%G"&0,%

This 5-bedroom house in an upscale community in south Lincoln has a sprawling, open floor plan. Each of the five bedrooms has a private bath and walk-in closet. Built in 2003, on a 3.25 acre lot the property lists for $192,500.

Foreclosure Tip: When scouting decide whether the house is something you will resell or keep. Some houses can easily be repaired for reselling purposes because the next buyer can take care of the other details.


iPhone and iPad We can put the slideshow on apps â&#x20AC;&#x201C; iPhone, Android and the iPad And of course the photos link back to the listing pages.


iPhone Design Aps People are already paying for aps that are in essence slideshows of well designed homes


Rollout Content, Ad Sales and Leads together in a Sticky Web


Ready Content is available to do slideshows immediately

Basically if we have a slideshow set up – WLV devs say it’s a 1 week/2 week build – we can go ahead and start creating slideshows with Remodelista content adding ads/ sponsorship from Consumer Sales

We can also leverage any sales related content into slideshows – IKEA, Target and so on

And we can do editorial news slides based on photos and data filtering using their existing tags for slideshows such as “Homes for Under $250,000 in Los Angeles,” “The Most Expensive Homes in America” “Foreclosures for under $200,000 in Georgia” and so on.


Steady I we get the basic slide out on pages and they generate traffic and PVs we can decide to invest in more extensive tagging of photos and data to generate more slideshows.

Couple of things here: Tagging process – sales level and Mechanical Turk Data merge for content – pretty simple but copy needs to be clever to cover Rules to ensure valid “live” photo selection availability


Go! Builds to put it all together

Editorial photo search (“lightbox”) to ensure photo availability – need to have 8/9 CMS able to set rules for photo selection in each Slideshow Create CMS templates for editorial content – photos and copy Create Tip/Fact copy – build ability to merge to slides


You’ve all seen slideshows You’ve played with them You’ve wasted time on them They suck you in They’re click candy

“The crack cocaine of the Web” sez Shannah Pittman, SEO They’re searchable pages for UU traffic and they generate more PVs than article pages They’re very monetizable for ad sales and sponsorship

…. so let’s get clicking 59

Sticky Thump  

First presentation pitch of the idea to client management