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for by Pimpernel (Müllerstraße 56), which was once a rent-boy bar but is now a mixed electro-venue, and the Sunday-night dance parties at Café am Hochhaus (Blumenstraße 29a), while more laidback visitors head to Pop as (Thalkirchner Straße 12), bear-friendly Edelheiss (Pestalozzistraße 6) and Bar Jeans (Blumenstraße 15). In a city where the men wear cowhide to church, leather lovers may find themselves frequently thinking sacrilegious thoughts but that particular scene’s most notorious leather-and-fetish bar remains the 40year-old ochsengarten (Müllerstraße 47), while everyone seems to end up in the tiny Sunshine Pub (Müllerstraße 17) at some point. open 21 hours a day, its clientele is one shot waifs, strays and the socially unsalvageable, one measure club casualties and drag queens.

Victory Gate

although Munich’s mixture of nocturnal pursuits and languid daytime atmosphere make it easy to commit an entire holiday sampling its easy spoils, Londoners with a sense of adventure should seize the opportunity of exploring further afield. BMW is a Bavarian brand – running an excellent museum and exhibition space, BMW Welt ( in Munich – and affluent locals regularly load up their Bimmers for weekends in the countryside. A quick zip

course of our weekend in Munich and Bavaria we found we had to repeatedly endure a litany of interferences from locals asking us how we were enjoying our stay; strangers clamouring to help us as we struggled with maps and guidebooks; well-behaved blonde children smiling at us for no reason. All deeply unsettling.


Luckily, however, Munich also caters to visitors who are also interested in spending a less-thanwholesome time in the city. As you’d expect from the city that introduced oktoberfest to the world, the drinking scene here is well developed and there’s a multitude of venues for every gay contingent. Shoreditch-style clubbers are catered


Munich and Bavaria  

Major travel feature on Munich and Bavaria, written for Out in the City magazine.