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Describe your leadership style in 3 words and explain. My leadership style is very open, serious, and straight to the point. I like my meetings focused on the topic that we are talking about. For example, if we are talking about venue, then the priority will be to settle about the venue given that different situations that we might encounter then make the best decisions, but this does not mean I will be strict or bias regarding my decision because I am also open to other possibilities to make the event better as well. I may seem like a very hyper person who cannot settle himself in situations, but I am really serious when it comes to meetings and planning because I know this is not something to be taken lightly. It does not only matter to me but it also matter to everyone going to be involved and more importantly, the organization itself. I am game for anything, but it has to be feasible and when implemented I will try my best to achieve it. Describe one situation where you had to empower someone to be active in the organization. How successful where you in doing so? I remember one of the freshmen being interviewed by our EVP- Internals of MEcO to become the freshman ambassador of MEcO. She was not accepted and was dishearten by it. It came to a point that she did not want to be active anymore in MEcO because she thought that she was not good enough. I talked with her regarding this matter, and I tried my best to convince to try again. I shared with her my experience because I myself was not accepted in things that I wanted in MEcO as well, yet this did not stop me because I believe that I belong in a certain project more. She was motivated by my story, and wanted to try again. I told her to apply for the PE of Lumiere, and this time she was accepted. I believe it is me keep on persuading her that made her believe in MEcO again. I believe I secured an asset for MEcO, and in a way I believe everyone can contribute to the greatness of the organization, but it just really depends on the effort and sacrifice that its executive board and machine members are willing to give. Give a current human resources project, and explain how you would highlight the organization’s core competency and the HR Dept’s role on bringing members together. The core competency is highlighted the most in Leadership Training Seminar. Because it is in that three days two nights event, the organization was able to invest for impact. This has an impact on the members because not only can the organization was able to discover a new group of potential active members, but this event actually empower these members to make a change in the organization as well. The organization invested in them, and they influenced the people participating to be active in the organization and help develop this skills and potential as well. The concepts of the games and the activities are very relevant because not only does it teach the proper value or attitude for the org members, but discreetly this shows the other core competency, financial literacy, through showing the members how deal with different situations. An example is how to know the risks and advantages, and then they were able to learn to choose the best way to deal with those situations. I believe financial literacy is not just about knowing how to deal with money matters, but it is also a kind of acquired attitude on how to deal with different situations and make the best decision and wok effectively. Through LTS, I see investing on the members as a form of long-term impact for both the benefit of the org and for the members personally. LTS is also an impact investment for the org because it develops stronger ties among members. More importantly, it shows its participants what MEcO is really about and how the people here are. I believe it is the event that brings people together the most and it is one of the most beautiful and helpful things MEcO can do to its members.


What is the root cause of member apathy in the organization and how do you plan to address it? Based from experience and people that I talked to, the root cause of member apathy in the organization is the cliquishness of the machines or EB members. I am not saying this is a bad thing, but it hinders members who want to be active or take part in the organization. It makes them feel out of place or left out. In order to address this concern I believe a new buddy system must be implemented not only in HR but the whole organization. A ration of 1 is to 3 will be established between the machine members and general members. The machine member will be the one to catch up or check on the general members from time to time, in a way we try to show that we actually care for them, value their input, and want them to be part of the organization. The duty of the EB will be greater because the EB will check on each and single one of the machines then further know its member through the machine, and I believe that is still not enough. In other words, a more personal approach is needed. A good example will be avoid the use of group message but utilize use of names of the person to make them feel that someone in the EB is so easily accessible and personally interested in having them participate in projects. To sum up everything, what MEcO needs now is for its machine member and EB to start reaching out to others members more, and not just stay in their comfort zone. What can you do in order to further strengthen the identity of MEcO inside and outside the university? In order to strengthen the identity of MEcO inside and outside of the university, we must start by letting members know what being a MEcOnista is about, as the first priority. It is an emphasis on brand management and member management of the organization. Through various projects and events provided by the HR department we can cater to different people in the organization and through it, we can implement member integration in the projects offered. We have to constantly remind them what MEcO’s core competencies are and what we stand for or what we are trying to achieve. Through constant reminding the idea of what MEcO is will be ingrained in the mindset of people so they will not feel like what they are doing is pointless. Also if asked by someone outside of MEcO what their org is, every member will be able to give the correct vision and core competency of MEcO and what they stand for as members of such an org .Of course, in order to make all these possible the best quality of project should be provided to all its members to truly make them see and understand the goal and vision. If you were to create one project or one system for your department, what would it be? What would it look like and where would it bring the organization 5 years from now? If I were to create one project or one system for the department, I will create a post processing event for each of the projects. I believe the best way to improve a project or event further is through the knowing the feedbacks and suggestions of its members. In a way, through these feedbacks, improvements can be made and with it being continued for the next five years, MEcO will have even better quality and more effective projects because it is improved more and more each year based on what its participants felt was the strong and weak points. The post processing will be significant as well because it is a way of reaching out to the general members. I will have this system randomly pick a certain amount of people and meet with them. It is not necessarily I will only meet with people who went, but also with people who were not able to go. Through it, I can understand the reason of not attending, and therefore make the necessary changes that will improve the event further. Of course, it is not just simply a meeting, maybe food and drinks will be involved. I would try to make the people feel that they are part of something great and that their input is much valued. If this continues for the next five years, MEcO could gain recognition for its proper member integration and openness and win a Project of the Year with COA and as well as other awards like SOM Week, EB of the year, and Leadership of the Year. More importantly, MEcO will grow and be known as an organization that strives for growth and improvement.

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