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Describe your preferred leadership style (i.e. how you like to manage others, what is effective for you) and your ideal colleagues or team members (i.e. how would you like others to work with you).

Throughout my 3 years in the Ateneo, I had been part of many different activities, gatherings & events, handled many different projects and encountered many types of people. I consider myself, as many people are aware of as well, a big people person. This being said, there isn’t one clear-cut way I handle people, it’s not a “one size fits all” kind of thing. Often, I try to test the waters first. Though through the years, the most effective and my most preferred way of leading is through transformational leadership. Through transformational leadership, one motivates people through a shared vision of the future. I expect the best from everyone I work with, and with myself. And this leads to high productivity and engagement. I’m very hands-on and I’m also big on micro-managing and leading by example. I believe that as a leader, you must always be actively communicating with your constituents. I am a huge perfectionist and with this, I always strive for the best quality of work, given the external factors, and projects planned and executed smoothly. I like setting clear goals with my team and always being ready for the worst-case scenarios and working for the best. I believe the best way to inspire people to work is to work yourself. That is why I’m big on updates, progress reports and calling meetings because it always gives an extra push to see other people working with you. I had always been a hands-on leader. I’ve had countless experiences where I’d just feel lost in the middle of a job, or worse, not know how to start at all. In the past, this has led me to struggling with my work and having a hard time finding someone who can help me. This is not something I would want to bring on to anyone I work with so I had always being hands-on, I make it very clear that I am always there to catch them, or “make salo”. This, to me, brings a sense of trust with the people I work with. Though I had learned that this style doesn’t work with some people, more recently, I’ve been an overview type of person. The type that asks for a skeleton then just watches you as you put the bones unless you ask for otherwise. In my opinion, this gets the job done at a slower pace, but gives people more room to think and a greater sense of fulfillment upon finishing a job. My ideal colleagues and team members would be people very much eager to learn. And by this, I don’t mean to learn from me, but to learn in a general sense. Those who want to know more, do more and be more. My ideal colleagues are ones who strive to go beyond. My team members the same. I would absolutely love to work with someone very eager to contribute fresh ideas and a fresh opinion and people who are very open and flexible. Describe a situation wherein you had to coordinate with an external institution or partner (context, objective, and your specific role) and explain how your contribution led to the project’s success.

It was my first year in MEcO and from the start, I was very much interested in Tryst. Originally, I was applying for Promotions but right before my interview, I was talking to Jarvie and he told me Sales & Externals was somewhat the same, so I applied for that as well. I was appointed as lone head for Sales and Externals for last year’s Tryst and I had started contacting at least 15 organizations already and I recruited many to be part of my team before I was given my partner.


My first problem was that I didn’t know what the other organizations in the top 4 schools were. My solution? Google! I literally Googled the different organizations and found their respective websites and Facebook pages and groups and I kept these all in a database. With all of these newly found contacts, I then had to think of what to tell them, I formulated my own scripts for different situations, step-by-step instructions and I made an aesthetically pleasing Tryst partnership package that our Creatives Executive Krishna helped me with too, and I shared this with my team. We started sending these out already then I had another idea. I started searching “People that work in *organization name*” on Facebook – to paint you a picture, those people who put “Works in”, for example, “ MEcO” on their Facebook descriptions. I searched them, and with the Referral Message I created, I was very easily referred to the appropriate contact people, i.e. The externals VP, in different organizations through Facebook! It was amazing how easy it was. Through this method, I was able to obtain a partnership with this sorority in UP – Tryst’s biggest partner, getting 60 tickets – earning MEcO 12,500 pesos in that deal alone. My partner and I, with the entire team, were able to close many more deals which led to close to 200 tickets sold to organization partners and contributed to Tryst’s success. I started to work with no contacts and no idea what to do and who to call. I had no previous experience so I had to be resourceful. To this day, when I look back, it was, for lack of a better term, really cool and it contributed to my love for Externals. :) Discuss how external relations can/should contribute to building the organization, in terms of core competency and member development.

The Office of External Affairs can and should contribute to further strengthening our core competencies through our external partners. Through the assistance of The Office to the Department of Investment Strategies in getting speakers and establishing relationships with partners, InStrat’s projects would have more credibility and greater content. The Office through its own efforts and its underlying department, Corporate Relations, helps fund all projects in the organization, now including those in the Community Development department, as included in the candidate for Corporate Relation’s platform. In the spirit of spreading financial literacy, The Office can, should and will contribute through our efforts for publicity & awareness of our projects through tie-ups with other organizations and media sponsors, benefiting those projects of the Investment Strategies and Community Development Departments. As our outgoing president would say, “The more the people, the greater the impact.” In terms member development, aside from the benefits of being an External Relations Officer such as exposure to contacts from companies and other organization and learning to handle and establish partnerships, and the benefits that our members get from learning from the partners and speakers we shall bring in. The Office, this year, would like to offer something more to the members of this organization. This year, I am proposing a project, namely “MEcOmpany-Ready”. This project will be further discussed in the next questions. What would you try to achieve via the position of EVP for External Affairs next school year? State your platform statement or slogan, and outline your top three goals.

Platform Title: Bringing in the MEcOnnections In line with the goals of the organization, the Office of External Affairs would have 3 focus areas: 1) Rekindling old flames - The Office would work on re-establishing old and current relationships. • Office would make concrete efforts to re-establish our connections.


• Our priorities would lie with The Alliance, the CFA, Thomson Reuters, JCFAP, The Global Filipino Investors, COL, Admiral Markets and the PSE for financial literacy. • For Community Development: Silid-Aralan, GKon, and GloBanKo • Another important set of relationships we would rekindle are the ones with the alumni. 2) Connecting the dots - The Office would work on connecting members to opportunities outside the organization. • New opportunities would include • UP’s Investment Fair and DLSU’s Finance Summit, in line with our relationship with the Alliance. • A revamped Student Exchange • MEcOmpany-Ready • MEcOmpany-Ready would include company tours, a resume pool and workshop, and a training program where students are given the opportunity to experience interviews with invited HR representatives from different companies. 3) Making new friends - The Office would work on further strengthening our core competencies through new external partners • Creating a system to help create new partnerships for projects. Included here are: • Scripts • Documents templates • An updated database of contacts for student organization and companies • Endorsement of NSInC and Stox+ by the Commission on Higher Education as early as possible to be able to maximize this endorsement. • Instill and increase awareness of our organization and our projects by continuously giving effort to media relations. How will you and your Externals Team “activate” or further develop relations with student organizations, such that they are more involved in or supportive of MEcO’s projects?

Though it would be more ideal to contact umbrella organizations such as JCFAP and JFINEX, we mustn’t put all our eggs into one basket. As stated in my timetable, I, with my Externals Team, will be building our database early on. We would be working with the current database that I built containing Finance Organizations from Luzon to Mindanao and contacting them towards the end of this year so that we can renew our database of contacts. At the start of next year, we would further build this database to include contacts for other student organizations, student governments and schools’ administrations. Our strategy would be to establish a connection early on in the year, so come NSInC preparations, we have a set of contacts ready and all there is left to do is await for further details from the NSInC team. In establishing these connections, we would be focusing on the fact that we (MEcO and other Finance Organizations) have the same purpose, which is spreading financial literacy. In tying up, we would put focus on the opportunities we are offering them to make their members grow and gain knowledge through experience (Stox+) or learn from our experts (NSInC). It’s really more on what MEcO can do for them than what they can do for us. To further develop our current relationship with DLSU’s MaFIA and UP’s JFA, otherwise known as The Alliance, is another top priority. The Alliance stands under the agreement to participate in a project under each organization, these projects being MEcO’s Stox+, JFA’s Investment Week and MaFIA’s Finance Summit. To further develop this relationship, I am proposing a shift from our current tie-up for our Student Exchange projects with UP and DLSU’s Economics Organizations to these respective organizations. This gives an opportunity for the members of the organizations under The Alliance to expand their networks, as well as strengthens the relationship between the organizations and its members.


If you could create one new project or system under the Office of External Affairs, what would it be? What would it look like and where would it bring the organization 5 years from now?

Apart from handling partnerships all throughout the year, the Office has 2 projects, namely MEcOmpany Tours and the Student Exchange. As others would agree, handling projects is a different kind of learning experience, to which I don’t want my ExTeam to be deprived of. Currently, the Office’s 2 projects can easily be handled by just a couple of people. These projects, though beneficial in their own way, given the restrictions, only benefits a minority of the organization. This being said, I am proposing a new initiative of the Office, namely, MEcOmpany-Ready. In essence, this will be an initiative done by The Office to make its members ready for the outside world. We aim to help members realize and reach their full potential as students and people and prepare them for life after college. I want life after MEcO to be a priority and to make our members MEcOmpany-Ready! MEcOmpany-Ready would be a year-long project of The Office culminated with a training program where students are given the opportunity to experience interviews with invited HR representatives from different companies. The project would also include our long-standing project MEcOmpany Tours, where members would be able to tour around top companies. Also, resume workshops where we help individuals make their resumes – this could be a single event or a year-long consultation type. And a resume pool wherein we collect resumes and send these to the respective human resources departments of our garnered partners. 5 years from now, as this becomes a staple project in our lineup, it would give the organization the perfect image of an organization that takes care of their members from start to finish. From Primer to our Student Support System to MEcOmpany-Ready!

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