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Portland, OR – October 28, 2013 – Full-service family law and (hopefully it doesn’t get this far) divorces attorneys, Peace-Making plans to help restructure families going through separation and divorce by using mediation, arbitration, collaboration and representation. They believe this helps avoid family warfare and creates opportunities for fulfilling family relationships.


Through their help, processes and classes, they help develop the best possibilities. For some that means separation and divorce. For others, it means learning the skills that create a fulfilling relationship with an existing partner.


They genuinely believe that there is a fundamental choice, in terms of whether or not divorce is the right step: Separation and Divorce or Relationship Transformation. They help you harness negative energy and skillfully find your own peace.

“My divorce was the worst time of my life. [Owner] Steve Smith not only gave me personal support through the process, he also helped me with a different positive outlook on life,“ -D. Lorensen


Commonly, when a marriage is in trouble, the involved will have a long period of arguing and misery followed by a self-destructive public crash in court and a lifetime of hate and grudge.


But before you end up in this situation, they believe giving their separation meditation a chance might help. Peaceful Separation gives you an alternative.


Through the peaceful separation process, you can take some time away from your relationship. With safety and peace, you can learn the skills that create fulfilling relationships. The time (6-12 months, if you are dedicated) is used to relieve the stress long enough to work on your skills. Peaceful Separation may require a simple agreement in the form a formal written agreement and moving into separate homes.

And if divorce is deemed to be the only possible solution, Peacehelps takes the reigns and helps navigate through the murky waters of divorce attorneys in the Portland area.

“Steven, you are great at the big picture.” D. Blastic.

Owner, Steven Allen Smith, created Peace-Making, but the concepts behind the class and teachings are timeless and universal. PeaceMaking began in 1974 as the practice of family law with a focus on caring for children, child custody and conflict resolution. The consciousness-focused name “Peace-Making” began in 1995.



5745 NE Glisan Street

Portland, Oregon 97213

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