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My Journal June 20/2011

My name is YiQiag Huang. I am a student at Ramona Adult School. I go to school on Monday-Thursday from 8:00-11:00 A.M. I have a lot of Classmates, they are wonderful. I practice English every day, I conversation with my classmate in the class room. I study English one hour in the

bedroom every day. I study new word in the classroom every


June 21/2011

My family is very busy family. Every body goes to work. They are Come back at home late. I have four people in my family, I have one sister And no brother’s .Sometimes, we are going to BBQ in the park, but we are Usually stay home. At weekend, my father sleeps in his bedroom, my sister Watch’s TV, My mother cooks the food in the kitchen.

June 22/2011

My favorite food is hamburger, pizza and taco. I like entire American food and Mexican food. I like a chicken hamburger because it’s bigger. I like pizza because it has too much. I like taco because it’s delicious. I like American food but I don’t like Chinese food. But I like healthy food too, I like vegetable to cook. I hope to eat American food every day.

June 23/2011 My favorite time of the day is evening. Because I can use the computer before I sleep. Evening was cold. I don’t like morning and afternoon. Because it cool and hot. In the evening I can talk to my family. Because they are very busy a day. In the evening I can sleep in my bedroom. Because in the afternoon is very hot. I can’t sleep in the bedroom in the afternoon.

June 27/2011 My first day in the school was in 1992 at my country. There have a lot of people. My mother takes my go to school. I think about I cried. I had a good classmate and friend, but at the graduate. We are leave. I don’t remember teacher’s name. I don’t remember classmate name too. I had a

nice classmate. He name is ZengJin. He is a good friend. He with me goes to school and play game in the school together. I only remember teacher’s name is ZengQingHua.

June 28/2011 My very first job for money was fix computer in my country. I love to learn about computer anything. I spent a lot of time to study about computer. I had two hundreds salary every month and it is part time job. I can’t take money from my father. We didn’t tax to anything. I very enjoy at work. I very busy in my first job. Because we are go to another people house fixed the computer. We are take 20 dollars fee. My first job is important for me.

June 29/2011 On the first day in the United States. I stayed me to sleep in my home. I saw more helicopters in the sky. Every one speaks English. I felt weather is very cool. Because I came American at fall. I no have friend and I can’t speak English in United States. I’m so boring over there. Then I went to school study English. I met more friend and classmate. In the TV, all the television was speak English. But I need to study English begin my new life.

June 30/2011 I haven’t had a job in the United States yet. I only study English in my home. I went to school on time every day. I help me mother washed the dish. Sometimes, I cleaned my bedroom. I watched TV with my family. May I speak English very well; I can get a good job.

July 5/2011 My favorite teacher in my country, first, he name was WuXie, he was nice teacher. He usually explain the all the question for us. Sometimes he plays sport with we together. He was my favorite teacher in my country. Next, she name was LiWen, sometimes she stays classroom explain program to we. Last one, she name was XuHua. She took more text for we in the school. We liked to do test of teacher.

July 6/2011 I live in El Monte, California. Here has special city. Here has low building. At north. There has San Gabriel Mountains. On the San Gabriel Mountains has snow. On the Santa Monica beach is popular. There has more bikini beautiful girl. On the west, there has downtown Los Angeles, there has more store, more people. Here has bus station, airport, train

station severs. That is good transportation. Here have more malls. If you want to buy something. That is cheap.


my journal written in esl

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