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3GP or 3GPP stands for 3rd Generation Partnership Project, is a collaboration agreement that was established back in December 1998. The collaboration agreement brings together a number of telecommunications standards bodies which are known as “Organizational Partners”. The current Organizational Partners are ARIB, CCSA, ETSI, ATIS, TTA, and TTC. The establishment of 3GPP was formalized in December 1998 by the signing of the “The 3rd Generation Partnership Project Agreement”. 3rd Generation Partnership Project commonly known as 3GP is a file format which is a unique and compresses videos to be playable on mobile phones. The system is specially designed for mobile phones to play videos on almost all handsets that supports videos. If you want to play 3GP videos on your computer you can do that with the help of Quick time media player. Since its birth in 1998 to 2013 many development has been made in the technology. With mobile phone screens getting bigger and the ability to play HD videos the use of 3GP is getting lesser. As Android holds 19% of mobile market share the demand of 3GP video format is still very high. With advancement in technology and new convertors entering the marketing now you have the option to set different sizes of 3GP videos. The quality and compression is much better than back in the start. If you have never heard of 3GP convertors than it is not a problem not every person is tech geek and when internet is full of people who can provide you what you are looking for than there is no need to invent the wheel once again. You will found plenty of sites that offer fine quality 3GP videos downloads. A wide range of networks of sites available and even search engines where you can search 3GP files. For yours ease I have sorted Sites according to niche 1. 3GP Videos (Funny videos @ 2. 3GP Music Videos ( @ 3. 3GP Desi Videos ( @ In case you would want to see how these videos look at your computer screen download Quick time media player. As your computer screen is much wide and bigger than your mobile phones so result will be not as good as you can see on your mobile screens. The 3GP application is easy to use and fast since you can effortlessly handle the video through keyboard shortcuts. You only need to click on the icon “open file”. Some of the major formats that are backed by the 3GP application include Quicktime, RM, WMV, AVI, MOV, 3GPP2 and MP4 in addition to the 3GPP format. 3GPP has become the standard format for video recording via your mobile camera phones. With the growth in telecom industry and mobiles phones becomes necessity from luxury 3GP format is one the world most popular video format. Download videos from above sites you can open them directly on mobile phone or on your computer. Check the quality both on PC & Mobile Phones and see the difference. It will work perfect on your mobile phones. Even a basic mobile phone that have the ability to record video can play 3GP videos with ease.

3gp or 3gpp stands for 3rd generation partnership project