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Personal Statment

In 1911, newspaper editor Arthur Brisbane said, "Use a picture. It's worth a thousand words." A more clichĂŠ statement was never quoted. Nevertheless, perhaps truer words were never spoken. In a world where we are bombarded by messages from every outlet, written, spoken, or silently implied, something as innocuous as a photograph can inspire people to speak out, to contemplate, or to connect. Images have the power to tie us to circumstances or events that we may not have directly experienced, visually enunciating what is otherwise indescribable. The events in New York on 9/11/2001 were too distant at the time, but years later I found that the photos that emerged helped me understand a tragic moment in history. Compelling images like these are what led me to pick up my first DSLR and start taking photos of my own, and with each photo, I evolved into someone with a point of view. The work of David Bailey inspired me in a entirely different, but profound way. His photos captured a cultural movement through iconic fashion that defined a decade. From Bailey, I learnt that photography is not the documentation of events, but the composition of experiences. Composing was not something that came naturally to me. Most of my work prior to sixth form consisted of candid shots and moments of accidental success. I chose to study photography because I realised I wanted to adapt my thought process more than just my technique. Ultimately, the study of photography has meant changing the way I think as much as enriching the content of my thoughts. I chose Film Studies as an extra AS subject because film, to me, is essentially applied photography. Analysing films and creating my own films has given me a different perspective of composition through the construction of film sequences. Media Studies allowed me to see photography as a bridge between other forms of media. I was challenged to create commercial photos tailored to specific audiences that enhanced text or accompanied music. I feel a strong affinity toward this style, because although each photo is constrained by the subject and audience, such constraints are opportunities for invention. Business Studies improved my communication, finance and marketing skills which gave me insight into the establishment and management of what I hope will become my own photography business. I was able to understand the importance of marketing which encouraged me to market myself through social media and the internet. Working alongside the personal photographer of Northwood Headquarters allowed me to gain an insight into the working life of a photographer; accomplishing daily tasks such as portraits for soldiers, both in studio and out. This experience lead me to improve my camera technique and post-production work. My first taste of real world photography was during the Harrow Arts Centre's 100% event, which showcased local artists and is produced by local youth. Despite the fast pace, the changing light conditions, movement, and dealing with both physical and mental obstacles I learnt the meaning of adaptation and make-it-work logistics. It also gave me insight into the personal aspects of documenting such a publicised event, including co-ordinating with other photographers and event personnel to satisfy the event participants. My ability to foster positive customer relations paid off when my photography was referred to and then featured in the Harrow Observer Newspaper and their promotional items. I am currently booking freelance jobs for a variety of portraits and private events. I continue to work very hard to pursue my ambition to make photography not only my living, but what I live for. I am confident that my abilities, determination, and my point of view weighed against others who share my passion is the key to my continuous growth as a photographer, and I believe that there is no better environment to do so than one offered by your university, giving me the drive to press on and succeed.

f/1.8 ISO-400 1/250sec.

f/1.8 ISO-200 1/800sec.

f/16 ISO-200 1/200sec.

f/1.8 ISO-100 1/60sec.

f/1.8 ISO-100 1/250sec.

f/4 ISO-400 1/125sec.

f/4 ISO-200 1/800sec.

f/14,5 ISO-100 1/200sec.

f/5 ISO-100 1/320sec.

f/1.8 ISO-1600 1/1000sec.

f/1.8 ISO-800 1/125sec.

f/5.6 ISO-100 1/60sec.

f/1.8 ISO-100 1/500sec.

f/1.4 ISO-1600 1/500sec.

f/1.8 ISO-3200 1/60sec.

f/1.8 ISO-400 1/250sec.

f/4.5 ISO-6400 1/250sec.

f/1.8 ISO-100 1/2500sec.

f/10 ISO-100 1/250sec.

f/4.5 ISO-100 1/500sec.