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When people think about DNA testing they often imagine it taking place in a scary laboratory with scowling, unhappy lab technicians that are ready to draw their blood and leave only a bruise behind. They couldn't be more wrong! DNA paternity testing is the easiest and most painless experience you can go through. Depending on the type of paternity test you want you may not even have to leave the comfort of your own home to take the test. When you go to a testing center to get your DNA sample taken it will be in a clean, well-maintained office. If you take the test in your own home (in the case of a home paternity test) you'll just collect the sample and send it off-you never have to go further than your mailbox. If you have to take a legal DNA test you'll be required to go to a DNA collection service center and it will probably be close and convenient to where you live. And you won't have to worry about the world knowing that you are going in for a paternity test because DNA testing is very discreet. Although most DNA tests used to be taken using blood samples, DNA sample collection is very different today. DNA can be just as effectively collected using a painless buccal swab. This involves using a cotton swab to collect cells from the inside of the cheek of the people being tested. There's no blood, poking, or discomfort involved! The cotton swabs are packaged and sent to the lab to be examined,and are analyzed for a DNA match. The entire process is easy, quick, and pain-free. Worrying about the test being painful or uncomfortable is no longer a good excuse for not finding out whether or not you are the father of a child! Despite the ease and speed of the process of a paternity test you still need to prepare yourself for emotional repercussions. It is a physically pain-free process however it could have an emotional impact on your life. If your partner is not expecting you to ask for a paternity test it could cause stress within your relationship as your partner may take your request as a direct accusation of infidelity. Even worse, finding out you are not the father of a child you believed to be yours can make you question your relationship with the child and leave you unsure of your next step. However, even with all of these possible emotional outcomes a DNA test is still the right choice if you are questioning your biological relationship with a child. Otherwise you are doing you and your child a disservice! You will always wonder whether or not they are really yours, which can even translate into resentment in your relationship with your child. The earlier you take the test the more you can restrict the negative results that come from an unexpected result. Knowing how easy and pain-free DNA paternity testing is makes this decision much easier. When you make the choice to get a paternity test you can be confident that the test will go smoothly and give you the answers you need.

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