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Documenting Vs Creating Jbright85

Documenting Vs Crreating Keeping up with the Speed of the Digital Renosances So... I've been on this journey to create great content and build some authority on social media. Quite often we run across these types of articles that tells us: 1. How many times to post a day 2. What time of the day to post 3. How many hashtags to use ect. Yet, if you ask me what I think; based on my experience, I believe all that doesn't matter. The only thing that does matter is if your content is great enough to break through all the white noise and provides value. In the video below, I'm calling myself out because for a year now I've been trying to follow what all these other "guru's" recommend doing. I've discovered that time moves too fast for me to sit down and create something while I can simply document content as I go and share it on the correct media outlet. As my uncle Gary, would say, the only Social Media platform that truly exists is Twitter. All the other ones (Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, ect.) are just content - Push! 1/3

So, bare with me here in this video as I elaborate about my philosophy on why I believe documenting is way better than creating. Enjoy!

Until next time, Believe in yourself and your dreams, and Never give up! Johnny Calvin Bright Connect with me on Social Media



Documenting vs creating  
Documenting vs creating  

Everyone has there own opinion of how to do it but to tell you the truth there's no right or wrong way. Just pump out content. The world is...