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South Texas College

August 23, 2011

Distance Education e-NEWS

eSTC Virtual Campus has arrived!

Special points of interest:  eSTC Virtual Campus  Blackboard Learn 9.1  Certifications Trainings  Emerging Technologies  Reminders  Events

INSIDE THIS ISSUE: Fully Online Degrees & Certifications


Distance Education Course Development Criteria (DECDC)


Blackboard Trainings


Emerging Technologies


National Distance Learning Week (NDLW)


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Introducing our NEW Course Management System

Blackboard Learn technology helps you make learning more effective in and beyond the traditional walls. Breathing life into educational content. Bringing efficiency to day-today tasks. Empowering instructors with tools to engage every learner. Motivating them on the devices they rely on. Promoting collaboration and streamlining processes.

You’ll have the right toolkit— one that is proven and constantly evolves to meet your needs

. It will be flexible and easy to use—from managing content, engaging learners to assessing outcomes. And we’ll help you manage change and increase adoption.



Distance Education Course Development Criteria (DECDC) The Distance Education Course Development Criteria (DECDC) is a guide to the development of courses for online delivery. Once the course is developed, the DECDC is completed and signed by the faculty member. The DECDC must be completed 6 weeks prior to expected course delivery date. The Chair and

Dean of the department will then review the course. Both individuals will sign the DECDC after review. The DECDC is forwarded to the Distance Education department where it will be reviewed and any suggestions will be communicated with the faculty member. Once the Director of Distance Education signs the DECDC,

the course is approved for delivery.

Fully Online Degrees and Certificates

Associate of Arts / Associate of Science


Business Administration

Criminal Justice



 

Interdisciplinary Studies

Mexican American Studies



Social Work


 

Spanish Concentration

 

Spanish/English Transition


Technology Management


Language and Cultural Studies

imagine the possibilities!

Accounting Clerk Computer Applications Specialist



Blackboard Trainings

Blackboard Basics is an introduction to Blackboard. Topics include adding files, navigating through a course, and sending/ receiving email. The training is optional, and will be offered online through an open-ended online session. Participants will have until May to complete all activities. eTeach I-Hybrid is a five hour course that prepares faculty to web-enhance, allowing instructors to supplement their face-toface courses through online interactivity, as well as how to design a course for Hybrid delivery. There is an open-ended online session and several on-campus sessions scheduled. Participants need only attend one five-hour oncampus session in order to receive credit.

Faculty who choose to take the online version will have until May to complete all activities. Note: Upon completion of eTeach I- Hybrid, faculty are eligible for eTeach II. eTeach II prepares faculty to teach online courses. There are two online sessions and various oncampus sessions. The on-campus sessions are offered in 3 parts, sections A through C. Participants must complete Sections A through C to become certified online instructors. All the face-to-face options also include an online (hybrid) component. Faculty who choose to take the completely online version will have six weeks to complete all required activities.

If you have any questions, please contact Mike Ayala, Instructional Designer, @ 872-3575, maayala@southtexasc , or Jacob Guerra, Instructional Designer, @ 8722564, jmguerra@southtexas



Emerging Technology Training SoftChalk – Are you interested in creating interactive lessons for your online, hybrid, or web-enhanced classes, but are not sure how to get started? Then sign up to learn SoftChalk! SoftChalk helps you create fun, interactive lessons for the web, which can be used in your existing Blackboard courses. Respondus - Already have your tests typed out on MS Word and want to know how to transfer them to your online course? Then come to this session and learn how Respondus can help. It is recommended for participants to bring an electronic copy of an exam to the training. Impatica - Do you have Power Points that you would like your students to view, but do not want to have them wait for the download? Impatica can help convert your Power Point to an HTML file, which allows easier access for your students. Wimba - Many people know interaction with students is important

for an online class, but many people are unsure about some of the tools that are available to enhance interaction in the online environment. Wimba tools allow teachers to interact with students in real time, thus creating a more interactive learning experience. SafeAssign - SafeAssign is a program that checks student assignments against online databases in order to detect plagiarism. Come see how you can utilize this helpful tool for your online, hybrid, and face-to-face classes. Smarthinking – Students attempt homework at all times of the day, but what happens if they run into difficulty after all on campus resources have closed for the day? Smarthinking is an online tutoring service that allows users to submit questions and ―talk‖ with a tutor in real-time 24 hours a day, seven days a week. This session will show participants how faculty members can implement Smarthink-

ing for their classes. Web 2.0 – Are you interested in learning about what is Web 2.0 and how some of these sites can be used for instructional purposes? This eMerging Tech session will begin with a quick discussion of what makes a site Web 2.0, and proceed with specific examples of websites and how they could be used for instruction in a webenhanced, hybrid, or online classroom. Video Streaming – Come learn the rules and basic skills needed to integrate video in your online courses.

In the industrial age, we went to school. In the communication age, the school comes to us!

READI What does it take to go Online? 




Good time management skills

Basic computer knowledge

Basic Internet navigation skills

A stable internet connection

A reliable computer

National Distance Learning Week (NDLW) The purpose of National Distance Learning Week is to generate greater awareness and appreciation for distance learning, including K-12, Higher Education, Corporate and Military, while recognizing leaders and best practices in the field. Therefore, we urge you to conduct local or national events during this time—whether you are a pro-

Microsoft Primary Business Address Your Address Line 2 Your Address Line 3

fessional engaged in the day-to-day practice of distance learning, or an individual or organization that provides products and services being distributed via the Internet, video conferencing, or satellite technologies


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