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All about how to use minoxidil

Hair problems have afflicted people in a big way these days. Given your exotic lifestyles that borders on the unhealthy and also the multitude of health problems that afflict you, hair problems whether it be hair fall or thinning of hair is but a natural possibility. And this is why people are resorting to external medicines to take care of these issues. is where comes in minoxidil. It is an FDA approved drug that is available in two and five percent solutions. There are higher concentrations too, but they result in higher chances of side effects than any marked difference in your hair growth. Minoxidil helps your hair follicles become stronger and that result in stronger hair. In many cases it helps with making them longer too.

But keep in mind that it will not sprout new hair follicles for you. Keep reading to know more about this.

How much of minoxidil is right for you? Minoxidil is available in a lot many concentrations, starting from 2% to 20%. But the concentration doesn’t promise any faster or better hair growth. In fact it quite ups the chances of you becoming victim to a side effect.

Women should use a lesser concentration or as prescribed by a doctor. This is because sometimes minoxidil has been known to result in increased facial hair. Now that is

ungainly for a lot of women, in fact most women. Doctors may prescribe a higher concentration in case of profound hair loss but that there’s another way to do that. Use a smaller concentration for a longer time! Run this by your doctor and you both just might reach an amicable solution.

What effect does minoxidil have on your scalp? Well, to be honest, there effects vary from person to person. In some people it may make the scalp greasy and oily. And in some it could result in dry, flaky skin on the scalp that looks like dandruff. Either way there is a way to go about it. Minoxidil comes under different brand names, and it also has

ingredients like glycerine and propylene glycol. So just choose one where the concentration of glycerine is 50%! This will neither make your scalp oily, nor will it dry it out.

Usage instructions Use minoxidil as a leave in product and use it only on clean and dry hair. Apply the required quantity on the affected areas and don’t wash it off. You could use a dropper to the job for you as that can target areas better. You could ask your doctor about the dosage or figure what suits you. Always remember that only minoxidil’s continued and regular usage will give you visible results.

There might be some side effects too with these though. You may face minor swelling and redness of the affected area. But they soon subside and aren’t a major cause for worry. But get your expectations right and don’t expect magic. Your hair will grow back in its own sweet time. In the meantime, maintain a normal diet and regular exercise.

All about how to use minoxidil