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ARTISTS FEATURED Alena Kolinchenko Alesya Osadchaya Aman Dhyani Andrey Zvedenyuk Anna Luciano Anna Permesang Becky Brown Camylla Ribeiro Chieh Huang Chris Blair Daria Sverenkova Dhruv Prakash Dor Arazi Dranau Gabriel Débora Alice Barros e. Andrew Murray erdong Erica Lin Evgenia Ostroumova Federico Romero Grace Petovello Ivanna Alcantara Jamie Wang Jazmyne Brown Jimmy Fermin Jiorjia Jester Joe Cancilla Julia Savinova Kamau Patterson Kathereen Ayala Keterina Kotova Kristina Renaud Ksenja Boyko Leonardo Menegazzo Lil Safonova

Liliia Beda Liza Zats Lucy Gray Madalina Mihailescu Maddison Woollard Magdalena Sikorska Marcin Sokołowski Margarita Morskaya Maria Dalechina Maria Tulchinskaya Marta Fillipczyk Martyna Gachowska Mary Chorman Meghdeep Sen Mickaela Tombrock Mikhail Pagava Mitzi Carbajal Nicholas Babb Olga Vovk Paige Elizabeth Gribb Rielle Oase Roni Itzkovich Sahand Astar Sangeeta Mahajan Sarah Mignot Shiraz Kook Siavosh Ejlali Simal Gormus Terrance Hamilton Thomad Hobbs Tracy Whiteside Veronika Gergert Victor Eleuterio Violet Rankin Yashraj Detha

ARTISTS FEATURED Alberto García Armando Larios Christos Hatzis Denis Ignatov erdong Eugene Manning Léna Mezlef lxstart Maria Dalechina Midnight Visuals Monica Bagnoli Natalia Łęgoszewska Nina Kupis Robert Guzman Sabine Seth McCausland Sofiia Rakhmil Valentina Privitera Vignesh Vicky Yvonne Vionnet Zuzana Valla

Front Cover: Photographer // Mickaela Tombrock


Editor-In-Chief ~ Sophie Aria Chen @sophieariachen Managing Editor ~ Johnnie Yu @johnnie.yu Address: New York, NY Instagram & Facebook: @onlychildmag Email:

1-by-1 has been in the making for exactly 6 months, as of today. We designed the concept of this book to be something different from how we usually create or consume “art.” When we review submissions, and when you would then turn the pages of the final magazine, it’s inevitable that we see creations as part of a greater series. We derive meaning not from how each shot is composed, rather how two different shots fit together, and perhaps tells a story, or convey a deeper meaning. There is nothing inherently wrong with this, but the concept of ONLYCHILD has always been to disrupt. Limiting submissions to only 1 photo from each artist, it was fascinating to see how each person picked out their favorite shot from their portfolio, placing emphasis on the formal elements of creation, such as composition, lighting, or editing. I was once asked to do this. I know for a fact that there were shoots which I preferred over another, but choosing the “best” was not easy. We hope you enjoy the torment of creative minds as much as we do. - ONLYCHILD TEAM

HOT AND COLD SHOWER Photographer: Alena Kolinchenko @alena.kolinchenko Model: Elena Shkred @_elen__beauty_

SARAH / MARLOT Photographer: Yannick Marlot @difftake Model: Sarah Mignot @sarah_mignot

WONDERING Photographer: Alicia Miller @yabeautifulphoto Model: Jazmyne Brown @ever.lasting.jazz

SCANDINAVIAN QUEEN Photographer: Liliia Beda @blueberryeyed Fashion Designer: Svetlana Topalova @topalovas

A HAT Photographer: Liza Zats @lizazats Makeup Artist: Lyudmila Andreeva @artland63 Hair Stylist: Rosa Yakupova

SKYSULTRA GODDESS Creative Director / Photographer: Kamau Patterson @dojodesignedphotography Model / Makeup Artist: Myonia Mckeithen @monae_photography

VINTAGE VISION Retoucher: Rhonni Witham @rwcaptured Model: Kristina Renaud @kristinarenaud

RAINY DAY Photographer / Retoucher: Grace Petovello @gracesvisuals Model: Sierra Barton @sierrabarton24

PAULINE Photographer: Marta Filipczyk @martafilipczyk Model: Paulina Mikuśkiewicz @paulinamikuskiewicz

AMAZING STORY Creative Director / Photographer / Retoucher: Siavosh Ejlali @siavosh_public Model / Fashion Designer / Makeup Artist / Hair Stylist: Yalda @yakoobismy Model / Makeup Artist / Hair Stylist: Elahe @_elixir_20

BLUE JEANS Photographer / Retoucher: Terrance Hamilton @riversidenyc3 Model / Makeup Artist / Hairstylist: Abigail Shallow @abbie_artista Creative Director: Monette Hamilton @mopoeticone

MOMMY CONCEPT Photographer: DĂŠbora Alice Barros @deborabfotografia Model: Katiara Oliveira @katiaraoliveira

CHASING ADVENTURE Photographer / Retoucher: Anna Luciano @alucianophotography Model: Rosemary Castillo @odeszi Makeup Artist: Rachel Mooneyhan @moonwalkworks Clothing Brand: Wandering Wardrobe Boutique @wandering_wardrobe_tampa

ALL DRESSED UP, AND NOWHERE TO GO Photographer: e. Andrew Murray @eandrewmurray Model: Lara Greenwood @lara_elyzabeth Retoucher: Elena Gr @retoucher_elena

GIRL WITH SHEEP Photographer: Ksenia Boyko @ksenija_boyko Model: Lilia Holub

HOUSEWIFE Photographer: Erica Lin @lin.erica_ Model / Makeup Artist / Hair Stylist: Kara DeSouza @kara_angela1

SELF LOVE Photographer: Aman Dhyani @ amandhyaniphotography Model: Deviqa Arya @deviqaarya

OPPOSITES Photographer: Chris Blair @chrisblairphoto Model: Olivia Renner @rennerolivia Makeup Artist: Nikki Vardy @nvmakeupartist_

GREEN EVERYTHING Photographer / Retoucher: Michael York @difftake Model: Hyla Golden @hylagolden Makeup Artist: Mitzi Carbajal @mitzicarbajal_mua

THE GOLDEN HOUR Photographer / Retoucher: Michael York @difftake Model: Madeleine Fay Heaven @missheaven_xo Makeup Artist: Mitzi Carbajal @mitzicarbajal_mua

SPHINX Photographer: Joe Cancilla @joecancillaphotography Model: Jay Ban @jay.ban Makeup Artist / Wardrobe Stylist: Elena Chatokhina @facepainting.montreal

RED VELVET Photographerr: Jimmy Fermin @jimmyferminphotography Model: Sarah Palm @sarahpalm._ Makeup Artist / Hair Stylist: Crystal De La Cruz @muadelacruz

IN GOLD Photographer / Retoucher: Maria Tulchinskaya @mariatulchinskaya Model: Nata Bushmanova @nata_bushmanova Agency: @modusvivendis Makeup Artist: Wardrobe Stylist: @stylistgorbatova

LAST SUNSHINE Photographer: Marcin Sokołowski @maarew_photo Model: Izabella Kowalska @izabella.kowalska_

FANTA Photographer: Keterina Kotova @keterinakotova Model: Simonova Juliana @simonova_juliana

DISCO IN THE FIELD Creative Director: Shiraz Kook @shirazkook

QUARANTINE SERIES Photographer / Model: Madalina Mihailescu @madmihailescu

SHE SAGE Photographer: Magdalena Sikorska @magdasikorska_ Model: Karina Vakhonina @marshmallow802 Makeup Artist: Dominika Sekowska

PEARLS OF WISDOM Photographer: Tracy Whiteside @whitesidetracy Model / Makeup Artist / Hairstylist: Nikki Macey @nikkimacey

SELF-OBSERVATION Photographer / Model / Makeup Artist: Olga Vovk @olgavovk_es

FREEDOM Photographer: Violet Rankin @violetjillanephotoart Model: Jayde Rankin @jaydeonfilm

SEND ME AN ANGEL Photographer: Lil Safonova Model: Angelina Chuprina @ @gelya_eye

ISOLATION Photographer: Dor Arazi @dordavidarazi Model: Lior Shlomo @ @rotem gur Wardrobe Stylist: Gili Dayag @gili.dayag Hair Stylist: Moran Eilenberg @moraneilenberg

DARK LOVE Photographer: Becky Brown @becky_photography_xx Model: Brittany @brittany_chels1999


LOST IN THE ECHO Photographer: Leonardo Menegazzo @leonardomenegazzo Model: Emma Garbinato @emmagarbinato

PAUSED Photographer / Model: Lucy Gray @artbylucytia

MY INNER GIRL Model / Photographer / Retoucher: Daria Sverenkova @daria.sverenkova

SHE IS ME, AS MUCH AS I AM HER Photographer: Mickaela Tombrock @mickaelatombrockphotos

HOME MELANCHOLY Female Model / Photographer / Retoucher: Daria Sverenkova @daria.sverenkova

ANONYMOUS Photographer: Meghdeep Sen @misschanandlerbong14

INNER BEAUTY Photographer: Ivanna Alcantara @iwannnnaa Model: Nicole

DEMON Photographer: Andrey Zvedenyuk @andrey_zvedenyuk Model: Vlada Ostrovskaya @v.ost.v Agency: @jannet_models Makeup Artist: Alexandra Meshcheryakova @alexandramesc Assistant: Inna Slemzina @slemzinna

For me, photography is a living organism. The higher our cultural code is, the higher the quality of fine art becomes. The stories that I tell through photography make me completely immersed in the process. My job is to look at the world, or the problem, or the subject from the side that no one noticed. I am constantly searching for different photographic techniques, angles and stories. I combine the story from the photos like a LEGO castle from little pieces. Everything adds up brick by brick.

WHO AM I Photographer: Evgenia Ostroumova @quest_lady

I am here to represent people of colour, people of all shapes, sizes and forms. People with unique talents, people with crazy dreams and most of all, I am here for humanity. Here to grow and learn from one another, only diversified minds reach the most hearts.

MAN ABOUT TOWN Photographer: Yukino Yokoya @yy.ukino Model: Yashraj Detha @vancity_yash Agencies: Charles Stuart International Modelling Agency

AUTHENTICITY IS MY CHOICE Photographer: Maria Dalechina @damarmiphoto Model: Lea @airamaelle

GRAN VÍ A Photographer: Camylla Ribeiro @sheisyoursin Models: Adrián Olaya , Jankar Solís , Gonzalo Kataria

NATALIE Art Director / Photographer: Roni Itzkovich @roni_itzko Model: Natalie Havton @natallliaha

PARISIAN Photographer: Julia Savinova @phantasy_us Retoucher: Darya Shevela @darya_shevela Model: Anastasiya Mikhaylyuta @anastasiya_mikhaylyuta Fashion Designer: Gasanova Elvira @gasanova_elvira

INTO THE WOODS Photographer: Martyna Gachowska @martychowska

A BREAK IN THE CLOUDS Photographer: Rielle Oase @really_rielle Model: Christian Easley-Small Agencies: @lamodels @fordrba @nextmiami

DIANA’S Photographer: Dranau Gabriel @dranaugabriel Model: Diana Miculita @dia.doraa Makeup Artist: Alexandra Iuliana @alexandra_iulianamua Hair Stylist: Roxana Ionela Fashion Designer: Arina Varga @atelierarinavarga

ALEXIA Photographer: Victor Eleuterio @victorshoot Model: Alexia Vonigel @alexiavonigel

GAMAYUN Photographer: Mary Chorman @mary_chorman_photo Model: Kateryna Lavrynets

FICUS Photographer: Mikhail Pagava @mikyphotograf Model: @tk4enok


BLOWING IN WIND Photographer: erdong @oldchen999 Model: 牛佳敏

SOFT AS SEA Photographer: Simal Gormus @magnezitation Model / Hair Stylist: Arisu Otani @_alice617

ASJA AT PONT ALEXANDRE III Photographer: Paige Elizabeth Gribb @paige_elisa Model: Asja Williams @kytanasan Wardrobe Stylists: Duana Hyde , Toni Hyde @hysisdesigns

OCEAN GRAY Photographer: Kathereen Ayala @luzfoto_video Model: Romina Cano @rominacano_

DIANA Photographer: Dranau Gabriel @dranaugabriel Model: Diana Miculita @ @dia.doraa Makeup Artist: Alexandra Iuliana @ @alexandra_iulianamua Hair Stylist: Roxana Ionela Fashion Designer: Arina Varga @atelierarinavarga

RUSSIAN MOOD Photographer: Veronika Gergert @@photo_gergert Model: Pauline Gavrilnko @poli-ga Fashion Designer: @anna_mix_dress Accessory Designers: Angelika Maralova @angelika_maralova @__florange__arm

LOST AGAINST THE WATER Photographer: Thomad Hobbs @thomasjamesisaac Model / Wardrobe Stylist: Audrey Brochu @babielamb

MISFIT Photographer: Sangeeta Mahajan @fotografistudio_brisbane Model: Mina Yahagi @maypowpow

DAISY Photographer: Anna Permesang @anna.permesang

ANITA Photographer: Jamie Wang @jwangatxphoto Model: Anita Hwei @anitahwei

DAY DREAMS Model / Photographer / Retoucher: Daria Sverenkova @daria.sverenkova

Art must be transmitted through oneself. Feel it with your fingertips. Get goosebumps from the impression and the truth that unfolds. Dive, dive headlong, depersonalizing yourself and everything material in order to get to the essence. Perhaps this is not the first hour to stand, examining every brushstroke of the painting, step back and again approach the painting or sculpture. And at one moment it comes, you see. Something within you is transforming and you are not who you were a couple of minutes ago.

TO BE A PART Photographer: Margarita Morskaya @veter_morskoy Model: Kseniya Vasileva @aalksn

Nothing would be what it is because everything would be what it isn’t.

BRUSHED UNDER THE CARPET Photographer: Dhruv Prakash @phatmanphoto

She curves like a seashell standing upright in sand, beneath sleepy setting sun. Silent blue descending from far and high, spilt ink pooling across the sky.

KATE IN DUSK Creative Director: Chieh Huang @chi3h_huang Model: Kate Snig @artdecomodel Hair Stylist: Patrick Uy @patrickuystylist

AFTER FIRST CIGARETTE Photographer: Sahand Ashtar @sin.alef.noon

BROKEN CIRCUS Photographer: Jiorjia Jester @jiorjiajester

WHEN WORDS LEAVE OFF AND ART BEGINS Photographer: Nicholas Babb @babb_photography63 Model / Wardrobe Stylist: Kirsten Spalding @kirstenspalding

FAIRFIELD Wardrobe Stylist / Creative Director / Photographer: Maddison Woollard @maddisonwoollard Model / Makeup Artist / Hair Stylist: Emmellie McCosh @emmelliemccosh

WHITE BUTTERFLY Photographer: Alesya Osadchaya @littleorangefox Model: Arina Davydova @arinadavydova_official Agency: @twainmanagement

LUIZA Photographer: Federico Romero @federicoromerostyle Model: Luiza @luizaconlaz Makeup Artist: Valeria @valeriastefanelli_mua

ANGEL AND DEMON Photographer: Andrey Zvedenyuk @andrey_zvedenyuk Model: Vlada Ostrovskaya @v.ost.v Agency: @jannet_models Makeup Artist: Alexandra Meshcheryakova @alexandramesc Assistant: Inna Slemzina @slemzinna

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