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Random Walk Down Beijing Beijing is really a huge city. A random walk is not like that easy, but I will try to describe what the huge changes I saw in recent years. The first time I came to Beijing was back in 1995. At that time Beijing was crowded, but not in the same way like it is now. In the 1990s, people in Beijing liked to ride bicycles everyday to work, I still remembered one day I was wandering around my hotel in Beijing, which was located near the center of the city, I was puzzled by the ringing bells behind me. The sound came from the bicycles people rode, when they tried to get past, they chose to ring the bell on the bicycle and give a alarming sound to the pedestrians. Gradually I was surrounded by the bicycles, it was 6 o'clock in the evening, people after work were eager to go home and have dinner. I may get passed by over 1000 bicycles that day, and when I get back to my hotel, the ringing sound still existed in my mind. What I saw in 2009 was a totally different story. The street in Beijing was no longer a narrow one, now they have numerous 10-lanes roads, more and more people like to take public transport between their working place and their home and much fewer people like to ride bicycles. My Chinese friends told me if the city is becoming larger and larger, which made the citizens harder to ride bicycles from their home to working places. Due to the fast economic development, more and more citizens are buying the second house in the city, and the house is no longer in the old areas of the city, which means it will take them longer time from home to work. When there are more lines of subways and public buses, the citizens choose those public transportation instead of the bicycles. "The buses and subways are much more convenient and time saving." Said one of my friend. I have to admit the memory of ringing bells kept hovering around me for those 15 years, it was such a wonderful journey back in the 1990s. If you come to China in the 2000s, probably your memory will be the alarming sound of the buses and cars all around the city. It is said China sold out over 12 million cars in 2009, which surpassed the U.S. And become the largest car dealer of the world. China is just an amazing place, I think I should take more random walk in Beijing and try to figure out more interesting events. Book Bejing Hotels

Random Walk Down Beijing  

rode, when they tried to get past, they chose to ring the bell on the bicycle and give a alarming sound

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