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People Looking For Network Marketing Opportunities If you are currently looking at a particular network marketing opportunity, there are some very important things you should know. There are literally thousands of different products and services that are marketed in this fashion. So, how does one tell if it is legitimate? Network marketing (also called multi-level marketing, MLM, referral marketing, and direct selling) programs are ones that are structured to compensate promoters based on the volume of sales they create and by the signing up additional promoters. This creates whats called a "downline" of distributors and depending on the company, have various hierarchical compensation structures. People looking for network marketing opportunities or already are involved with it, are attracted to the idea of making a great income in a non-traditional means, owning their own business for a reasonable start-up fee and making income fast and easy. MLM'S have been sometimes associated with illegal pyramid schemes, which are programs that focus more on recruitment than actual sales of product. If there is no compensation based on volume of sales of product, and only on the recruitment of promoters, that is considered a pyramid scheme and is illegal. A lot of these types of marketing opportunities sell nutritional products, cook ware, and beauty products to name a few. With deregulation in some states, electricity is now being marketed in this way. So which one do you choose? Which one is going to really fulfill all my wildest dreams? Which one is really going to make me financially free? Consider the facts: • Only 10% of network marketers have actually made a profit, with 1/10 salesman selling a single item of the product line • 90% of network marketers make less than $5000 annually • The average annual income generated per year is approximately $2400-$2500 This is not to say that it isn't possible to make a substantial income with network marketing. There is the other 10% that can generate a respectable income. If you are looking at network marketing opportunities or have recently joined one, expect to work very hard if you wish to attain your goal and be prepared to stick it out with no income for the first year or so. Most network marketing opportunities take between 2-5 years to create a reasonable income. The key is being able to find people to join your group that are just as motivated as yourself. For the people looking for network marketing opportunities, do your research before signing up: • Look at the company's track record • Learn about the company's product or service • Ask lots of questions • Understand the restrictions, especially on compensation • Think about whether this system suits your talents and goals

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People Looking For Network Marketing Opportunities  

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