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Famous Neon Signs Neon   signs  are   mostly   used   for   outdoor  advertising  because they are cheap. There are a few neon sign designs  that   never   lose   its   importance.  Open   sign  is   by   far   the  bestseller. A business without an open sign is a sign of no  business!  Open sign  is especially needed during night as  they have to be put up in your establishment. Better put it  up by your front door. Neon Signs When you're willing to tell everyone that you value their time and that you're  always there anytime you need them, perhaps you have considered getting a neon "open  24 hours" sign sometime in the past. So whether you offer consumer goods in retail,  massage or photocopying services, a neon sign will serve you well. These signs are quite  generic­so it’s advisable that you personalize them a little bit. Source:­signs/2009/05/famous­neon­signs.html 

Famous Neon signs  

Neon signs are mostly used for outdoor advertising because they are cheap. There are a few neon sign designs that never lose its importance....