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A Comprehensive Course on CBT Certificate Course & Workshop on New Frontiers in CBT

21st - 25th March 2011 SOMH, VIMHANS


C B T Course 2011



WELCOME MESSAGE Dear Colleague, I am honored to invite you to attend our Certificate Course in CBT. This course is initiated with utmost care with practical applications to assist you in helping your clients. For the first time in India we have developed completely Practical, easy to understand and easy to apply, definite to get results in helping your clients as well. Now, you have the opportunity to participate in this training program and gain experience in CBT. This program introduces you to the cognitive behavioral model of therapy, both in terms of theoretical underpinnings and foundation practice skills. The course is eminently practical, aimed at professionals working in a broad range of Mental Health and Social Care settings. The training program has been designed to provide YOU with Cognitive Behavior Therapy skills and competence in the principles of assessment and case formulation, as well as the appropriate use of Cognitive and Behavioral interventions. Participants will learn through Lectures, Experiential Exercises, Small Group Exercises, Video and Audio demonstrations, Role-Play, and Skills Practice Exercises. We look forward to meeting you,

John & Muzammil

COGNITIVE BEHAVIOR THERAPY Treating psychiatric problems can be challenging but fortunately there are effective Psychotherapies that can help in this task. Cognitive therapy is an empirically validated treatment, which has shown it to be as effective as antidepressants and anti-panic medication in a number of controlled studies conducted worldwide. The CBT unit at the School of Mental Health, VIMHANS, is one of the few centers in India devoted solely to providing treatment and training in this modality. In cognitive therapy people explore and become aware of how attitudes, beliefs, expectations and automatic thoughts can produce and maintain their unpleasant moods. This awareness creates the possibility of seeing themselves and others in new ways. Thus, the first step towards change involves becoming aware of self-defeating thinking styles and behavioral patterns, many of which take place outside of awareness. The next step involves experimenting with new ways of looking at things and/or trying out new patterns of behavior. The focus in this short-term treatment is on the here and now, with an emphasis placed upon present feelings, behaviors, thoughts and interactions. COURSE DESCRIPTION The course offers 30 guided learning hours and in addition requires a minimum of 2 hours Self Analysis and 3-5 hours of working with peers outside the course time. COURSE OBJECTIVES:  Learn the basic principles in conducting Cognitive Behavior Therapy.  Learn how to assess if a patient is suitable for CBT.  How to formulate a case from Cognitive Perspective  How to identify and implement specific Cognitive Behavioral Interventions.

WHO SHOULD ATTEND? The Cognitive Behavior Therapy Course is for those who: Want to expand and deepen their knowledge and understanding of CBT to enhance their current professional and personal life. Wish to embark on a career in counselling. Seek skills to stimulate and support transformative change and community building. Seek an integrated holistic understanding of the human condition, intimacy and meaning in life. Are mature students and young people seeking to gain personal development, transformative knowledge? Are health professionals and human services providers such as Psychiatrists, psychologists, therapists, nurses, teachers, health professionals, counsellors, psychology lecturers, who have some familiarity with cognitive model of emotional problems. ADMISSION REQUIREMENTS The course is designed for mental health professionals including psychologists, psychiatrists, psychotherapists, counsellors, social workers, occupational therapists, nurses, counselling and psychology students and lecturers, or any other person with relevant experience in dealing with mental health issues even if they don't have formal qualifications. The course is for those who have none or a minimal amount of previous formal training in CBT. TIMING The course will run between Monday, 21st March, 2011 to Friday, 25th March, 2011. Time schedule as follows.. Day 1:


10:30 to 5:30 pm

Day 2:


09:30 to 5:30 pm

Day 3:

Wednesday10:30 to 5:30 pm

Day 4:


10:30 to 5:30 pm

Day 5:


10:30 to 4:30 pm

CONTENTS The Certificate Course in CBT will cover the following topics: 1. Historical background, overview of contextual development of cognitive-behavioral approaches. 2. Learning theory and research: Classical and Operant conditioning; the application of behavioral principles to therapeutic practice; behavioral techniques and methods; impact of cognition and emotions on personal experience. 3. Assessment, Diagnosis and Case formulation for a range of anxiety and mood disorders. 4 The goals and experience of therapy: Goals of cognitive behavioral therapies; relationship between therapist and client; the client's experience in cognitive behavioral psychotherapy. 5. Levels of interventions: Theory and practice of the following interventions: A. Behavioral Interventions: Relaxation methods (Progressive Relaxation training, applied relaxation); Systematic Desensitization, Exposure therapy, assertiveness training, behavioral experiments, interoceptive training, behavioral activation, etc. B. Cognitive Interventions: Identify and modify dysfunctional cognition, Socratic questioning, downward arrow technique, challenging core beliefs, diary monitory, thought records, cognitive distortions, problem solving strategies, cost-benefit analysis, imaginal techniques, etc . STRUCTURE OF THE COURSE Each class is structured in a way that lectures and practical exercises are interwoven. Participants will practice their new skills through experiential learning and clinical presentations, where trainees role-play designated therapeutic encounters to develop core practice skills and awareness of associated theory. Participants will be able to watch and listen to many videos and audio recordings . Students will be directed to read current literature and to access relevant learning resources as well.

LEARNING OUTCOMES FOR THE CERTIFICATE IN CBT Day 1 Learning basics about CBT and learning theories. How to apply behavior principles to theoretical practices. Understanding impact of cognition, emotions on personal experiences. Learn assessment, diagnosis and case formulation for CBT. Day 2 How to set goals for Cognitive Behavior Therapy. Understanding the relationship between therapist and the client. How to understand the clients experiences in relation to CBT. Day 3 to Day 4 till Lunch. Experiential learning of Behavioral Interventions for various psychological problems. Day 4 from Lunch to End of Day 5. Experiential learning of Cognitive Interventions for various psychological problems. Including: Helping person with Depression Helping person with Anxiety Helping person with Phobias TEACHING STAFF The Certificate in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy will be presented by John Victor. Clinical Psychologist working for the last 5 years in Clinical Settings and Corporate Training (Trained 200 counsellors for the last 5 years, trained a group of 100 counsellors to help diabetes patients all over India to adhere to their treatment in association with SPARSH. The other presenter will be Muzammil Karim. Clinical Psychologist working in VIMHANS Hospital, New Delhi. He has been trained in therapy from NIMHANS, Bangalore and is actively involved with teaching of various approaches to therapy since then.

Portfolio of Exercises: Students should submit a portfolio of exercises which will promote participants' professional and personal development. These exercises will be corrected and appropriate feedback will be given but they will not be marked. However, it is compulsory to complete ALL the exercises. TRAINING VENUE School of Mental Health (SOMH)- VIMHANS: No. 1, Institutional Area, Nehru Nagar, New Delhi- 110065. Application Forms: Please download an application form from the Institute website at: (link: Certificate in CBT) or ring the Institute at - 9958446058 COURSE FEES Rs. 5,000 Per participant if registered before 21st March 2011. Rs. 6,500 On the spot Rs. 3,000 Full Time Student (UG/PG On submitting of Students ID Proof). These charges include the training materials along with work sheets for your practice in future. To secure your place, please send your registration form along with the fee. Coffee breaks, Lunches, handouts, and support materials are all included in the fee except accommodation.

For further details: You can contact John- 09717114477 / Muzammil - 09582378520, between 8 pm to 10 pm on working days. Or Log on to facebook for further interactions regarding this course.!/event.php?eid=181114501911145 * Limited Enrolment

No 1, Institutional Area, Nehru Nagar, New Delhi - 65 Web.:, E-mail:, Ph.: 29849010 - 20,

*Messages and queries accepted at office mobile no. 9958446058

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