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How To Use Call To Action (CTA) To Increase Sales by ultimateblogger | on June 20, 201 3 As you master the art of influencing your readers to take action, you will begin to learn that there are different ways to use a Call To Action. As writers, we begin by using direct call to actions to encourage our audience to make the decision we want them to make.

Unfortunately, not everybody responds well to a direct command. Today, we will be looking at both direct and indirect call to actions in order to influence our audience. These tips can be used to increase email subscribers, encourage people to hire you, and even increase the number of blog comments you receive.

Direct Call to Action-Using a Direct Suggestion Direct commands are the most widely used call to action, yet many people either don’t use them enough, or they fail to use them appropriately. Let’s look at a couple of examples of a Direct Call To Action… As we reach the end of this blog post, you will come across a convenient place to enter your name and email address. In doing so, you will immediately get instant access to an Ebook for bloggers. Go ahead and enter your name and email now. When you are finished reading this post, I want you to comment on the post underneathwith an example of a direct call to action. My goal is to get a discussion going, where we give examples of direct call to actions, and give each other feedback in order to improve upon them. Write a comment now, and I will respond to it the second I notice it. In the above examples, notice how I create a sense of urgency that encourages people to take action right now. We live in a world where we have everything provided to us instantly. There is fast food, fast internet connections, instant access to videos on YouTube; we can get almost everything provided to us instantaneously. If you incorporate a sense of instant access into your Call To Action, you will substantially increase the response you receive.

Indirect Call to Action-Using an Adverbial Clause When you use an adverbial clause in your Call to Action, you are creating a strong assumption, that whatever follows an action is going to happen. It is done in a way that doesn’t seem like a direct command. Let’s look at a couple of examples of an Indirect Call To Action… After you enter your name and email into the box below, your approach to writing will dramatically change. You will be able to earn more money, and drive more traffic to your blog. When you have finished reading this, you will feel confident in your ability to get your audience to take whatever action you want them to take. See what I am doing with these examples? I am giving my audience the impression that they will have a positive outcome if they take the desired action that I want them to take. This is without directly telling them to make that desired action. So there we go, that’s how you can use both indirect and direct commands to get better results in your writing. I guarantee that spending some time on improving your call to actions will have a dramatic effect on your results. Even a tiny improvement in them is going to substantially increase the response and engagement you get through your writing.

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How To Use Call To Action (CTA) To Increase Sales

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