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Soda a bad news for the teeth enamel according to Shelby Dentist Carbonated drinks are a hot favorite with almost everybody around the world. Fizzy drinks also called as soda are a must have for many individuals with their favorite hamburger or chips. But very few people know the ill effects to their teeth and enamel which is caused by soda. The damage caused by soda has been compared to the damage caused by methamphetamine and crack cocaine to teeth which are illegal banned drugs. The study has been conducted by General Dentistry which is a peer-reviewed clinical journal of the Academy of General Dentistry. The study has come as a shock to several people who have been addicted to soda and have seen a downfall in their dental health.

The researchers studied three cases one an admitted user of methamphetamine, second a longtime user of cocaine and third a an excessive diet soda drinker. Each of the participants was presented with a question and the findings were quite common as all of them reported of bad oral hygiene and infrequent visits to the dentist. While studying their mouths researchers found that all these individuals had the same kind of severity of damage from tooth erosion.

While talking to a Michigan Dentist in Shelby and Sterling Heights we were informed that soda causes the damage to the enamel. Enamel is the outermost covering of the tooth and if tooth enamel is eroded teeth are more prove to decay. Corrosion of tooth enamel is a result of the presence of citric acid in soda.

People have a notion that diet soda is not that bad for health but the reality is that diet soda and normal soda both have the presence of citric acid which acts as a corroding agent for tooth enamel. While studying the individual who abused soda it was found that he consumed almost 2

liters of diet soda every day for three to five years that sent his oral health to the level that was witnessed in the other two people who were on methamphetamine and crack cocaine.

Researchers have notified people that this is a wakeup call for people who are hooked to soda whether it is diet or normal soda. Dentists have regularly advised their patients to shun soda and instead drink water on a regular basis that acts as the best liquid for tooth enamel.

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Soda a bad news for the teeth enamel according to shelby dentist