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Estereo Latino Overview

Format Regional Mexican

Demographics 1) Women 25+ 2) Men 18+

Markets Amarillo/Dalhart 96.1 KXIT FM 100,000 watts Amarillo/Hereford 103.5 KJNZ FM 50,000 watts

Licensee Cheers Media Inc.


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96.1 FM With a strong 100,000 watts of effective radiated power, KXIT’s signal blankets Amarillo, as well as surrounding markets including Dalhart, Dumas, Fritch, Sunray, Stratford, Stinnett, Borger, Canyon, Panhandle and others.


103.5 FM KJNZ ‘s signal is very strong in the southwest plains of the Texas Panhandle where Hispanics represent more than 50% of the population.

Raul Brindis Y Pepito

ESTEREO LATINO & RAUL BRINDIS EN LA MAÑANA Be a part of one of the highest rated morning shows in the country “Raul Brindis Y Pepito.” This unique morning show draws listeners from all age groups in the Hispanic market, and is a family friendly morning show. As a sponsor of the Raul Bridis Show, your business will receive frequent live mentions along with your recorded commercial during the most listened to time in radio; morning drive. REACH THE HIGHLY DESIRED DEMOGRAPHICS OFFERED BY THE HISPANIC MARKET WITH RAUL BRINDIS Y PEPITO ON ESTEREO LATINO!

Target Market

Definition of the Market Initially, Mexican immigrants listen to Spanish-language radio because it reminds them of home. Due to USA’s proximity to Mexico, and the fact that Mexican roots run deep in Texas, Mexican immigrants do not totally assimilate, like other ethnicities that came to America from Europe. Even young, bilingual Hispanics that were born in this country like listening to Spanish-language radio, because it speaks to them in the first words they ever heard, their mother’s Spanish.

Target Market The target market is Mexican immigrants. For definition purposes, the term Hispanic describes persons of any Spanish-speaking nationality, but in Amarillo, practically all Hispanics are of Mexican origin. Target Market Profile The typical Mexican immigrant is blue collar, often with a rural background. He or she does not come to the USA for the weather, the sights, or any other reason, but to work hard and be a good provider. The Mexican immigrant’s work ethic is beyond comparison. Often times, the males arrive first, to send for wives and children after they have gained employment and security. That is why this demographic tends to skew young, and slightly more male than female.


Current Size of Market Approximately 70,000 Mexican immigrants call Amarillo home, yielding huge TSL’s and exclusive cumes.

Growth of the Market 44% of the Amarillo Independent School District is Hispanic, so the future bodes well for this market.

Maturity of the Market The economy and violence in Mexico provide a constant incentive for workers to leave their country and immigrate to the USA. As the Amarillo market provides ample opportunities in the industrial and agricultural sectors, Mexican immigrants will continue to find work opportunities and keep coming.

Lifestyle and Psychographics The market is extremely family oriented. Initially providing food, shelter and security, immigrant’s goals expand into attaining a quality lifestyle, education, and a bright future.

Purchasing Power

Purchasing Patterns Newly arrived immigrants like to pay with cash, even for big ticket items. As a result, this market usually carries very little debt.

Buying Sensitivities An immigrant needs to feel welcomed and respected before patronizing a business. However, once that trust is earned, the business can expect tremendous loyalty and word of mouth recommendations to friends and relatives.

Anticipated Changes and Trends As the Hispanic market matures, one can expect to see it take a bigger leadership role. More Hispanics will occupy white collar jobs, such as doctors, lawyers, politicians, and business entrepreneurs as well as community service occupations.

Puro Tejano Overview

Format Mexican-American

Demographics Persons 25-54

Markets Amarillo/Dalhart 87.7 KXIT FM 50,000 watts

Licensee Cheers Media Inc.


Contact 600 S. Tyler Suite 800 Amarillo, Texas 79101 806.242.4242

Famous Tejanos Selena, Freddy Fender, Eva Longoria, Selena Gomez, Los Lonely Boys, Lee Trevino, Lieutenant General Ricardo Sanchez, Vikki Carr, Demi Lovato, Pepe Aguilar, Sam the Sham, John Qui単ones, Jaci Velasquez, and over 100 Alamo heroes including Juan Seguin and Lorenzo de Zavala.

Tejano Culture

Mexican Americans Mexican-Americans are born in the USA or immigrated here at a young age, and are American in every sense of the word. They obtain their education, serve in the armed forces, vote, work, pay taxes and raise their families in this country. However, the Mexican culture is passed on from one generation to another, as reflected in their passion for MexicanAmerican music, a hybrid genre called Tejano, food, love of family, religion, an admirable work ethic and assorted ethnic customs. Thus, this population is in a way a hybrid of the two cultures, resulting in the term Mexican-American. Their habit of switching from one language to another with amazing ease, or of combining elements of both, is a common trait. This population is best connected with when spoken to in “Spanglish”, reflecting their beloved Tejano lifestyle.

Tejano Music Genuine Tejano music is related to, and sounds more like, the folk music of Louisiana, known as “Cajun music”, blended with the sounds of Rock and Roll, R&B, Pop, and Country, with Mexican influences such as Mariachi. The American Cowboy culture and music was born from the meeting of the Anglo-Colonists and the original Mexican American pioneers and their “vaquero” or “cow man” culture.

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