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Divisional Newsletter Cali-Nev-Ha District | Division 19 North | August 2011

Official Newsletter of Key Club Division 19 North


Pirate Penguins! August DCM Coming Soon!

Volume 2 Issue 1

Inside… August DCM ................ 1

Hey Key Clubbers! Hope you’re all enjoying your summer. As a reminder to all officers and members, our next Division Council Meeting will be on Saturday, August 20th, from 12-2:30 pm.

Yearly Goals ................ 2


Club Spotlight .............. 4

The August DCM will be held at Dockweiler State Beach in El Segundo, next to LAX. The exact location on the beach will be announced shortly.

SERVICE! For those of you who may be interested, there is an opportunity to participate in our divisional service project before the DCM. We will be having a beach clean-up in the morning and would be more than happy to have you there to help along with us.

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How are you spending your Key Club summer?

SOCIALIZE If you can’t make it to the beach in the morning, please try and make it to our DCM. In addition to spending time with your fellow key clubbers and officers from throughout our division, we will also be discussing upcoming events and fundraisers, such as our pre-planned Charity Auction and how to come into the new school year as a strong, effective Key Club. Member and Officer recognition will also be a topic of discussion, so plan to come join us for a day os service, business, and excitement!

Great Attendance at June DCM!



What do we need to achieve? Key Club, as a whole, has been growing and expanding its horizons since its inception. Similarly, the CNH district has set higher and higher yearly goals, with each year’s members surpassing the benchmarks established by the last. Although our division may be in a period of transition, it is no reason for us to back away from the challenge of setting goals for ourselves and striving to fulfill them. A commitment to caring as a way of life is what defines Key Club, and that is what Division 19 North will pursue in the coming year.

MEMBERSHIP Retention and recruitment are two important core ideals for the maintenance and growth of the Key Club International organization. This starts on the club and divisional levels. Our Goal: 650 members, new and returning. Maximize retention (100%)!

FUNDRAISING - PTP The efforts of 19North as a division have helped to benefit numerous charities, the most prominent of them being PTP, or Pediatric Trauma Prevention. Though Fall Rally is best known for being a PTP fundraiser, our efforts to help this cause continue year-round! Our Goal: $5000 for PTP


SERVICE Community service projects are what keep Key Clubbers engaged throughout the year. When it’s not about business during all those DCMs and MRFs, it’s all about the service. We want to show the community we care, and to make that a reality, we plan to serve, serve, and serve! Our Goal: 7500 hours, divisional total total



caring character building

DIVISIONAL PARTICIPATION Club-level participation is the basis of our organization. As members and officers, however, divisional participation is a must if we are to ensure the quality and flawless execution of our ventures. Whether it’s fundraising for PTP, coordinating a divisional social, or simply filling out MRFs and attending DCMs and training conferences, active active participation from all officers is expected. By leading through example, members will be motivated to follow suit. Divisional participation and the establishment of a strong, personal, friendly communication network will become the root of our success in the coming months. If we remain active and in touch with each other, we will see each other not as ordinary people, but as friends, fellow Key Clubbers, and partners in service. Our Goal: 100% Officer Attendance at DCMs* (circumstance dependent)

Alexa says hi. (:

KEY CLUB D19N Newsletter

Presidential Spotlight: CAMS and Gardena


came to buy fireworks by telling them about the fireworks and packages available and then then we took their orders once they were ready. The Kiwanis Firework stand was a successful event hosted by the Gardena Valley Valley Kiwanis and I was glad that GHS Key Club was allowed to participate in.

Project InFocus: CAMS Fireworks

SERVICE Though this newsletter will be used to publicize divisional announcements and serve as a means for communicating information on a periodic basis, that’s not all it does. Presidents especially are encouraged to compose a monthly submission of their clubs’ accomplishments and noteworthy achievements, along with any comments or public messages they may have to add. This issue features submissions and reviews from Gardena Key Club President Alex Flores and CAMS Key Club President Kikei Wong. We hope to feature all clubs in future issues, so PRESIDENTS please make sure to submit any thoughts!

GARDENA KEY CLUB: A Summer of Service The month of July was the kick off to the summer events that Gardena High has every year. This month Gardena Key Club was able to participate in the week long Gardena Valley Kiwanis Firework stand fundraiser. This event was a great way for Gardena Key Clubbers to get to know the Gardena Valley Kiwanis, key clubbers where able to meet many of the Kiwanis that participated in this event. Not only did Gardena Key Clubber get to meet the Kiwanis but they also got to work alongside Dominguez Hills Circle K, and a couple members of CAMS Key Club that also helped out at the Firework stand. During the event we unloaded the many Fireworks that where delivered on the first day. Then when the fireworks stand was officially opened we helped the people that

CAMS KEY CLUB: Still Staying Strong The summertime is an opportunity for many fundraisers and volunteering events. In the beginning of the month, CAMS Key Club had had a chance to do both. Students at the California Academy of Mathematics and Science are dependent upon the monetary assistance that the CAMS PTSO provides. This past fourth of July was the first time CAMS ran a fireworks booth, and CAMS Key Key Club stepped up to help. These pirate penguins braved the burning sun waving cars cars toward the booth, selling shaved ice and popcorn and suggesting which fireworks would would help each individual customer's Independence Day go off with a personalized personalized bang. Over 40 hours of time was was donated by CAMS Key Club members. One project, however, was postponed due to the dreaded foreclosure of the 405 freeway from July 15 – 17. A beach clean-up was scheduled at Dockweiler State Beach months months ago, but traffic was predicted to be beyond horrendous. Thus, it was agreed upon upon that the clean-up would be pushed to a future date to prevent stress from traffic. In replacement of the clean-up, volunteers have the chance to help a non-profit physical therapy company celebrate its 15th anniversary anniversary in a more central location, away from the freeway madness.


Feeling the heat? Pirate Penguins know how to keep it cool.



Announcements! What to watch out for… EVALUATION SYSTEM



We will soon be implementing an officer evaluation system across the division in order to assess the quality of the performance of our club leaders. Please be aware that you will not only be filling out a self-reflection; you will also be evaluated by your peers, both members and officers. Take the time to familiarize yourself with club members, both active and non-active. Remember, one of the Key Club core values is inclusiveness. Keep everyone involved!

Newsletter looks a bit empty or bland to you? Put off that your club wasn’t featured or mentioned? Want to see samples or pictures of your own personal work? Don’t be shy! Get those submissions in! Officers should send in a submission (similar to Alex and Kikei for this issue) on a monthly basis to feature either a summary of their club or a specific member they believe has shown exceptional conduct. These submissions can be any length, short or long, but be reasonable. Once again, specifics regarding required submissions will be discussed fully at the next DCM. If you feel the need to advertise an event or just show your Key Club spirit by posting some memorable pictures, we’d be happy to include those as well! Shall we then?

Hi everyone! I was introduced at the June DCM by Mian, but for those of you who may not know me or weren’t there, my name is John Michael Ferrer and I’ll be serving D19North as Divisional News Editor in the coming months. Most people call me Mikey, and like Mian, I go to CAMS! (wooh…) If you ever have any feedback or criticism, please feel free to let me know! Or…if you’re bored and would like a random conversation, I can supply that too. Let’s be friends! Haha. You’ll see the website and next newsletter publicized shortly. In the meantime, stay classy. (:

The evaluations will be made available online shortly. Clarifications and questions can be addressed at the next DCM or by contacting Mian or a member of the Divisional Team (Mian, Samar, Sashini, Mikey). Did anyone else notice the alliteration there? No? Oh, okay…moving on.

19North Divisional Team. Mian Ong Lieutenant Governor, Division 19 North


Samar Al-Haqab Executive Assistant


JUNE/JULY In addition to the President and Officer features included in this newsletter our LTG Mian Ong would like to place the spotlight on a particular club that she feels has displayed exemplary conduct in terms of service and activity. For the June/July half of the summer period, this distinguished recognition goes to the Key Club of Gardena High School. In addition to their unwavering commitment to the Gardena Valley Kiwanis Fireworks Stand, they have managed

to keep their members active and engaged during a difficult-to-plan summer period. The executive board of Gardena was also instrumental in the planning and execution of the June DCM, which had near-record attendance. We hope to see just as many people around for future DCMs! After amassing an incredible amount of service hours and showing their KC dedication, they are truly a club to watch out for. If you ever need advice, ask any officer on their veteran board. That’s Gardena, your spotlighted club.

Sashini Godage

Executive Assistant

John Michael Ferrer Divisional News Editor

Katie Tran Fundraising/Treasury Head

Diane Quang Spirit/Publicity Head

Olivia Solis Communication/Relations Head

<your name here> Key Clubber and Reader of this.

Name Title

Lieutenant Governor: Mian Ong / (310) 873 – 7830 /



Divisional Newsletter - August Edition  
Divisional Newsletter - August Edition  

The past few months in review and also what's next up for our division. Check it out!