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Indian Railways Waiting list SMS Service It’s estimated that at least, 10 million passengers us the Indian Railways everyday. This can be a monumental task especially with regard to timely service delivery in areas like reservations, booking and on time arrivals and departures of trains. There are innovative ways to travel and experience thrill, value and adventure. Many times though the inconveniences far outweigh the joy one looks forward to in a journey. Indian Railways, being the largest public passenger and goods carrier in a vast and large nation like India, a lot weighs on its capacity to deliver quality, timely and impeccable services. Passengers would go to any length to ensure that their travel is effortless, enjoyable and memorable. The Indian railways from time to time has engaged a variety of schemes, approaches and methods to streamline service delivery mechanisms for passenger safety, convenience and above all quality services in reservation and enquiry. The new railways waiting list sms service for passenger reservation ensures solutions to a host of issues while attaining quality service approach for the passengers overall and smooth delivery of services form the nations largest carrier. Booking Status Messages on Customer’s Mobile Phone (provided at booking time) Confirmation of Train, Berth and Coach Number Confirmation of Waiting list Status and Journey Date Reduced Congestion at Platform Checklists and Enquiry Convenient Access to Railway Service on Mobile Phone No Need to Dial 139 or Log on Railway’s Website Advance Status Alert 3 Hours Before of Coach and Berth Status Alert Once Waitlisted Ticket Becomes Reservation against Cancellation (RAC) The Indian Railways waiting list sms service attains two very fundamental points; reduced congestion and rush on platform waiting list checks as well as enquiry at call centers and websites while attaining effective service delivery for the convenience of the traveling public. Author is professional writer who loves to write about various topics like industrial equipments, occult science, tours and travels, newspapers etc. Now he is sharing information on Vadodara Hindi News

Indian railways waiting list sms service