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Many plan sponsors and their employees are asking some difficult questions lately.

Are we doing everything we can to help our employees retire? I’m frustrated with the status of my 401(k) account. Can someone professionally manage it on my behalf?

Are we allowed to offer investment advice to our employees? Can I get unbiased, personal investment advice for my 401(k) account?

Can we provide advice without changing our current plan provider? Does anyone combine investment advice and account management services?

Yet, the solution is quite simple ...

StraightLine Advisors—Straight Answers From People You Can Trust.

You don’t need to be a financial expert to understand that participating in the company retirement plan is a good idea. Yet, most employees are looking for help in determining which funds to buy and what allocation is right for them. And plan sponsors are looking for solutions that help employees make informed decisions. Enter StraightLine Advisors. We believe the greatest potential for plan success lies in finding the allocation that matches individual needs, regardless of market conditions. By building and managing portfolios centered around the funds available, we assist participants in achieving retirement success.

The Department of Labor issued an Advisory Opinion in December of 2001 that opened the door for employers to offer account management services and investment advice to their employees. Investors and plan sponsors are now looking for an independent source to provide professional, unbiased retirement plan guidance. StraightLine Advisors uses independent research and state-of-the art tools to deliver investment oversight and strategic allocation models that are free from any outside influence. We work with plan sponsors and their participants to select investments, build portfolios, and manage accounts — all with the success of the client in mind.

Our products and services can integrate with any current retirement plan. Our interface allows plan sponsors the ability to offer investment advice and account management services to their employees without changing their current plan provider. While the need for unbiased investment advice is at an all time high, people have expressed disinterest in using web-based, advice-only tools. StraightLine Advisors combines personal contact with paper, voice, and electronic communications to manage accounts and deliver advice with the ability to respond to individual needs.

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Yet, the solution is quite simple ... I’m frustrated with the status of my 401(k) account. Can someone professionally manage it on my behalf...

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