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A Boyarky production With support from one half of Jack and The Cox

Our Research ď‚— To investigate other Outdoor Education and Environmental Studies programs in schools.


Why Outdoor Education is important...  Life skills  Character building  Safety skills  Learning how to cook  Building relationships, social skills  Leadership skills  Dealing with conflicts  Pushing through mental barriers  Tapping into the diverse interests of students  Basic first aid training

Beyond academic development......

The Drive‌.

1st stop.. Fairhills High School

Sammy armed us with clipboards and questions‌

The meet and greet‌

    

Us compared to them Although we are working towards a well developed program, we were shown how important it is to continually look for new ideas and ways to improve our programs to benefit the students. Government school – 4 lessons per day over a 2 week cycle. Run Year 11 and 12 Outdoor Ed. Equipment built up through Outdoor Ed funding from the school over the years. PE, Outdoor Ed and Sport is all one massive budget. SEAL Program: Excel class (Have the opportunity to do Year 7, 8 and 9 over two years, and complete Year 10 as a Year 9 age student and then VCE over 3 years.)

What we learnt in the 1st half..

Potential ideas to implement  Bike education  Swimming programs (water safety). Utilise the beach!  Bronze medallion  General first aid courses for all OE students

The Knox School

Us compared to them  We are on the right track with what we are developing with our outdoor education program.  They outsource all camps (because they have the money to do this)  Money definitely means more opportunities.  

What we found out Money doesn’t necessarily create interest (Knox only had 8 students in their senior classes) Both of the schools we visited supported Outdoor Education with subsidisation towards camps and other costs including equipment. Our predecessors in our outdoor education department have worked really hard to build up our equipment which helps to decrease costs in the long run. Some great ideas for different camps and activities to run with students.