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The Monster and the Playhouse By Lissa, Samantha, Noah and Kayla This book was written and illustrated by these students. It may include tangrams from some others in their school. You can see an e-book version at (then you may need to hit F5 or “refresh�) and go to the Kindergarten area.

Once upon a time, there was a fancy playhouse. 2

In the fancy playhouse, there was a girl who was playing Candyland. 3

After she played the Candyland game, she decided to play with her kite. 4

There was a window open in the house so she flew the kite there. BUT, there was a

MONSTER!!!!!! 5

The girl was SCARED! She ran away to her boat and sailed away. 6

She hid inside of a building. 7

And the monster never found her. The End 8

SY group A tangram book  

SY group A tangram book

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