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Welcome to our comic book! The cartoonists all took about a month to come up with their comic strips. They first tried drawing some simple animals. Then they came up with their ideas, edited them, wrote out a script, drew the rough drafts, and finally inked them. You’ll see the results! We had a limited time to ink the strips and write in all the captions. Many of the cartoonists just didn’t have the time to finish (But we had a publishing deadline!). You may have to ask the cartoonists to explain the strip because it might not make sense. Just enjoy what you see! Here are all the cartoonists from SCHOOL:

Adam Song Adam Kling Brendan Lewis Elliot Sweeney

Matthew Rines Morgan Evans NorahPack SarahBarnhorst

Matthew Rines

Adam Kling

Brendan Lewis

Adam Song

Elliot Sweeney

Morgan Evans

Norah Pack

Sarah Barnhorst

MD comic book  
MD comic book  

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