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John McCallum, MP

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Cover: John at the groundbreaking for Downtown Markham.


John McCallum, MP

John’s Message “Looking forward to the economy in 2011, my confidence rises as my perspective becomes more local - least confident for the global economy, middling confidence for Canada, and most confident for Markham.” Markham Board of Trade, Magazine for Business, Issue 1, 2011 (???????)

Dear Constituent, I want to focus this message on jobs and the economy because I know all of us are worried about jobs, whether for ourselves, our parents and grandparents, our children, or our grandchildren. Yet I stand by the above quote, which I wrote in very early 2011. None of us can control what happens in faraway places, but we may have some measure of influence closer to home. Here in Markham, we are blessed with a high tech economy, a growing population, and a first rate municipal government that has held tax increases to zero for two years in a row, while also taking a leadership role on the environment and intercommunity relations. So while Markham is obviously not an island, it’s still a great place to be when the global economy sometimes seems to be teetering on the brink.



At the global level, I think the problems are about 80% political leadership and 20% economic policy. I agree with the IMF that the medium term priority should be to balance the books, while the short term priority should be to support jobs and the economy. This is what President Obama is trying to do, but he’s blocked by the Tea Party crowd in the US Congress. European leaders need to get their act together and take bold steps to convince the markets that their investments in both sovereign debt and banks are secure. All of this is doable, but it takes political leadership. There have been some promising signs recently, and I’m certainly not predicting Armageddon, but time is short. Locally, let me first congratulate Dalton McGuinty for his historic re-election for a third straight term. Let me also congratulate Stephen Harper for his majority government, while also cautioning him on a number of points. Liberals believe that now is the time to put priority on jobs, while ensuring balanced budgets over the medium term. So Stephen Harper should scrap his plans to raise Employment Insurance premiums as of January 1, 2012, and he should also delay his jobdestroying $4 billion cuts to government programs and jobs. It is a blessing to live in Canada, and doubly so to live in Markham, but the times ahead will require skilled political leadership at all levels of government and around the world.


Hon. John McCallum, P.C., M.P.


John McCallum, MP

Where to find us My door is always open. You can contact my offices in either Markham or in Ottawa at the following addresses:

In Markham:

In Ottawa:

7750 Birchmount Road Unit 21-22 Markham, ON L3R OB4

209 Justice Building House of Commons Ottawa, ON K1A 0A6

(t): 905-479-8100 (f): 905-479-3440

(t): 613-996-3374 (f): 613-992-3921

My staff and I are always here to help the residents of MarkhamUnionville with a wide range of federal government issues and policies, including:    

Immigration CPP EI Any other services delivered by the federal government

We are also here to answer any questions you might have about how the federal government works, how to get involved in public policy or to help check on the status of legislation in Parliament.



A Message from Liberal Leader Bob Rae Across the country there is slowing growth, job losses, and record unemployment among young people. The central task of any government is to ensure prosperity, not only of our country, but for each and every Canadian. No one should be left behind. Stephen Harper’s plan to build our economy back is ‘lower corporate taxes; less government.’ What this really means is cuts, cuts, cuts, when the government really should be focused on jobs, jobs, jobs. As the Party that brought Canada’s economy back from previous Conservative mismanagement, we understand what it takes to deal with a crisis of debt and deficits. It takes fiscal discipline, but it also takes growth and healthy revenues. That means we need people working. What do the Conservatives have to say in response? Lower corporate taxes; less government. If you are worried about holding onto your job, this government thinks that that is your problem. If you’ve lost your job and you cannot find one, this government thinks that is your fault.


John McCallum, MP

Liberals on the other hand are focused on policies that ensure prosperity, growth, and jobs. We are here to say, just as was said at other times of high unemployment and difficult circumstances, that it is the responsibility of government working in partnership with business, large and small, to create opportunity, hope and the possibilities of change and development. That is the message of the Liberal Party and that is going to be our message in opposition to the policies of the Conservative government. Bob Rae Leader of the Liberal Party of Canada



On the recent passing of three Parliamentarians In recent months, Canadians have lost three politicians who contributed greatly to our country: Jack Layton, Barney Danson and Reg Alcock. Starting closest to home, Barney Danson was a former MP for Markham and Minister of National Defence. I was honoured to meet Mr. Danson many times and to chat about our shared roles as both MP for Markham and Defence Minister. Mr. Danson was a veteran of Hon. Barney Danson, P.C. the Second World War and an extraordinarily popular defence minister among the troops. More recently, he devoted a great deal of time to the Canadian War Museum.


John McCallum, MP

This summer Canadians grieved together over the loss of NDP leader, Jack Layton. Jack was always positive and courteous, and he always greeted me with a smile. To put it mildly, many other Canadians were also attracted by that smile and positive attitude at the time of the May 2 federal election.

Hon. Jack Layton, P.C.

Finally, Reg Alcock was a friend and former colleague of mine and represented the people of Winnipeg from 1993 to 2006. He served in the cabinet of Prime Minister Paul Martin and did a great job as President of the Treasury Board. All these men will be deeply missed. Hon. Reg Alcock, P.C.



Youth of Markham, Come to Ottawa! Each year, 40 students are selected from high schools and CEGEPs across Canada to come to Ottawa and work as Pages in the House of Commons. Pages have the opportunity to learn about the House of Commons while witnessing the legislative process first hand. Those hired as Pages work on a part-time basis during their first year of study at one of the universities in the National Capital Region. In the House of Commons, Pages serve the Speaker, Chair Occupants, Members of Parliament and Table Officers in various capacities. For example, Pages collect and distribute official documents, deliver important messages to Members, link Members to their Hill offices, answer telephones, make photocopies and deliver glasses of water. On occasion, Pages also meet youth groups to speak about their experiences on Parliament Hill. Professional, impartial and efficient service has become a hallmark of the Page Program. Those selected as Pages sign a contract with the House of Commons for a one-year term beginning in late-August, and the contract precludes them from accepting certain other types of employment or participating in certain other programs. Pages are required to work a minimum of 15 hours a week, and university course schedules are arranged in consultation with the Page Program to ensure that a Page’s academic timetable and House work schedule are both accommodated.

Applications are due by 11:59 PM on December 22. For more information visit, or contact my office. 10

John McCallum, MP

Forum for Young Canadians Forum for Young Canadians is an exciting education program that introduces high school students to our government’s democratic institutions and decision making process in a non-partisan and bilingual format. Each year students aged 15 to 19 from across Canada are selected to participate in one of the four weeklong session. The “Forum Experience” brings students to Ottawa for an intensive academic adventure that immerses them in the exciting world of leadership, nation politics and public affairs. Forum students meet the nation’s leaders, interact with decision makers, and share their voice. After their week at Forum, participants have said that the experience continues to be life-altering. They were inspired to become more involved in politics and vote; felt the information provided to them could not have been gained in any other format; were in awe at the MP Diner with the opportunity to speak with Canada’s decision-makers; and felt that the social interactions with other Canadian youth formed life-long friendships that will be remembered 20 years from now. I encourage any youth interested in this fantastic program to contact Forum for Young Canadians at, or 613-2334086.



John in the Community John at the Unionville Festival Parade

John at Sanatan Mandir for Senior’s appreciation day

John at the Unionville Festival Parade


John McCallum, MP

John with Mayor Scarpitti cutting the ribbon at the Sanatan Mandir Cultural Centre Family Fair

John Speaking at the Sanatan Mandir Cultural Centre Family Fair

John at the Labelad headquarters



Before You Travel! Many of us go on holidays during the winter, either to escape the cold of visit friends and family abroad. Below are a few important considerations regarding foreign travel. Before you leave the country please make sure your Canadian Passport or Permanent Resident card is current. If your documents are set to expire before your return to the country please ensure they are renewed before you leave! Passport renewal applications can be found online at Permanent Residence card renewal applications can be found at index.asp. Canada is one of the safest, most stable countries in the world. Others are not so lucky. Before leaving the country I encourage everyone to visit which contains important information about travelling abroad, including travel reports and warnings as well as information on foreign visa requirements and instructions on how to register as a Canadian travelling abroad.


John McCallum, MP

Tell me what you think... I always appreciate hearing from my constituents. Let me know what is on your mind. Fill out this card, remove it from the booklet, fold it shut and drop it in the mail - remember postage is free to MPs.

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Hon. John McCallum, P.C., M.P. 209 Justice Building House of Commons Ottawa, ON K1A 0A6


John McCallum, MP

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