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Cordia Way The Borrowers stakeholder presentation

Our Idea • Laptop Loaning • Retired laptops no longer fit for business use • Increased Return On Investment • Increase IT learning opportunities • Improve Morale • Use existing IT policies • Embrace change • Listen to the views of our fellow colleagues

Benefits • • • •

Cordia seen to be embracing change Flexibility for employees and employer More knowledgeable and skilled staff Harbouring good will amongst Cordia staff • Increased opportunity and career development for employees • A more motivated, satisfied and equitable workforce. • Improved recruitment and retention

Survey Results

Survey Results •The Borrowers surveyed 456 employees in six separate areas of the organisation •The results were very positive and encouraging from all staff that were surveyed

Cordia are proposing to offer a laptop loaning scheme to all employees. This would work much the same way as a library would lend a book. Would you be interested in having such a scheme available to you?

Would it be of interest to you if educational software was installed on the laptop to help you improve your IT skills?

What do you think is an acceptable loan term for the laptop?

Do you own a computer or have access to one?

Are you aware of any policies surrounding the personal use of ICT equipment in Cordia?

Survey Results - Comments “This is a great idea, I’ve always wanted to learn more about computers” “This would have allowed me to complete my ECDL course” “This would enable me to build up my confidence with computers at home” “This is fantastic, when does it start!”

Present and Future

Indicators Current low

Future high

Computer Knowledge






Computer Knowledge




Marketing • eZine • Cordia website • Managers meetings • Email • Information Pack • Word of mouth

Possible Issues • Theft or Loss - Must report and obtain Police incident number

• Illegal use of equipment (Downloading illegal materials, DVD copying) - Cordia AUP

• Accidental Damage - Repaired/Accepted loss

How does it work?

Application process • Member of staff completes application and gives it to their line manager. • Line manager sends to ICT. • ICT contact employee to discuss details. • Employee agrees and signs terms and conditions of use. • Handover of laptop to employee by ICT.

Cordia Laptop Loaning • Possibilities?

• Internationally recognised IT qualification provided in-house at Cordia. • Improves competencies in word processing, spreadsheets, email, internet and general computer use.

Finally “In Cordia our staff are vitally important. Whilst we aim to serve our customers it’s equally important that we support those that work for us. Being flexible and open to change in the way we work will ensure future success and help us to build a responsive, committed workforce.” Fergus Chambers Managing Director Cordia LLP



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