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Variety of Granite Bathroom Countertops for Remodeling Purpose 

If you are fed up with the old and dull look of your bathroom and want to refurbish its look, the most popular way to accomplish this task is the installation of granite bathroom countertops that are well-known for their lastingness and variety of colors. The amalgamation of eye-catching looks and robustness makes bathroom granite vanity tops the most prominent accessories these days. Apart from its usage for countertops, granite is also used for flooring, shower tile and other fixtures in your bathroom. Although the price of this natural stone may bother you, it is worth considering, given its exquisiteness and permanence.

Decide upon the money you are ready to spend for remodeling your bathroom. Before you start the purchase process, determine an amount of spending on your granite bathroom countertops, flooring and shower tiles and other fixtures. If one form or finish of bathroom granite is beyond your price limit, search for a more lowpriced alternative in its place.

Make your mind up whether to opt for granite slab or tiles for your countertop in accordance with your stipulated budget. A slab is the more suitable choice, but can be high-priced. Therefore, if you want to control expenditure on your bathroom remodeling, make use of tiles as an alternative.

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Variety of Granite Bathroom Countertops