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By Jonr Jony - The Breville Panini maker is a must have kitchen accessory if you enjoy making sandwiches. There is just something special about creating a delicious sandwich then tossing it on a Panini maker to turn a good sandwich into something extraordinary. It used to be that if you wanted to get a gourmet sandwich, you would have to visit your locale bistro or deli. But no more - the Breville Panini press is a home-based Panini press capable of making sandwiches just as good as any restaurant out there. Learn More About Panini Maker

Now it's a fact that most people don't use kitchen appliances. We've all got those appliances sitting around gathering dust in some corner of our house. These gadgets always seem to offer you some solution to a problem you didn't know you had - and as it usually turns out, you don't need them. But the Breville Panini press grill is not just some machine you will use once, then hideaway in your house. You will use it all the time. One of the biggest complains people have when it comes to appliances is that they are simply too ugly. The Breville press is a machine of beauty, however. It's got a sleek metallic finish and sit proud on any kitchen counter. You won't be hiding this machine away because it's ugly! Even more, when you taste the delicious sandwiches this press can make, you won't ever want to take it off your counter!

There are different brands of sandwich presses out there, but the Breville sandwich maker opts for simplicity. You don't have any buttons to fiddle around with. Simply plug it in, place a sandwich on the grill, adjust the press level, and in a few minutes, you will have the perfect sandwich.When I think of a Panini Press I think of the old cast iron Panini press, the one that weighs a ton and place on top of meat while cooking to speed up the process. This gives meat a grilled look on both sides without having to flip it over. I still see these cooking tools today, in cafes, diners and restaurants. A majority of the time, they are used solely for cooking meat. I have used these Panini presses while cooking hamburgers in a restaurant in a previous life. It cut the cooking time in half and the hamburgers were brought out to the customers in no time flat.

Although I am not a betting man, I would bet that there are quite a few households that actually have a cast iron Panini press but have forgotten they owned one (it's probably under the cabinet in the very back where you can't see it). And when you stumble upon it, you bring it out and make a meal with it. After the meal is complete the press is put back into storage and forgotten until you run into it again. If you are currently using the press and it works for you, then keep on using it. It's still a great tool and it should last a very long time.

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