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RETAIL, HOSPITALITY, LIQUOR CONTROL: ABOUT EAST COAST POS East Coast POS offers Point of Sale Service and Supplies, as well as Paging Systems, Surveillance and Liquor Control Systems. Combining over 50 years of experience specializing in POS solutions for local businesses the owners of East Coast POS Nova Scotia, today offer a complete suite of products and solutions such as Maitre’D Point of Sale (By Posera), Aloha Point of Sale (By NCR), CounterPoint, Berg and AzBar Liquor and Draught Controls, BevChek Draught monitoring systems and much more. We provide Customer Management Solutions that are cost-effective, flexible and efficient. Read Original Source

EAST COAST POINT OF SALES 3200 Kempt Road, Suite 201 Halifax, Nova Scotia

Phone- (902) 835-0793 Fax- (902) 450 -0220

About East Coast POS  

East Coast POS has over 50 years of experience specializing in POS solutions. It offers a complete suite of solutions and products such as M...