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Helicopter Helmets: A Lot More Than An Accessory Of all the accessories needed to go up in a helicopter, the helmet might be the most important. Not only does it protect your head, eyes and face from injury and dust, it can also house the system necessary to communicate with others in the helicopter. These same features might also protect the wearer's hearing from noisy propeller noise. No matter the purpose for flying, safe practices should always be a large priority. The very best helmets possible, equipped with everything they need for the flight are a very important piece of equipment for both newcomers and seasoned pilots. With a little bit of study and investigation, the right helicopter helmet can be purchased ideal for your needs. The final selection may be a lot easier when armed with a little knowledge. There are several options available to those searching for helicopter helmets with the ubiquitous nature of today's modern technological innovation. The helmet must serve the dual purpose of muffling the loud noise of the helicopter, while making it simpler to communicate with those around you for example the copilot and passengers. This is achieved via a specially engineered system of microphones, speakers, padding, along with wiring. With appropriate installation even passive and active noise canceling devices can be added. The standard helmet itself is but the starting point in equipping it with the appropriate components. Right down to the actual visor, these helicopter helmets are completely and substantially customizable. Whether designed with a single inner visor or double visors on the inside and outside, their size and tint can be decided on by the person wearing them. For the best possible fit, the measurements of the user, the color choice, the level of impedance, the actual boom, the size of the wind muff and other aspects all go into selecting the proper helmet. It is even possible to incorporate highly useful deluxe features like Bluetooth capability and smart phone integration to make communication a lot less difficult. It's similar to having a control center in your head. When the time comes to pick your noise-canceling system of choice, there are a couple options; passive and active. Passive noise reduction requires the use of special foam engineered to improve their noise filtering capability as much as possible. This high density foam absorbs ambient noise to preserve the wearer's hearing and make it easier for them to hear the very important stuff. Combined with the foam, the kit to install passive noise reduction capabilities on a helmet includes military grade speakers, a choice of coiled or straight cord, and microphone, among some other components. The extraneous noise is filtered out, providing a clear line of communication. Active noise reduction can do exactly what the passive system can do, and more. This system can eliminate certain frequencies by creating distinct noises to cancel them out with its premium speaker modules. By mimicking a frequency and then setting it 180 degrees out of phase, the two main noises cancel each other out to create silence. The helmet wiring harness, premium speakers, soft ear cups and a boom mic of your liking is usually what is incorporated into these kits. Getting the best helmet will undoubtedly mean changing it in a couple different ways. The color, the communication system, the noise canceling plus a great deal more can all be choices the person using the helmet can decide. Some might even go the extra mile and include gadgets like

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Helicopter Helmets: A Lot More Than An Accessory night vision goggles, headlamps, and more padding. Helicopter pilots no matter what their personal preferences are all have one important aspect they demand which is the comfort and safety when selecting the right helmet. When searching for the right helicopter helmet, each individual will have their own personal tastes and requirements. If you prefer helicopter helmets that have been developed with superior technology and may save you in the event of an aviation catastrophe, have a look at Tiger Performance Products. Additional information on Tiger Performance Products are attainable at the corporation's web site,

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Helicopter Helmets: A Lot More Than An Accessory