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Rainbow Trailers On the Move

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Q2 2010

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Capitalizing on Strengths

Tereck Diesel Lowering Emissions

Allan’s Glass & Aluminum Products Glass Act!

West End Radiators Marking Half Century

Our trailers are known for their superior quality all around

One of the most outstanding qualities is the frame and cross-member design and structure. The advantage of using channel and/or I-Beam is that they have a high ability to flex. Tubing frames are rigid and more likely to break or crack under stress. Our enclosed/sealed wiring and the fact that all trailers are sandblasted before painting further demonstrate the quality design of a Rainbow Trailer. Unlike many trailer manufacturers, which build their trailers on the floor, Rainbow trailers are manufactured in precision jigs. The jigs ensure that every Rainbow trailer is square and true and ensures precise axle alignment. That’s why Rainbow trailers consistently tow better. In addition to improving quality, the jigs also make the manufacturing process more efficient. As a result, when you purchase a Rainbow trailer, you not only get a better trailer, you also get better value.

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Printed in Canada Subscription Rates: $30 for one year $50 for two years $65 for three years plus applicable taxes. On the cover: Principals Dickson Gould, Brock Campbell and Jeff Senebald make sure The Progressive Group responds to its member companies’ emerging market needs. In the background photo, a Rainbow Trailers welder works on a new hitch. Photos by JJ Ali Photography.


Vol. 4  No. 2  Q2  2010

Environment first Truck repair and parts supplier Tereck Diesel among leaders in anti-idle, anti-emissions movement to save environment.


Mark of excellence Windows, curtain walls and interior glass features by Allan’s Glass and Aluminum Products have helped to create some of the most beautiful buildings in Canada.

Reaching new heights Building solid Manitoba companies a passion for The Progressive Group.


Tasting growth Winkler Meats expands with new owners, new products.

Quality first Rainbow Trailers builds quality into the trailers it manufactures for a variety of uses.


Frozen foods cold storage Iceberg Cold Storage Limited: storing meats and frozen foods for manufacturers, retailers and other clients for 25 successful years.

Niche market specialist West End Radiators parlays manufacturing, service skills to 50 years of success.


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f you happen to live in Manitoba, you may already have chowed down on a Diamond Dog, particularly if you attended any Goldeyes baseball games in Winnipeg this season. The Diamond Dog is a signature wiener developed exclusively for the ball club and a healthy and savoury treat for hot dog lovers that takes into account that many of us today suffer from allergies. The Diamond Dog is proudly gluten-free, which is important because gluten is a known allergen for many people. The Diamond Dog is just one of several new sausages that Winkler Meats in Winkler, Manitoba is developing these days to cater to the growing awareness and demand among the buying public for healthy products. Add to that a new Heart Smart sausage and a Mild Italian sausage – both mixed as low-fat meat products without additives and preservatives – and you’ve also got a recipe for growth at meat processor Winkler Meats. Winkler Meats and another Manitoba company, Rainbow Trailers, were purchased recently by three partners with agriculture backgrounds and a taste for growth. Like Winkler Meats, Rainbow Trailers has developed some new products that the company is proud of and expects to do well. The successful and growing companies are two of several happening enterprises which are featured on the pages of this issue of Business & Trade Magazine. Allan’s Glass and Aluminum Products is another company that has parlayed good products and good service into a


Business & Trade Magazine®

winning formula. Allan’s Glass installs its aluminum-frame glass into some of the top commercial, industrial and residential buildings in Western Canada and elsewhere and is ready to take on the challenges of the future under soon-tobe-appointed new president, Dean Borys, son of founder John Borys. Meanwhile, Tereck Diesel, a full-service repair shop and parts department for heavy duty trucks, buses and industrial equipment, is heading into its 30th anniversary next year, while Iceberg Cold Storage, a frozen-foods storage facility, is celebrating a cool 25-year anniversary this year. West End Radiators has a couple more decades on them and is marking 50 years of doing good business, a half-century of notable achievement serving a variety of needs related to vehicle and equipment radiators. Happy Birthday to all. The companies may be creating new meat products, developing new trailers, repairing trucks and storing frozen foods, but they are builders all, carving out new paths for themselves on the exciting landscape of Canadian business as they look ahead.



Moving with the times Tereck Diesel keeps abreast of industry changes in successful truck repair, dealership business By Gloria Taylor


nti-idling. It’s the next big revolution in trucking. Where it was once commonplace for long-haul trucks to be kept idling while a driver sleeps or makes a stop, fleet owners, managers, governments and industry organizations are increasingly embracing the concept of anti-idling or turning off the large transport trucks’ diesel engines when they’re not moving. Owners are able to do this thanks to a raft of sophisticated anti-idle devices that provide the heat and auxiliary power that drivers need when they do turn off their engines. And the savings can be significant – to the bottom line, to the environment and to the engine’s wear and tear. “Although it’s not possible to totally eliminate idling, idle time on average drops to around five per cent (from 41 per cent on average for a long-distance truck) with the addition of a quality anti-idle device,” says Ken Tereck, President and


Business & Trade Magazine®

General Manager of Tereck Diesel Ltd., a successful Winnipeg, Manitoba-based full service repair shop and parts department for heavy duty trucks, buses and industrial equipment. Tereck Diesel is a dealer for some of the top international manufacturers of parts and equipment. Reducing the idle time to about five per cent amounts to an average yearly saving of about $7,200 on fuel costs for one truck alone, no small consideration for today’s fleet owners. “Over a transport truck’s typical four-year cycle that’s a cost of $28,800 if no anti-idle device is added,” explains Tereck. “This equation does not take into account the wear and tear on the engine itself or the unnecessary pollutants being emitted into the atmosphere.” Tereck is always prepared to discuss the pros and cons of the anti-idle movement, but it is the broader focus of staying


Shop Foreman Lawrence Jackson (left) and Service Manager Murray Bourke operate the service department.

Tereck Diesel offers the following services: • International Truck Parts & Service • All Makes & Models Parts & Service • Electronic Diagnostics & Service abreast of industry demands and new technologies that has really been the driving force behind the 29-year-old company’s success. “Our commitment to quality is backed by the best guarantee in the industry,” says Tereck. “At Tereck Diesel Ltd., we guarantee all parts, workmanship, and above all, customer satisfaction,” he emphasizes. This includes fair prices. Staying current can be challenging in an industry where change happens as fast as some of the semis move down the highway, but Tereck is confident in the ability of his mechanics, who he says are some of the best in the industry. The company services most engine makes and models including Cat, Cummins, Detroit, International, Perkins, Lister-Petter and Yanmar. Our technicians must also learn to install the new equipment that manufacturers are always developing, often with special tooling and training supplied by the manufacturers themselves, says Tereck. It all makes for a very invigorating work environment for the mechanics that develop a high level of expertise. “There are very few mechanical projects out there that our shop won’t take on,” emphasizes Tereck. “If the City of Winnipeg pulls in with one of their tree branch shredders and it’s powered by a diesel engine and it’s got a problem, we’ll look at that and repair it for them. If a class eight line haul truck pulls in, and he’s got an engine issue, differential noise,

• Engine Rebuilding • Complete Driveline Service • General Truck & Trailer Repair • Customized Fleet Maintenance Programs • Air Conditioning System Sales & Service • Motor Vehicle Inspection – Truck • Motor Vehicle Inspection – Trailer • Motor Vehicle Inspection – Bus • Espar Heater Sales & Service • Carrier ComfortPro APU Sales & Service • Patriot APU Sales & Service • ClimaCab All Electric APU Sales & Service • LubeCore Automatic Grease Systems Sales & Service • Brake Inspector System Sales & Service • Lightforce Lighting System Sales • Field Service Available Business & Trade Magazine®



Ingvar Jacobson, outside sales.

or the air conditioning is not functioning, or any other problem on that truck, we’ll repair that too. Mobile air conditioning is another big part of our portfolio,” explains the GM. “Because we’re very diversified that way, I believe we produce some of the best technicians in our industry. Our people are involved in major engine overhauls, major and minor truck repairs, after market component installations, and as well, vehicle safety inspections. We maintain and service both late model and early model vehicles and equipment plus offer fleet maintenance programs to suit the customer,” he says.


Business & Trade Magazine®

Blair Haas, parts manager.

In turn, Tereck Diesel provides a good environment for the company’s 21 employees in which to work. “We allow them all the time they need to make sure the job’s done properly and safely and keep the facility clean,” says Tereck. “Safety’s a big thing in the shop. We’ve never had a serious injury inside our shop and I hope it never happens, although it can happen in the best shops. And, we’re pretty proud of the fact that we have a very low turnover of personnel.” It’s all in line with the company’s slogan: Good work, fair prices … proud of our past … committed to your future.


Sherry Steinke, office manager.

Ken Zaster, Scott Kilpatrick, parts and sales.

“Tereck Diesel has worked with us for years, taking care of a lot of the company’s medium and heavy duty repair work on our vehicles. We have also bought a lot of products from them like Espar diesel fired heaters. It is a very professionally-run organization, easy to get along with, and has the highest workmanship and quality. It is one of the finest companies in Winnipeg that we work with.” – Jim Mistafa, fleet maintenance supervisor for Manitoba Hydro.

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Service is No. 1 In a 10-bay service shop on the east side of Winnipeg, Tereck Diesel repairs trucks and other vehicles for individual owneroperators and whole fleets for a variety of companies. “Many of our customers are line haul transport companies, but because many of the larger fleets have their own repair facilities, our clients are typically mid-sized fleets to smaller fleets, construction companies, and many that are in other industries such as manufacturing and use their vehicles as the conduit to get their product to their customers,” says Tereck. He understands the need for quick turnaround to get the trucks back on the road. If we don’t keep their vehicles operating they cannot get their product to their customers, and that would not be acceptable, he says. “What makes our business unique is how we react to our customers. We can’t be as complacent as say some auto dealerships. With our customers, this is their livelihood, so they’re more demanding that way, and that’s fine,” he states emphatically. “One of our clients is All-Fab Building Components down the road. They need their trucks to get their trusses to market so they’ve got to have their trucks up and running,” says Tereck. “Another is Olympic Builders. They’ve got lumber to deliver and customers counting on them to do just that.”

Congratulations,Tereck Diesel, on your 30th Anniversary! ComfortPro™ APU – the smart alternative to idling. Fuel Savings – save up to $6,200 a year per tractor. Maintenance Savings – less wear and tear on truck engine. Convenience – heating and cooling, household power, optional standby, engine preheating, and battery charging. Proven Technology – over 4 design generations and more than 130 million hours on the road.

Congratulations on 30 years!

Regulatory Compliance – shore power compatible for engine-free operation.

The only no trade-off climate control solution:

Climate certainty for drivers. Cost control for fleet operators. 1-800-664-8991 8

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Tereck Diesel Ltd. 1655 Dugald Rd.,Winnipeg, MB (204)-654-9646

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Parts & equipment Light when and where you need it! Remote Control 370° x 135° Rotation 3 Year Warranty Wired and/or Wireless Remotes

When it comes to the parts side of the business, Tereck Diesel supplies parts and equipment (including anti-idle devices) not only to its own customers but other dealers and truck repair facilities. “The anti-idling devices allow them fantastic fuel savings and there’s legislation across North America to prevent these vehicles from idling for extended periods of time. As a matter of fact, there are no-idle zones everywhere you go,” says the President. “Diesel-fired heaters provide thermostatically-controlled air heat to the

bunks for sleeping and Hydronic heaters provide engine pre-heat to ensure easy engine starts. The air heaters operate like the furnaces in your home, but instead of natural gas, they burn diesel fuel. There are heaters available for many applications. If you need to heat your engine, bunk, hydraulic system, fuel tanks, or equipment cab we have a heater for the job,” says Tereck. “We have auxiliary power units, and those are small diesel engines that’ll burn considerably less fuel and are much quieter and more efficient than the main power. Those are basically generator sets

Permanent or Portable Mount Units 225,000 Candela - 3,113’ Beam Dist.


to Tereck Diesel on their 30th anniversary from: Michael Willcock (204) 925-5361

800.557.0098 | 10

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Russell G. Wookey (204) 925-5360

1200 – 330 St. Mary Avenue Winnipeg, Manitoba R3C 4E1

TERECK DIESEL LTD. that supply power, electrical loads to the cabin area for TVs, microwaves, refrigerators, heat and air conditioning,” says Tereck. “Our latest distributor relationship is with a company, Glacier Bay, which manufactures an all-electric auxiliary power unit. That’s as green as they come; this doesn’t burn any fuel. It draws its power from a special battery, then through a power management module, and to the climate control unit and delivers very high performance,” he adds. He is proud that his company was one of the first to act as a dealership for the anti-idle equipment. Manitoba Hydro has been a major customer for years. The provincial Crown utility bought into the anti-idling devices a long time ago and has been using them for years. “Years back, Manitoba Hydro used a lot of these devices just to pre-heat the engine to get it running, but later, they came to be incorporated into the vehicles as an anti-idling device to keep the service box warm for the guys to work in as opposed to keeping the engine running,” says Tereck. The company is also a full-service associate dealer for Winnipeg-based Maxim International Truck and Trailer. All the products the company supplies are of high quality. “We do our due diligence. We don’t just take product lines on just for the sake of having the product line because we stand behind everything we sell,” he maintains, adding, “Our in-house workmanship warranty, or guarantee, is longer than what most of the manufacturers warrant their parts for. We warrant everything we do for a period of one year. Quality service, fair price, it’s what we try to do every day.”

Congratulations to Tereck Diesel on your 30th Anniversary




204-275-7777 1991 Dugald Rd. Winnipeg, MB R2J 0H3 Phone: 204-663-9037 Fax: 204-663-7821

DIESEL ENGINE REBUILDING • Exchange Cylinder Heads • Engine Machining • Engine Kits & Parts • All Makes & Models Call Toll Free


1-800-561-4211 WINNIPEG, MB

204-786-6691 1108 Wall St., Winnipeg, MB R3E 2R9 Business & Trade Magazine®



Early years Ken Tereck paid his dues in the industry before he ever became a business owner. In his late teens he worked for several transport companies and went on to purchase his own rig by age 21. It was during these few years he learned to appreciate the truck owner’s position. Shortly after, he returned to college to further his education. For years, he worked for a major engine manufacturer-distributor where he served as a Detroit Diesel engine tech-

nician, Allison Automatic Transmission technician, field service technician, Dynomometer operator and diagnostician. “I was fortunate to learn and work with some of the finest people in industry, whom I still count as friends today,” he says. Eventually, the desire to once again be independent became the catalyst for starting his own business. He felt there were “realistic possibilities” for the plan. “Within the first year, I had taken on one more employee, and before the year

Congratulations to Tereck Diesel on their 30th Anniversary! F R E SH F I LT E R COM PANY

Cab Air Filters for All Heaters and A/C Intakes R.R. #1 • Box 162 • Glenwood, Missouri 63541 Phone: 1-800-457-3739 • Fax: 1-660-457-3744


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was out, another employee. Within the first five years, there were half a dozen of us. I purchased this land in 1993, and we built this facility and have twice added to it,” he says. In addition to the 10 truck bays, the 14,000-square-foot building has offices, an overhaul area, a stripping and wash rack area and a parts department. Admittedly, there were challenges along the way. He had to learn the administration side of running a business, navigate financial hurdles and keep on top of costly new technologies. He learned the office side of the business as he needed to, but he first had to secure start-up funding, which was not so easy. Because of a recession in the early eighties, the bank wouldn’t loan him enough money. Fortunately, his bank’s branch manager introduced him to the federally-backed Business Development Bank. “If I had to borrow more money today, I would go right back to them. They were 100 per cent to deal with. They were fair with their interest rate and fair with their terms. I was led to believe they used

TERECK DIESEL LTD. to be considered one of those last ditch places to go if you couldn’t get a loan. It’s not like that at all, you will still have to present a viable business plan, but they will invest in you if they see the potencial,” says the GM. From the beginning and still today, Ken’s wife, Jackie Tereck, works with him in the business by taking care of payroll and payables. Keeping up with new technology is always demanding and expensive. “A lot of costs go into equipment and into training people,” he says. “We’re constantly upgrading or replacing our diagnostic software, and vendors charge a lot for the software,” recounts the GM. “Not only do we have to purchase the software and equipment, we annually pay subscription fees to stay current and abreast of changes. If you’re an authorized dealer, you must have the mandatory tools and training required to support the product,” he adds. In the end, Tereck Diesel is a business that can be counted on to do good work at a fair price, he says. There are less than a handful of independent Winnipeg shops that Tereck would consider peers. As a respected owner, Tereck also sits on the Truck Transport Trade advisory committee for Winnipeg’s Red River College, where he assists the college to keep the curriculum aligned with industry needs. It allows the college to graduate mechanics that can be useful in the workplace immediately because their skills are current. In addition, he takes on a steady stream of apprentices for real-work experience.

Congratulations to Tereck Diesel on your 30th Anniversary!

Ask Tereck about goals, and it’s clear he focuses on continuous improvement. If growth does come, it will come organically as the need presents itself. “I’m interested in maintaining the level of expertise within the scope of what we’re doing right now. That’s a full-time job. As far as available products coming onboard, whether they’re right for our customers, whether the price is right will dictate the growth.” If the past is any indication of the company’s future, Tereck Diesel will be servicing new customers and providing topnotch products for years to come.

Congratulations to Tereck Diesel on your 30th Anniversary! Lubecore International Inc. is proud to be a partner supplier to your success.


2008 Logan Ave., Winnipeg, MB R2R 0H7 Toll-free: 1-877-RAD-CORE (723-2673) Phone: 204-633-5648 Fax: 204-633-4679 Email: Website:

next generation protection solutions™ Lubecore International Inc. 7065 Twiss Rd, Campbellville, ON L0P 1B0 Phone: 905-864-3110 Fax: 905-878-6935 Business & Trade Magazine®


Paving the road to customer satisfaction for 30 years

Our Quality Policy Tereck Diesel and all its management and staff are committed to providing our customers with the highest levels of quality services and products available in today’s competitive marketplace. Using trained, skilled and focused staff, Tereck Diesel will consistently strive to meet and exceed both the needs and requirements of our customers.

1655 Dugald Road, Winnipeg, MB R2J 0H3 Phone: 204-654-9646 Toll Free: 1-877-545-3884


Allan’s Glass and Aluminum Products Ltd.

Alicia Robinson, administrative assistant and bookkeeper, with Dean Borys, soon-to-be president of Allan’s Glass and Aluminum Products.

Glass Act!

Allan’s Glass and Aluminum Products: growing steadily for 27 years By Gloria Taylor


indows. In a building, they are the ultimate expression of form and function, and Allan’s Glass and Aluminum Products Ltd. has been installing some of the best in buildings across Western Canada for 27 years. The award-winning Winnipeg Humane Society, the Millennium Library, Covenant Health/Villa Caritas, Le Cercle Molière Theatre, the Portage la Prairie Recreational Complex, the Nunavut Trades Training Centre, and the Saskatchewan Disease Control Laboratory – these are just a few of the glass company’s high profile projects. All display the expertise of a company well versed in the esthetic and highly-technical demands of today’s windows and curtain walls. For owner John Borys, president, and Dean Borys, John’s son and soon-to-be appointed president, only aluminum offers


Business & Trade Magazine®

the flexibility to span multi-storey buildings while at the same time providing owners with a signature statement on their building by utilizing the most advanced high performance aluminum and glass products available on the market. “Aluminum is the product of choice by architects around the world because of its structural properties that allow it to be used in greater lengths, sizes and finishes,” says Dean, who has worked with the company for the last 10 years under his father, learning everything there is to learn about the glass business. “Entire building facades are constructed with glazed aluminum curtain wall as it is the combination of high performance aluminum products coupled with the most technologically advanced glass products that enhance the look of a building, while at the same time reducing heating and cooling costs

ALLAn’S GLASS AnD ALuMInuM PRoDuCTS LTD. ultimately resulting in a smaller carbon footprint for today’s buildings,” says the president. In addition to manufacturing and installing aluminum windows and curtain walls, Allan’s Glass and Aluminum Products also supplies and installs aluminum storefronts, doors, skylights and interior building amenities such as frameless glass walls, hand rails and patterned or decorative filmed glass.

Beginnings John Borys started Allan’s Glass and Aluminum Products Ltd. in 1983 after purchasing the company he was working for. “I started my career in the glass business in 1968 and in 1979, I joined Allan’s Glass. In 1983, the owners chose a different path and I was then presented with the opportunity of buying the business. The deal was struck and we have enjoyed a very steady growth for the past 27 years.” In 2007, Allan’s Glass purchased a 14,000-square-foot building on a one-acre site on the east side of Winnipeg, making improvements to the former print shop floor along with a complete office renovation. The owners have enjoyed working out of the newly formed office and production plant ever since. “One of the keys to our success over the years is the dedication and expertise of our employees. We would not be where we are today without their ability to expertly manufac-

ture, craft and install the various projects we bring to them,” states John. The healthy respect between employees and management continues to this day, with the company arranging various opportunities throughout the year to get together and socialize. One of the most successful is the company’s fishing trips. Eight employees accompanied Borys on a recent fishing excursion to a northern fly-in lodge and enjoyed the experience so much they were suggesting a repeat adventure, says the president. Dean confirms there is a significant shortage of certified journeymen glazers in Manitoba but there are no educational trade opportunities in Winnipeg. As a result, about 75 per cent of the company’s glazers started with Allan’s and were trained on the job, a process that for this company has worked extremely well.

Markets The company manufactures and installs windows primarily in new and retro-fit commercial, industrial and institutional buildings. It will contract to install its aluminum windows on some residential projects, but only on larger projects such as high rise condominiums. The ever-increasing surge for first class condominium developments has opened doors for the company to venture into that side of the construction sector as well.

Business & Trade Magazine®


Allan’s Glass and Aluminum Products Ltd. “This being what could be our first venture in the Alberta market required some due diligence before deciding to bid. Ours was the successful tender submitted, and that in turn led us directly to our next work with Chandos at the Covenant Health/Villa Caritas project,” says John. Dean confirms the company does its own installation on about 99 per cent of its projects. “We fabricate virtually all of the aluminum content within each of our projects. The glass is then ordered fabricated from any one of a number of our suppliers with the finished products shipped to and installed on site,” says Dean.

Looking ahead

The fabrication shop at Allan’s Glass and Aluminum Products.

Over the last few years, Allan’s Glass and Aluminum Products has supplied and installed aluminum curtain walls for several new condominium projects along Winnipeg’s trendy new Waterfront Drive in the historic river area of St. Boniface. “We work with the owners, developers and general contractors on projects from the design stage through to the tendering process,” says John. “Often times we’re called in by any number of those individuals to provide budget pricing and product recommendations for aluminum and glass specific to the projects they wish to construct.”

As well, contractors will often contact Allan’s Glass and Aluminum Products to suggest that the window manufacturer bid on a project. Such was the case with Chandos Construction Ltd. of Edmonton, Alberta. Allan’s Glass and Aluminum Products had successfully supplied and installed all the windows for the Winnipeg Humane Society, when it received a call from Chandos Construction suggesting it bid on the supply and installation of glass and aluminum work for the new Edmonton Humane Society.

Congratulations to Allan’s Glass & Aluminum Products Ltd. on many years of success 1369 Richard Ave., Winnipeg, MB R3E 0L1 Phone: 204-791-9155 • Fax: 204-663-9566 18

Business & Trade Magazine®

Ask John Borys what the future looks like for his family and business, and he is pleased to report that he is looking forward happily to a transition of ownership to Dean through a gradual succession plan. “He is already the go-to guy for all of the day to day activities,” says John, who is immensely proud of his son who immersed himself in the business over the last 10 years, demonstrating his abilities and strength to help achieve the company’s positive growth and stature within the industry. The company is also strong financially, because the window manufacturer has managed to avoid the financial downturns that hit so many other companies during the recent recession, and in fact enjoyed its best financial performance over the last five years, says John Borys. The president also continues to look forward to the never-ending technological changes and advances that scientific R & D can and does contribute to the aluminum and glass industry. One thing the president is not prepared to do is retire. The R word is just not on the horizon for John who will stay involved with the company in some capacity, perhaps as CEO. Dean, who shares a recollection that he was in the shop and climbing truck racks at the tender age of eight, is only too happy to oblige and looks forward to eventually taking over the reins in the not-too-distant future. He is ready to redefine his relationship with his dad and the family company once again and is more than ready for the challenges that lie ahead.  n

Allan’s Glass and Aluminum Products Ltd. Winnipeg Humane Society

$500,000 installation of windows and interior glazing

Architect and Photo by Number TEN

This multi-level project won the 2008 Excellence in Sustainability Award from the Manitoba Roundtable for Sustainable Development and provided some challenges to Allan’s Glass and Aluminum Products because of its design. “That project was one where we had to work very closely with the glulam construction,” says Dean Borys. “Many of the aluminum windows had to seal around the engineered wood members, which were very hard to access in some areas because of different roof levels which presented some significant challenges.”

Millennium Library

$1.3-million installation of floor-toceiling curtain wall and interior glazing

Architect and Photo by LM Architectural Group

This showy glass edifice was completed in November of 2005 after two years of renovations to the existing Centennial Library in downtown Winnipeg, Manitoba. Allan’s Glass and Aluminum Products installed aluminum curtain walls and substantial interior glazing like glass hand rails and glass elevator walls. Installing the 5-foot by 12-foot tripleglazed glass panels provided a huge challenge to the crew who brought the project to successful fruition. “We were extremely proud to have been associated with this project, which has been awarded the Governor General’s Medal in Architecture, the Canadian Architect Award of Excellence as well the Prairie Design Award of Merit,” says John Borys.

Covenant Health/Villa Caritas $1.76-million-plus installation of aluminum punched windows, curtain wall & entrances

Photo courtesy IBI Group Architects, Engineers

Allan’s Glass and Aluminum Products is currently providing all the punched windows for this three-storey health care facility in Edmonton, Alberta together with various areas of multistorey structural silicone glazed curtain wall throughout the project. “This, our second venture in Alberta, has proven the mettle and resolve of our installation crews to work tirelessly away from home for weeks and months at a time on a very labour intensive project,” says Dean Borys. Business & Trade Magazine®


Allan’s Glass and Aluminum Products Ltd. Le Cercle Molière Theatre

$.75-million-plus installation of curtain wall, skylight, entrances and interior glazing

This is a new $9.7 million facility that houses Le Cercle Molière Theatre, a French language theatre in Winnipeg, which is connected to the older theatre on the same site. It was completed this year, and according to Dean Borys, whose company supplied the custom triple-glazed horizontal SSG curtain wall, a skylight and curtain wall to an overhead walkway connecting the two buildings, “It was a fairly technical project with a unique feature wall design calling for High Performance Curtain Wall glazed with large 4-foot by 10-foot triple-glazed panels butt together with captured vertical joints and with SSG horizontal joints,” he says. The completed project on the corner of Provencher Boulevard and Des Meurons stands as a shining example of the innovative design and capabilities of aluminum and glass.


Proud to be Architect and Photo by Stantec

legal advisors to

Allan's Glass & Aluminum Products Ltd. We wish them continued success in all of their future endeavors. Aikins is Manitoba’s oldest and largest law firm and provides a full range of legal services to local, regional, national and international clients.

30th Floor Commodity Exchange Tower 360 Main Street Winnipeg, MB 204.957.0050 20

Business & Trade Magazine®

Portage la Prairie Recreational Ccomplex

$.75 million-plus installation of curtain wall, windows, entrances and interior glazing

This recreational centre in Portage la Prairie, Manitoba consists of a two-storey building with a pool area and arena that required high-performance glass throughout. Completed earlier this year, the project saw Allan’s Glass and Aluminum Products install a dual-glazed curtain wall over the two-storey arena overlooking a running track. At the pool area, the company used high performance curtain wall glazed with custom coloured triple-glazed windows. “It does provide a nice look,” says Dean Borys. “There are various colours in the project. All the laminated glass was brought in from British Columbia and fabricated into tri-pane sealed units here in Winnipeg,” he says. Construction on the project commenced in earnest in January 2009 with the official ribbon cutting ceremony held February 27, 2010.

Allan’s Glass and Aluminum Products Ltd. Nunavut Trades Training Centre

$.5 million-plus installation of aluminum curtain wall, windows, entrances and interior glazing

Photo courtesy NDL Construction Ltd.

For this project, Allan’s Glass and Aluminum Products was approached by Umingmak Supply, a 100 per cent, Nunavut-owned building supply company headquartered in Rankin Inlet to provide a quotation for aluminum windows and glazing for the Trades Training Centre. “The tendering of this project was unique in that we were committed to provide a supply-only quote for our products to Umingmak Supply, with a separate quotation for the installation of the products to the bidding general contractors who in turn looked to Umingmak for their quote for the materials. Working with Umingmak and NDL Construction proved to be the right mix with everything coming together as planned with this, our first venture that far north,” says Dean.

Saskatchewan Disease Control Laboratory

$1.2 million installation of curtain walls, sun shades, windows, entrances & interior glazing

Aluminum and glass work on this overall $55-million project was the largest ever undertaken by Allan’s Glass outside of Manitoba. Completed in February 2010, this three-storey, 8000-squaremetre complex has extremely high environmental standards and is targeting LEED Silver designation. The very nature of this lab requires an extremely tight building envelope. The building will provide services from routine water analysis tests to Level 3 disease outbreak identification and control. 

Congratulations to Allan’s Glass & Aluminum Products Ltd. on your continued success! 75 Plymouth St., Winnipeg, MB R2X 2V5 Phone: 204-694-4771 Fax: 204-694-7130 • PRESSED STEEL FRAMES • HOLLOW METAL DOORS • WOOD DOORS • HINGES (BUTTS) • LOCKSETS AND ACCESSORIES • EXIT HARDWARE











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High Performance Aluminum Windows Curtainwall & Skylights Aluminum Entrances & Storefronts Automatic Door Operators Decorative Film

The Millennium Library in Winnipeg. Architect and photo by LM Architectural Group. Curtain Wall & Interior Glazing by Allan’s Glass.

1541 DUGALD RD., WINNIPEG, MB R2J OH3 E-MAIL: ALLANS@MTS.NET Phone : 204-222-2181

Fax : 204-222-2296

The Progressive Group of Companies Inc. A management and ownership group involved in many Manitoba ventures, including Winkler Meats Ltd., Progressive Livestock Management and Rainbow Trailers Inc.



The Progressive Group Change and innovation mark quest for excellence for owner-partners of Manitoba-based companies Story by Gloria Taylor


he Progressive Group of Companies Inc. is a management and ownership group involved in many Manitoba ventures, including Winkler Meats Ltd., Progressive Livestock Management and Rainbow Trailers Inc. Partners Dickson Gould, Brock Campbell and Jeff Senebald have interests in both the meat processing company and the trailer manufacturing plant through The Progressive Group. The partners also own Progressive Livestock Management that oversees its own hog production interests, providing about 50 per cent of the sows that Winkler Meats uses in its processing. It also provides third-party management services to other hog operations. These include human resource management; pension, benefits and payroll management; biological record keeping; financial benchmarking for customers and volume buying. These days, Vice-President, Operations Jeff Senebald is busy overseeing three promising new sausage products at Winkler Meats. These include the Heart Smart low-fat, low-sodium

Management and staff of Rainbow Trailers Inc. 24

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Photos by JJ Ali Photography

sausage; the Diamond Dog, a signature wiener developed specifically for the Winnipeg-based Goldeyes baseball club, and the Mild Italian sausage for a large food chain. “These sausages are not only our latest products, they also exemplify our commitment to producing healthy meat products for our customers,” says Senebald. “Winkler Meats already enjoyed outstanding brand recognition among clients, some of them the largest food chains in Canada, for producing meat products without a lot of additives; we are just building on that strength.” The Progressive Group purchased both Winkler Meats and Rainbow Trailers a few years ago from the separate families who founded the companies. Both were strong successful private ventures with solid track records when the partners took over. “Purchasing solid family-founded Manitoba businesses with good brand recognition is key,” agrees Gould, who is President of both The Progressive Group and Winkler Meats.

The Progressive Group

Winkler Meats’ sausages exemplify the company’s commitment to producing healthy meat products.

“Winkler Meats already enjoyed outstanding brand recognition among clients, some of them the largest food chains in Canada, for producing meat products without a lot of additives; we are just building on that strength.” – Jeff Senebald, Vice-President, Operations The Progressive Group Since acquiring Winkler Meats and Rainbow Trailers, The Progressive Group, founded in 2006, has built upon the core strengths of each to help move both companies well ahead in terms of new product development and the groundwork needed to respond to emerging market needs. In Winkler, a $1.5-million plant addition at Winkler Meats will increase needed capacity to enable growth. But the Group isn’t finished yet. With a philosophy of continuous improvement, the partners are eyeing long-term expansion into Asian markets for their naturally smoked sausage lines as well as exotic bison and elk meat products which Winkler Meats now sells primarily into Eastern Canada. This is just one of numerous promising future-oriented strategies for the meat processing company. With partners having interests in hog production, Winkler Meats and its customers also benefit in another important way. It allows the Group to control the quality and characteristics of the hogs being supplied to Winkler Meats in order to ensure that the best animals are being used for its products, points out Brock Campbell, Vice-President of The Progressive Group.

Management and staff of Winkler Meats Ltd. Business & Trade Magazine®


The Progressive Group “The trailer business is a very competitive business, but we find that the construction industry and the farm operators prefer high quality trailers and cargos that can handle the rigours of their industries.” – Dickson Gould, President he Progressive Group “It’s a farm to fork process that starts with specific feeding of the animals, providing them with vital nutrients like Omega 3,” says Campbell. He is also proud that Winkler Meats’ products are totally Canadian-made. “Our consumers are interested in our developing products that are made in Canada, which we pride ourselves on. We are also committed to buying our equipment and supplies locally and supporting Canadian companies.” “That highlights the reason why Winkler Meats was purchased, because we have significant access to the raw material used by Winkler Meats,” comments Senebald. Gould is also extremely excited about the growth opportunities for Rainbow Trailers. He says the purchase of Rainbow Trailers was part of their long term goal to diversify into manufacturing: “This operation has several components that we were looking for when we are purchasing a company. It had strong brand recognition and a dealership organization in Western Canada, it had a strong management team and a excellent team of employees. We looked at this company for an extended period of time, and every time we met, it looked better and better. The trailer business is a very competitive business, but we find that the construction industry and the farm operators prefer high quality trailers and cargos that can handle the rigours of their industries,” remarked the President. Rainbow Trailers in the last two years has developed some outstanding new products that the partners feel hold great potential. One is a new dump trailer for easy loading and unloading; another an aluminum enclosed trailer. The trailer manufacturer plans to expand the popular aluminum enclosed trailer into a full line of aluminum trailers for all uses in 2011. A dealership network extends throughout Canada. With new products and more on the horizon, the partners recently lined up some new dealerships in Eastern Canada and in Winnipeg to provide greater retail exposure for its top-of-theline trailers, and it is always willing to talk to potential new dealers. As business partners, it would be difficult to find three individuals more suited to working with one another. All have agronomy backgrounds and experience working together prior to forming The Progressive Group and each brings complementary and unique skills to the partnership. Dickson Gould, a Professional Agrologist, has a Degree in Agriculture Economics and is a former executive council member of Maple Leaf Foods. 26

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After completing his Degree in Agriculture Economics in 1983, Gould joined the Landmark Feeds team of service representatives as a hog production specialist. While there he held various marketing and sales positions with Landmark Feeds, he became Director of Operations for Elite Swine Inc. in 1991 and a partner in Landmark Feeds /Elite Swine Inc. Gould was subsequently promoted to President and General Manager from 1998- 2003. Maple Leaf Foods purchased Landmark Feeds and Elite Swine outright in 1999 when Maple Leaf Foods wanted more control over the hogs it sourced for its pork processing plant in Brandon, Manitoba. “I have had the opportunity to work with some great families,” says Gould. “The opportunity to work with the McCain Family was a great experience. It’s not very often when you get the opportunity to work with individual like Wallace McCain and be able to see how he makes decisions and conduct business,” he adds. “Bruce Campbell was a great mentor for myself and a lot of others that came through the Landmark Group. Bruce’s philosophy of People, Production facilities, Products and Programs are the 4 P’s of successful business.” Brock Campbell cut his teeth on his family’s well-known agri-business: Landmark Feeds. After completing his University of Manitoba Degree in 1990, Campbell joined the Manitoba family business of Landmark Feeds and Elite Swine where he worked in various sales and marketing positions for livestock feeds and feed mill management. Following the sale of the Landmark Group in 1999, Campbell held roles in market development for poultry and swine vertical coordination with Maple Leaf Foods before becoming a founding member of The Progressive Group. Jeff Senebald holds a BA in Criminology, B.S.A in Agricultural Economics; a Masters in Business Administration and a Professional Agrologist Designation. He most recently held the position of Director of Business Transformation for Maple Leaf Agri-Farms. After completing his Bachelor of Arts Degree in 1997, Senebald joined the Landmark Feeds team. After holding positions such as Finishing Service Specialist, Market Development Manager and Assistant Director of Operations for Landmark Feeds, he became the Regional Director for Eastern Manitoba in 2003. The three men became a strong team when the time came for them to form their own business interests under the umbrella of The Progressive Group. 

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Photo by JJ Ali Photography


Bradley Toews, director of operations for Winkler Meats, oversees an expanding product line at the meat processing company.

On the move!

Winkler Meats expands with new products, plant expansion and progressive outlook By Gloria Taylor


hen the Winnipeg Goldeyes baseball team wanted a great-tasting, high-quality signature hotdog for its fans, the ball club contacted Winkler Meats Ltd. in Winkler, Manitoba. As a supporting partner of the Northern League baseball club and a 46-year-old business with a reputation of developing some of the best naturally-smoked sausages and meats found in grocery chains in Canada, it only made sense for the club to approach Winkler Meats to develop the distinctive wiener. Winkler Meats’ traditional, naturally-smoked, skinless uncooked Farmer Sausage was already a classic in the world of sausage products and, in some ways, a product well ahead of its time. “Winkler Meats prides itself on its quality products that are clean and healthy,” says Jeff Senebald, Vice President, Operations of The Progressive Group, a private partnership


and management group in Manitoba that purchased Winkler Meats just last year. “Our Farmer Sausage is a popular traditional sausage, and like other meat products we make, it is spiced just right to be good-tasting, but at the same time, it also fits today’s need to be a clean healthy product since it has no filler or MSG,” says Senebald. Not many could have anticipated decades ago that Winkler Meats would be well ahead of the curve and producing healthier meat products years before consumers would be demanding them. Dickson Gould, Winkler Meats’ President, says it only makes sense for the meat processor to be in the forefront of the movement toward healthy products at a time when consumers are concerned about food allergies and are looking for the healthiest products they can buy. “As good corporate citizens, we take our responsibility seriously to our consumers,” says Gould. “We wouldn’t want to feed our customers products that we wouldn’t want to feed to our own families. This is a great time for our company because we are developing some really great new sausages, and there

WINKLER MEATS LTD. Products made by Winkler Meats: (all have no MSG) • Farmer Sausage • Cured and smoked products: pork backs, Canadian back bacon, smoked leg ham • Fully cooked meats: coarse ham and garlic sausage, liver ring sausage, Canadian wiener with beef and pork cuts • Cured and smoked bacon products • Bologna products • Smoked turkey wings, drums and breasts • Bison products: bison smokies, bison wieners, jalapeno bison smokies • Gluten free products: bacon, coarse ham garlic sausage, smoked turkey breast, smoked leg ham, smoked pork backs

Photo by JJ ali Photography

is no better time for us to practise what we believe. Our new recipes, our new products are and will be products that we can take pride in and offer in good conscience to buyers everywhere. At the same time, we will never sacrifice great taste, which is where the skill comes in.” In the last analysis, the Goldeyes and Winkler Meats settled on a healthy gluten-free wiener for the Goldeyes signature dog. A common binder in many meat products, gluten is a known allergen, and considering that about 15 per cent of Canadian adults and 18 per cent of teenagers suffer from allergies, providing a gluten-free wiener was important to the ball club. The result? The Diamond Dog, a tasty 100-per-cent Canadian lean pork, naturally-smoked wiener developed specifically for the Goldeyes. At full production, it will come in three sizes: traditional wiener size, jumbo wiener and a still-larger sausage size. With six ounces of meat, the sausage-size, eight-inch Diamond


Photo by JJ Ali Photography


Dog is definitely geared to larger appetites, and like its smaller versions, answers the need for an allergen-free product. Paul Edmonds, the broadcast voice of the Goldeyes and account executive with the ball club, said the club had been

selling the eight-ounce Diamond Dog at Goldeyes games since early June, and the new wiener was well-accepted. “Honestly, I think it is a pretty popular item,” says Edmonds. “It’s a real large hot dog, and the taste of it is good and the

Congratulations to Winkler Meats on your expansion and continued growth

680 Wall St., Winnipeg, MB R3G 2T8 Phone: 204-786-5761 Fax: 204-888-3551 C4

price point is good.” The Diamond Dog is one of several products that Winkler Meats supplies to the Goldeyes. A great addition to the Goldeyes’ food roster, the Winkler Meats’ proprietary product may also be found in store coolers eventually, says Senebald. “There is some retail potential there,” he says. The Diamond Dog is not the only new development at the plant these days. After four decades of operation, there are exciting new initiatives underway both in product development and building and equipment expansion. For starters, the company this spring had developed two additional new sausages that were expected to be launched this summer: a Heart Smart sausage, low in sodium and fat, and a naturallysmoked Mild Italian sausage. Consumers should be finding both products in major store meat coolers by

WINKLER MEATS LTD. the end of the year. Both meet the challenge of providing healthy products to a consumer base that is growing increasingly aware of the need to eat healthy while at the same time enjoying a tasty product. The company’s new sausages will also sport a brand new label: a blend of Winkler Meats’ traditional blue and red logo along with some distinctive new elements. Brock Campbell, Vice-President of The Progressive Group, says the company is also planning expansion of its markets. “We plan to expand our markets for exotic meats to eastern Canada and to high-end restaurants in big cities like New York in the coming months.” Owners this spring were also making plans and setting up procedures to make the plant a certified totally glutenfree environment for the same reason. Consumers at grocery stores, restaurants and entertainment venues will all have the assurance that when they choose any Winkler Meats’ product, it will be acceptable to both those who suffer from allergies and consumers who just want

tasty meats that are free from binders and preservatives. The unique facility – one of only three federally-inspected abattoir and processing plants in Manitoba for pork and beef – already produces its products without MSG, a common flavor enhancer, natural preservative and allergen to some. The facility is regulated by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency and HACCP. In June, company officers were also waiting for engineering approval on a blueprint for an expansion of the physical plant. When complete, expected this fall, the project consisting of an addition and two new state-of-the-art German-made smokehouses is expected to increase production capacity significantly by up to 40 per cent. “The new facility and equipment will streamline our processes and give us a facility that is very easy to keep sanitized and clean,” says Gould. “That should be as good news to customers as it is to us.” Harv Thiessen, president of WBS Construction of Winkler, Manitoba, said the $1.5-million expansion (project cost) is a design-build job that was

Retail outlets where Winkler Meats’ products are sold: • Co-op • Loblaws • Macdonalds Consolidated • North West Company • Pratts • Safeway • Sobeys • IGA • The Grocery People Ltd. (TGP), a wholly-owned subsidiary of Federated Co-operatives Limited (FCL). • Overwaitea Foods

Iceberg Cold Storage Limited congratulates Winkler Meats on its facility expansion and continued growth and success.

��� Bradford St., Winnipeg, MB R�H �N� Phone: ���-���-�����Fax: ���-���-���� Email:



designed specifically to accommodate the equipment and processes within. “With this kind of project, you buy your equipment first and then you design the building,” says Thiessen, explaining the floors must be strong enough and ceilings high enough to accommodate the weight and dimensions of the new smokehouses and other processing equipment. One unique aspect is the washable walls, which are designed of pre-finished stainless steel. The surface will allow crews to wash and disinfect the walls often, in

keeping with the food processor’s need to maintain a pristine, safe food-production environment. Structurally, the building will be made of concrete blocks, a steel roof, poured concrete floors and an electrical backbone sufficient to accommodate the high-wattage demands of the processing plant. WBS Construction is already familiar with the Winkler Meats building by virtue of having done past expansions. In 1984 or 1985, after fire decimated the building, WBS Construction rebuilt portions of the burnt-out plant

Congratulations to Winkler Meats on your facility expansion and continued success!

900 Bradford St., Winnipeg, MB R3H 0N5 204-586-8401 C6

and expanded the structure at that time. “About 80 per cent of the building got redone then,” says Thiessen. In 1992, Winkler Meats added about 7,000 square feet to accommodate offices, a board room, coolers and freezers, and once again WBS Construction got the nod for the expansion. In early summer, Thiessen anticipated that the work would go smoothly on the 2010 addition, despite one key challenge: “We will be working on the expansion while the plant remains open,” he says. Stakeholders expect the building to be completed and opened sometime this fall. WBS Construction, a 31-year-old company, is owned by brothers Harv and Alvin Thiessen. While the meat processing plant finds itself at a critical juncture of growth and change this year, the family-founded business has nevertheless managed to retain many loyal employees and the benefits of a close-knit organization. Many of the company’s veterans, employees like Warren Dyck, Manager of Plant Operations and son of the founder Harry Dyck, are longtime and versatile workers


Photo by JJ Ali Photography

“We wouldn’t want to feed our customers products that we wouldn’t want to feed to our own families. This is a great time for our company because we are developing some really great new sausages, and there is no better time for us to practise what we believe.” – Dickson Gould, Winkler Meats’ President adept at covering a variety of positions. They share a common history and are committed to the company’s success. The Operations Manager illustrates the point by recounting a recent conversation with a service technician from a large company. “I had a man come in to service the stuffer here. He asked how old the stuffer was. I told him it was eight or 10 years old already. He said that our sausage stuffer was in better shape than stuffers he’s seen that are only two years old.” Dyck is convinced that Winkler Meats’ longtime loyal staff does make a superior team when it comes to taking care of the plant, their jobs and their customers.

Tel: (204) 775-8208 Fax: (204) 783-1582 Winkler Meats on

Congratulations to your continued growth & success!

Safety Products Tel: (204) 775-8208

Fax: (204) 783-1582 Phone: 204-775-8208


1418 Notre Dame Avenue Fax: 204-783-1582 1418 Winnipeg, Notre MB Dame R3EAve. 3G5

Safety Products

Account Manager

Winnipeg, MB R3E 3G5

1418 Notre Dame Avenue Winnipeg, MB R3E 3G5 BRAD SITARZ, P. Eng Account Manager Toll Free 1-877-775-8209 Toll Free 1-877-775-8209 C7

Toll Free 1-877-775-8209

WINKLER MEATS LTD. Quality first

Photo by JJ Ali Photography

Proud to provide general contracting services to Winkler Meats’ facility expansion project. 300 – 570 Centennial St. Winkler, MB R6W 1J4 Phone: 204-325-4336 Fax: 204-325-5371 Web: General Contracting ~ Commercial Construction ~ Design Build ~ Steel Buildings

“Committed to Working With You” C8

Developing, spicing and testing new products is a time-honoured skill made of one part pride, one part experience and lots of taste tests. Winkler Meats works with some of the top sausage makers and food development organizations in North America such as private company Hermann Laue Spice Company Inc. in Ontario and the Food Development Centre in Portage la Prairie. The FDC is a provincial government agency of Manitoba Agriculture, Food and Rural Initiatives with a mandate to assist the agrifoods industry in the development and commercialization of conventional and functional foods and natural health products. “Some of these specialists, it took them as long to become a professional sausage maker as a doctor, and they develop new product lines all the time,” explains the Operations Manager, referring to the Hermann Laue Spice Company Inc., which also mixes spice units for Winkler Meats’ products. All the products are developed with one main goal in mind: to make the best quality products possible, a goal that dates back to the founder and his original Farmer Sausage. “Ours is more the traditional style,” explains Dyck. “There are other Farmer Sausage on the market, but they are not old school Farmer Sausage. They’re fully cooked. A traditional Farmer Sausage is a raw smoked sausage. It’s not fully cooked, so you need to cook it at home, fry it, barbecue it or whatever. Whereas, a lot of the newer companies or the bigger companies they don’t do it that way. They make a fully cooked one, but it’s not even close to the same thing. Our Farmer Sausage is 85 to 90 per cent lean pork.” The new Heart Smart sausage exemplifies the company’s commitment to quality based on today’s growing health consciousness. The heart-healthy sausage has been certified as a Heart Smart product by the Heart and Stroke Foundation, meeting rigorous standards for acceptable levels of content including meat, spices and nutrients. The naturally-smoked mild Italian sausage came about as a result of a request by one of the large food chains and will add a unique product to Winkler Meats’ line.

Photo by JJ Ali Photography


“The new facility and equipment will streamline our processes and give us a facility that is very easy to keep sanitized and clean,” says Gould. “That should be as good news to customers as it is to us.”

tire problems?

From Big to Small We Sell and Fix Them All!

– Dickson Gould, Winkler Meats’ President “I think it’s a neat sausage, because when you think of Italian sausage, you typically think of fresh sausage,” says Bradley Toews, Director of Operations for Winkler Meats. “This has a unique Italian blend of spices, but it is a smoked sausage.” The company tested more than five blends of spices before they got it just right, offers Toews. It’s all in line with the corporate slogan: Product Quality is our Tradition, a founding philosophy and business practice of the elder Dyck. The winning philosophy has helped the company to parlay its success to where its products line the shelves of the biggest retailers.


PH. 204-325-4331


PH. 204-324-9898



Management and staff at Winkler Meats Ltd.  Photo by JJ Ali Photography

Expansion As a self-sufficient processing plant with its own abattoir, Winkler Meats slaughters sows for use in its own products, but it also does some custom slaughter for eastern markets interested in exotic meats like bison, elk and wild boar and individuals who sell some of their products locally. While the abattoir is sufficient for its present-day needs, as demand grew

for its processed meat products, the company has had to expand the processing side of its plant several times to produce more product and was on the verge of another expansion this summer, including the addition of new Germanmade, state-of-the-art MAURER-ATMOS Smokehouses. These will be able to accommodate more product at any one time than the current smokehouses and are so efficient

Congratulations to Winkler Meats on your continued success!


204-822-3294 • Furnaces / Boilers • Water Heaters C10

• Air Conditioning • Heat Pumps

they will be able to increase the company’s all-over production capacity by up to 40 per cent, says Toews. The meats will still be made with the company’s superior natural smoke method, but they will be smoked by a more efficient wood system than the wood chips used in the current smokehouses. Referred to as friction smokehouses, the new smokehouses incorporate a wheel that rubs against a wood post to create the smoke. The MAURER-ATMOS Smokehouses will also offer customers another assurance of clean safe product because processes are self-contained and the meats require less handling by people. “One thing we’re doing is trying to increase our product segregation and in-process flow,” says Toews. “We’re putting in what I call flow-through segregation smokehouses. What it means is that the raw product comes in one side of the smokehouse, and when it’s cooked, it goes out the other side. It’s one less place where you risk

cross-contamination between your raw product and your cooked product. That’s important because it’s the cooked, ready-to-eat product that has the highest risk of cross contamination.” The MAURER-ATMOS Smokehouses are distributed by Ontario-based Canada Compound, which works with food processors in a variety of ways. Frank Isaak, Manager of Plant Efficiency, is convinced the new smokehouses will allow the company to maintain high quality standards that it has in place but allow them to be more efficient in producing their products. “On one sausage product where we now take about five and half hours from start to finish to cook, we hope to bring that down to about three or three and a half hours with the additional smokehouses.” Isaak describes the various stages of the smoking process: “The sausages currently go through a ripening or reddening program. Your product is coming in here at basically 5 or 6 C, then the sausages can go into four or five different racks. The first step is basically to even out the temperature of the products,” he continues. “Then they go into the drying, and that will vary according to the product: the diameter of the product, consistency and how it’s made. So, you’ll dry the product to a tacky consistency. The temperature and humidity have to be at a certain point. Then, you have to apply smoke at the right time,” says Isaak. “With our Farmer Sausage, we want a nice red colour before we smoke, but if you have too much humidity, you’ll have a dark colour before you put your smoke on. And then you put your smoke on, and that can vary from a half hour to two hours, but with our new smokehouses, that will be shortened.” Distributing the products is done in a variety of ways. Winkler Meats has a refrigerated truck and a driver that it manages to keep busy hauling products to distribution facilities. However, some companies pick up their products at the Winkler plant, while others simply contract with carriers that have refrigerated units to pick up their meats for them at Winkler Meats. With new products and new facilities on the horizon, this is an exciting time for the plant, staff and customers who have come to trust and enjoy the many products of Winkler Meats. 

Photo by JJ Ali Photography


119 Franklin St. Uxbridge ON L9P 1J5

Phone: 905-852-5100 Fax: 905-852-1113

Congratulations to Winkler Meats on your facility expansion from your friends at Hela Spice Canada Inc. C11

Photo by JJ ali Photography

Winkler’s Meats is pleased to announce the expansion of Manitoba’s only federally-inspected beef and bison processing facility.

P.O. Box 759, Stn. Main, 270 George Ave., Winkler, MB R6W 4A8

Phone: 204-325-9593

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Rainbow Trailers Quality trailers stand the test of time BY GLORIA TAYLOR


ith their wooden decks, sturdy painted steel or aluminum frames and scientific engineering, Rainbow Trailers’ products are workhorses on construction jobs where products have to be hauled, on winter outings carrying snowmobiles or on the highway carrying trucks and cars. The uses are endless, and the Cartwright, Manitoba-based designer/manufacturer has a trailer for just about every job. With an estimated majority market share in Western Canada, the trailers are sent across the country to dealers from Ontario to British Columbia; from the northern United States to the Northwest Territories. They are sold through a network of more than 50 dealers, a network that the company has just expanded eastward with the addition of two new Ontario sellers and the expectation that others will be added in Quebec before the end of the year.


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Founded in 1989, Rainbow Trailers began strictly as a dealership, but the company’s founder Roger Penner began to design and manufacture his own trailers after he became unhappy with the price and quality of the trailers he was importing from United States’ manufacturers, explains General Manager Jeff Doerksen. “In 1991, we started building our own trailers,” says Doerksen. “Early products consisted of horse carriers, numerous utility trailers, snow machine trailers and golf cart trailers. They would have been all-steel trailers and definitely not as many kinds as we offer now,” he adds. It was a far cry from today’s wide-ranging inventory that has grown to include an expanding new line of aluminum-frame trailers and a new versatile steel-frame dump trailer.


“Our network of dealers is the backbone of our success. We can support them in a wide variety of ways starting by supplying very good products to joint marketing plans to supporting them with co-op advertising to name a few.” – Jeff Senebald, Vice-President, Operations The Progressive Group

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Rainbow Trailers has different classes and types of trailers EXPRESS. This class is built with value and economy but features quality workmanship. Standard features may include D.O.T. compliant lights, bias ply tires mounted on spoke rims, A-Frame jack, removable fenders (tandem axle models), non lift primer with an enamel top coat and silver graphics. EXCURSION. Standard quality features may include rubber mounted lights, radial tires on a mod rim, front bump-rail, side mount flip up jack, high build epoxy stone guard, two-part epoxy primer for rust protection, removable teardrop fenders and pewter graphics. SUMMIT. Top quality trailers in this class come with all the standard features and most of the popular options of the Excursion combining ultimate workmanship and components. The standard features of the Summit include: L.E.D. lights, rubrail welded to the stake pockets along the side, two-part epoxy primer with poly urethane top coat.

Types include: • • • • • • • •

Utility Snowmobile Car and equipment Tilting Deck above Enclosed Dump Aluminum

Only the best The company grew organically by responding to the market and focused on producing a better trailer. The company’s slogan: Simply the best! became a pledge to customers that only quality workmanship would carry the Rainbow Trailers’ logo; on the plant floor, it became a commitment to better manufacturing techniques. “Seal-tight wiring that guards against rain, snow and ice, floor decking that is painted and the use of jigs to create strong frames go into our trailers,” points out Rudy Doerksen, Partner in the company. Doerksen also heads up the company’s manufacturing processes and is a key member of the research and development team. It is the team that decides what a new product should look like, says Doerksen. Members develop a prototype and then take it to an outside firm for engineering. Load testing is done at the plant and strength testing at an engineering lab at the University of Manitoba. After design and development, work begins in the cut shop where the frame components are cut to size. Pieces are welded and sandblasted and the intact frame fitted with its new axles before being wired, planked and painted. One of the most outstanding qualities of the company’s trailers is the frame and cross-member design of the structure. The advantage of using channel and/or I-Beam is that they have a high ability to flex. Tubing frames are rigid and more likely to break or crack under stress. The company’s enclosed/ sealed wiring and the fact that all trailers are sandblasted before

Rainbow Trailers is NATM-certified for compliance to DOT standards.


EDMOND & ASSOCIATES Conveniently located at Grant Park Shopping Centre Mezzanine In Office 204 with lots of free parking

Fax No.: (204) 452-5989 Telephone No.: (204) 452-53l4 Mailing Address: 204 – 1120 Grant Avenue, Winnipeg, Manitoba R3M 2A6



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Proud to be Partners in the Continuing Success of Rainbow Trailers Inc.

Winnipeg Head Office 150 McPhillips St. Phone: 204-772-9476

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Thompson Branch 217 Hayes Rd. Phone: 204-778-8838

• Largest Independent Distributor of compressed gases and welding supplies in Western Canada • Exclusive provider of Microbulk gas delivery – saving you time, money, and space ( products/gases/microbulk.htm) • The only gas supplier providing Advanced Cylinder Management – a digital cylinder tracking solution that controls your cylinder inventory and saves you money • Manitoba’s only authorized Lincoln Electric warranty service provider, and the largest Miller and Hypertherm service facility in Manitoba

Industrial Tapes and Adhesives Subsidiary of Welders Supplies Limited

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says Doerksen proudly, adding that satis- garbage off their construction sites,” says fied customers have little need to resort Doerksen. Another new product, an enclosed to warranties. aluminum trailer, holds great promise – not only for added sales on the enclosed New products In 2007, ownership changed hands when trailer – but as the start of a whole new The Progressive Group, consisting of prin- line of aluminum trailers. Why aluminum? cipals Dickson Gould, Jeff Senebald and “We are seeing a shift or demand in the Brock Campbell, in addition to private shareholder Rudy Doerksen, purchased market for lighter trailers (up to 30 per Rainbow Trailers. With new management cent lighter) due to higher fuel prices,” came changes and some exciting new says Doerksen. Like steel, the rust-resistant aluminum frames can be painted but products. One is a steel-frame Heavy Duty need not be. Buyers will pay a premium for the Dump Trailer that the company added to its line. This makes it easier for owners aluminum frame products, but they can to discharge their loads thanks to the expect to recoup those costs and more fact the deck can be tipped by up to 45 in fuel savings throughout the life of the trailer, says the GM. “They are probably degrees. “We designed those in the beginning of going to run from seven to 10 per cent 2009 basically to meet market demand,” more in price than the steel in the equivasays the GM. “People like construc- lent size,” says Doerksen. Owners will also enjoy the benefit of tion guys were looking for a trailer that could haul dirt, construction materials, being able to pull the aluminum trailers with smaller vehicles. The company was planning to follow up quickly by launching its second aluminum product before snowfall, a snow machine trailer, and is looking at expanding its promising aluminum line one new Rainbow Trailers on over 15 years in product at a time. Sheldon Kirk, Sales and Purchasing business and continued success Manager, has high hopes for the new aluminum line, which he says will be a great addition to the company’s products. 227 Vernon Rd. “We will not stop making the steel-frame Winnipeg, MB R3J 2W1 trailers, which make up a major share of Phone: 204-888-9908 the market in Canada, but our aluminum Fax: 204-888-9916 trailers will be able to compete with the

painting further demonstrate the quality design of a Rainbow Trailer. Rainbow trailers are manufactured in precision jigs, unlike many others. What it means is that the structure is accurately square, ensuring precise axle alignment for better towing. The jigs also make the manufacturing process more efficient. The manufacturing process finishes with the installation of the lights and decals. Today, the Rainbow Trailers’ name is well regarded in the industry, says Doerksen, and the company continues to build on its high-quality product lines. In the last analysis, it is the customer who defines success for Rainbow Trailers, and consumers have spoken volumes just by their response (or, more precisely, lack of response) to the company’s five-year warranty program. “We are part of a benchmarking group in the industry, and our warranty rates are among the lowest in the country,”

Congratulations to


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“We are part of a benchmarking group in the industry, and our warranty rates are among the lowest in the country.” – General Manager Jeff Doerksen aluminum trailers that are made in the United States and customers love them.” Rainbow Trailers’ biggest seller this summer was the car and equipment hauler followed by utility trailers. Rainbow Trailers is also expanding its markets by adding dealers, and Kirk is proud of his company’s efforts in this area. Eight new dealerships were added this summer, two of which are situated in Ontario. It’s part of an eastern Canada push that the company expects will also include Quebec next. Kirk says the company takes care to protect its dealers by offering them an area sufficient in size to protect against the kind of intense competition that could result from two dealerships being located next door to each another. “We don’t want them side by side,” says Jeff Senebald. Senebald lauds the dealerships for the important role they play. “Our network of dealers is the backbone of our success,” he says. “We can support them in a wide variety of ways starting by supplying very good products to joint marketing plans to supporting them with co-op advertising to name a few.” The Manitoba company is also undertaking a local push to make the Rainbow Trailers brand as popular in its home province as it is throughout Western Canada, which has proved to be the strongest demographic for sales, adds Senebald. One strategy has been to welcome Penner Trailers of Winnipeg as a recent dealer-partner. Customers at this outlet will find excellent information and advice from an unusually knowledgeable dealer at Penner Trailers in Winnipeg, one of two sites operated in Manitoba by Penner Trailers. The other Penner Trailers outlet is in Steinbach, Manitoba. More than just the trailers, Rainbow Trailers is on the move these days.


Quickbite™ dual jaw locking coupler Complete line of cargo entry doors

Equaflex™ rubbarized equalizer

Complete line of towable axles

Complete line of radius style windows and access doors

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Our trailers are known for their superior quality all around

One of the most outstanding qualities is the frame and cross-member design and structure. The advantage of using channel and/or I-Beam is that they have a high ability to flex. Tubing frames are rigid and more likely to break or crack under stress. Our enclosed/sealed wiring and the fact that all trailers are sandblasted before painting further demonstrate the quality design of a Rainbow Trailer. Unlike many trailer manufacturers, which build their trailers on the floor, Rainbow trailers are manufactured in precision jigs. The jigs ensure that every Rainbow trailer is square and true and ensures precise axle alignment. That’s why Rainbow trailers consistently tow better. In addition to improving quality, the jigs also make the manufacturing process more efficient. As a result, when you purchase a Rainbow trailer, you not only get a better trailer, you also get better value.

Rainbow Trailers Inc. ��� Broadway St., Box ���, Cartwright, MB R�K �L� Phone: ���-���-�����Fax: ���-���-�����Web:

Iceberg Cold Storage Limited celebrates a quarter century


Iceberg Cold Storage Limited

President and CEO Ruth Yurchak

Frozen food cold storage warehouse reaches quarter-century milestone


hen production typically slows during the winter at Winkler Meats, the Manitoba-based food processor turns to Iceberg Cold Storage Limited. “From January to April is typically a slower time for us, so we have an opportunity to store some of our pork for when it is needed in the summer,” says Warren Dyck, Manager of Plant Operations for Winkler Meats. “That’s when we turn to Iceberg Cold Storage to store some of our raw product.” The pork is used as a main ingredient in the production of Winkler Meats’ popular Farmer Sausage and a variety of other sausages and meat products made at the Winkler, Manitoba meat processing plant. Dyck says the relationship between Winkler Meats and Iceberg Cold Storage has worked well for years, offering the meat processor a convenient way to keep up with its production demands. Iceberg Cold Storage Limited is celebrating 25 years of offering cold-storage to a variety of producers, distributors,


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retailers, foodservice clients and processors, including Winkler Meats. “Our clients enjoy a competitive advantage over their competitors, because of our attention to detail, our hands-on approach and fast turnaround of goods,” says Ruth Yurchak, President and CEO of Iceberg Cold Storage Limited. “Our customers are very happy with our service, as we can offer one-hour service where our competitors require at least 48-hours’ notice to release their goods,” adds Yurchak. “You may not think that this is helpful but ask a retail giant, where a flyer indicated a sale on a particular item and they have no product at the store. We do not ask why; we just ask how we can help.” Iceberg Cold Storage Limited stores a wide variety of frozen foods – from meats, poultry, bison, seafood to ingredients, vegetables, entrées to desserts – for manufacturers and processors, producers, retail stores, foodservice, distributors, importers and exporters for a variety of end uses. Clients may store their

ICEBERG COLD STORAGE LTD. goods for retail stores that want to meet increased demand during the holidays, while others may store ingredients that are ultimately sent to processing plants to be made into other products, such as the case with Winkler Meats’ pork. “Some manufacturers and processors may store their goods at our warehouse to build inventory to required levels for assembly of individual orders to ship to retail stores, distributors or foodservice clients,” claims Yurchak. “We also assist importers with storage or handling of frozen commodities, which in turn may be shipped to specialty grocery markets and restaurants.” Iceberg Cold Storage Limited is registered with the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) which allows them to import and export frozen foods, meats and seafood globally. They are HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point) and European Union (EU) approved. “Being registered allows our clients the comfort of knowing that their goods are being monitored 24-7 with food safety in mind at all times. We are the eyes and ears of our clients,” explains the President. “We go the extra mile in building partnerships.” When it comes to exporting, their clients can rest assured that the company’s attention to detail, by ensuring that all regulatory requirements are met prior to the load being assembled, is key to a successful shipment and a happy customer. Iceberg Cold Storage is strategically located within five minutes of Winnipeg James Armstrong Richardson International Airport and in between major truck Route 90 North and South in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. An “inland port” called CentrePort began construction on June 18, 2010 on 20,000 acres of land located near to the Winnipeg James Armstrong Richardson International Airport. CentrePort will take advantage of its location in Winnipeg as the geographical centre of North America and its alliance with Canada’s Asia-Pacific Gateway and Corridor Initiative to leverage major intermodal and transportation trade systems. This will allow faster more efficient access to the North American marketplace. “Because of our location, our licensing and our attention to detail, we may be of assistance to Canadian or foreign companies looking to explore new opportunities for global trade,” states Yurchak. Looking back, she marvels at all the changes the last quarter of a century has brought the frozen food warehousing industry. “It went from local small clients requesting overflow storage, to assembly of orders, to just-in time deliveries, to receiving imports of new products for furtherance to Canadian markets and small

local clients, then requesting export service for furtherance globally,” she explains. “Twenty-five years ago we put the open-for-business message out and grew a business. We not only built a business, we fostered business opportunities for our clients. It has been an exciting and challenging time, and I am glad that I have been a part of it.” Of course, none of it would have been possible without the great employees whom she credits with her firm’s success. “Over the years, we have had wonderful loyal employees who worked hard and went the extra mile for our clients.” That open-forbusiness message is stronger than ever, as Iceberg Cold Storage Limited explores growth opportunities. In closing, whatever the forces that affect the industry, the CEO is convinced the future is looking bright for Iceberg Cold Storage Limited as it embarks upon the next 25 years.

Stewardship is an important cause for Lawton Partners and we proudly support charities and programs that help improve the quality of life in Manitoba.

Congratulations to Iceberg Cold Storage Ltd. on your 25th Anniversary

We are proud to have been associated with Iceberg Cold Storage Ltd. for 25 years and we wish them continued success! CONTACT: Roger Wight, Partner Tel. (204) 956-3559 Email: 2500 – 360 Main Street Winnipeg, MB R3C 4H6 Business & Trade Magazine®


Iceberg Cold Storage Limited is a public frozen food cold storage warehouse located in the heart of North America. Trust, professionalism, experience, teamwork and the flexibility to handle the most prestigious brands is what we are all about.

��� Bradford St., Winnipeg, MB R�H �N� Phone: ���-���-�����Fax: ���-���-���� Email:

Around Canada Buffalo Wild Wings expands to Ontario Minneapolis, MN – Wings. Beer. Sports. The company that has turned that simple concept into one of the top 10 fastest-growing restaurant chains in the U.S. has a hunch that those three words will resonate with Canadians as well. Buffalo Wild Wings Grill & Bar announced recently in a news release that it intends to expand into the Canadian marketplace with a five-year plan that will see more than 50 company-owned and franchised restaurants open across the country. Southern Ontario will be home to the first two locations slated for spring 2011, including the corner of Taunten Road and Harmony Road in Oshawa, and a second location in Mississauga. An additional 30 sites in Ontario are planned, and locations are currently being scouted. The company is looking to also expand to British Columbia, Alberta, Manitoba and Saskatchewan as part of its five-year plan. Following this, Buffalo Wild Wings says it will head east toward Quebec and the Maritimes. “The Buffalo Wild Wings experience is truly unique from our always-fresh, never-frozen wings to our signature sauces and our true passion for sports. We believe Canadians’ passion for sports and chicken wings is a great fit for us and is ideal for our first international location,” says Sally Smith, Buffalo Wild Wings President and CEO. “We have significant growth plans for this market and feel that Canadians are ready for the great food and fun, social atmosphere that we offer.” The U.S. operation of Buffalo Wild Wings has experienced incredible growth increasing its footprint from 35 to 680 stores in the last 12 years. The expansion will add over 3,500 jobs to Canada with each restaurant

Buffalo Wild Wings Grill & Bar intends to expand into Canada with more than 50 company-owned and franchised restaurants.

looking to hire between 50 to 75 employees. Recruitment for restaurant managers is already underway and a job fair is expected to be announced in the coming months. Like sports? The restaurants have become the place to watch sporting events in the U.S. From kick-off, tip-off or the first drop of the puck through overtime, guests enjoy great food and a wide selection of beers surrounded by an extensive multimedia system with more than 40 large high definition televisions and eight big screens. Each Buffalo Wild Wings restaurant is a neighborhood destination with a unique design in 5,700 square feet that seats approximately 300 guests in typically a free-standing building.

All locations will offer the restaurant’s namesake: true Buffalo, New York-style chicken wings. Buffalo Wild Wings offers the highest quality, fresh, never frozen wings; 14 flavorful signature sauces, four dry wing seasonings and a full menu of burgers, appetizers and flatbreads, all designed to easily share with friends. As a tribute to its new Canadian hosts, the company will serve Canadian beers, including local craft brews, and a honey garlic sauce, an option not currently available in the U.S. operations The Canadian operation, BWLD Canada LP, is a wholly owned subsidiary of Buffalo Wild Wings Inc. which operates out of Minneapolis, Minnesota. The company is listed on NASDAQ as BWLD. Business & Trade Magazine®


Around Canada Wayne Unger new CSTA president Ottawa, Ont. – Wayne Unger of Winnipeg, Man. has been elected to serve as the 60th President of the Canadian Seed Trade Association. Unger, who is the Vice-President of Forage and Turf Sales for BrettYoung Seeds, was elected by the Board of Directors at CSTA’s Annual Meeting in Kelowna, B.C., according to a company news release. In his acceptance speech, Unger said that during his term as President of CSTA, he wants to emphasize the “T” in CSTA: “If you look through the supply chain of almost every crop grown in Canada, either the crop or a value added segment of that crop is exported. Trade is important to you. Sometimes we are tempted to just try to protect our markets, but I can tell you that the only way for us to truly ‘protect’ our markets is to be as competitive as possible,” he stated. “We need the best people, the best genetics, the best tools, and open access to all market opportunities in the world. Open trade is the number one strategic priority for CSTA, and as the 2010-11 President, I hope to help the Board and staff work towards that priority for all CSTA members.” Stephen Denys of Pride Seeds in Chatham Ont. was elected to the Executive Committee as Second VicePresident. Jeff Bertholet of BASF in Saskatoon, Kevin McCallum of DL Seeds in Morden and Kurth Shmon of Imperial Seeds in Winnipeg were elected to serve three-year terms on CSTA’s Board of Directors.

Record year for Ridley Terminals Prince Rupert, BC /CNW Telbec/ – Ridley Terminals Inc. (RTI) is on course to set a record for product handling this year, Hon. Rob Merrifield, minister of state (transport), along with Bud Smith, interim chairman of Ridley Terminals Inc., announced in a news release. Results for the first two quarters of 2010 indicate that the corporation is on its way to achieving record throughput volumes of bulk products, particularly coal, over the entire year. “Our government is committed to ensuring RTI’s continued long-term 52

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Wayne Unger.

operation and prosperity in a way that supports Canada’s economic objectives,” said Minister Merrifield. “Due to this government’s decision to operate the terminal in a commercial manner, RTI is in the best financial shape it’s been in years, and we fully expect the success to continue.” “RTI’s mandate to operate in a commercial manner informs a discipline to derive full value from our services,” said Mr. Smith. “We expect to remain in a position to respect these operating principles in the long-term.” Year-to-date figures up to June 2010 show that RTI has handled 3.9 million tonnes of bulk products moving through the terminal, 3.3 million tonnes of which were coal. The corporation operates as a commercial entity from the revenues received from the terminal’s bulk shipping activities. The government’s expectation is that RTI will charge market rates to support its ongoing business needs. “Under this board’s leadership, RTI has become a great success, not only

financially, but also through its ongoing commitment to partnering with First Nations to increase the participation of those communities in economic activity generated at RTI,” added Minister Merrifield. Ridley Terminals Inc. is a federal Crown corporation that operates a bulk-handling terminal for the efficient and reliable movement of coal and other bulk commodities from trains onto ships, on land leased from the Prince Rupert Port Authority. The Government of Canada sets the broad policy direction of Ridley Terminals Inc. while respecting its operational autonomy. Planned capital expenditures In 2010, RTI plans to upgrade the facility and its equipment in order to grow its business and improve use of its assets. The corporation will acquire a new ship-loading cab and a dedicated wood pellet ship-loading chute. It will also replace one of two aging D9 dozers and begin an extensive structural repair and specialized painting program.

Around Canada Cargojet wins Shippers Choice Award Mississauga, Ont. /CNW/ – Cargojet is pleased to announce that it has once again been awarded the Shipper’s Choice Award by Canadian Transportation and Logistics magazine, a leading industry publication. Cargojet surpassed shipper expectations in the total Industry Sector Average and particularly in the key areas of On-time Performance, Customer Service, Quality of Equipment & Operations, Competitive Pricing, and Leaders in Problem Solving. Cargojet’s total 2009 aggregate score was 156.83, which was measured against the overall 2010 benchmark of excellence of 141.88. Cargojet is the only Canadian Air Cargo carrier to receive this honour for the eighth year. “Cargojet continues to exceed the expectations of our customers by delivering a premium product into the North American marketplace. Our on time performance levels continue to exceed 98.7 per cent and this award is a result of the dedication and loyalty of our professional team, consisting of over 500 team members, who are the driving force of Cargojet,” states Ajay Virmani, President & CEO in a company release. Cargojet is Canada’s leading provider of time sensitive overnight air cargo services. Cargojet operates its network across North America, transporting over 750,000 pounds of time sensitive air cargo each business night, utilizing a fleet of 13 all-cargo aircraft.

Companies team for wind projects Vancouver, BC /CNW/ ­– Finavera Renewables Inc. (TSX-V: FVR) is pleased to announce it has entered into a project development partnership with GE Energy, a business unit of GE. Under the terms of the Joint Development Agreement, GE will provide Finavera Renewables with project development funding up to $7.5 million for the company’s Peace Region wind projects. Following an extensive suitability analysis by Finavera, GE shall also be the preferred wind turbine supplier for those projects. The development funding will be repaid at each respective project’s

Cargojet won the Shipper’s Choice Award for the eighth year.

financial close and does not impact Finavera’s equity position in the projects. GE Energy has co-developed thousands of megawatts of wind projects in North America and that expertise will be applied to this partnership in order to deliver high return projects on time and on budget. “We are extremely excited to be working with GE Energy on the development of these wind projects,” states Finavera Renewables CEO Jason Bak in a news release. “This partnership combines Finavera’s exceptional wind projects with GE Energy’s outstanding technical experience to produce a team that will ensure the success of these projects. This deal significantly enhances our ability to move our projects to construction and grow our wind portfolio over the next several years.”

Kiewit/Aecon awarded $1.7 billion hydro contract Toronto, Ont. /CNW/ – Aecon Group Inc. has announced that its infrastructure division has partnered with Peter Kiewit Sons Co. for a $1.7 billion design build contract awarded by Ontario Power Generation for the construction of the Lower Mattagami Hydroelectric Complex, about 70 km northeast of Kapuskasing. Under the agreement, Aecon holds a 20 per cent interest in the construction

joint venture that will redevelop four generating stations on the Mattagami River, according to the venture’s news release. Completion of this project is expected in 2015. “This is an important project and we are committed to working safely, and completing the work on time, and on budget,” says Teri McKibbon, CEO of Aecon Infrastructure.”We are very pleased to be partnered with Kiewit, a company acknowledged as a world class leader in hydro development projects.” Aecon Group Inc. is Canada’s largest, publicly-traded construction and infrastructure development company. Aecon and its subsidiaries provide services to private and public sector clients throughout Canada and on a selected basis internationally. Aecon is pleased to be recognized as one of the 50 Best Employers in Canada as published by Report on Business Magazine. Peter Kiewit Sons Co. is the Canadian construction arm of the Kiewit Construction Company (KCC), a diversified, employee owned contracting corporation operating throughout North America and internationally. KCC has been in business since 1884 and ranks among the largest and most successful construction companies in North America.  Business & Trade Magazine®





ecent economic news reveals that world trade is on the upswing and Canada’s major ports are getting ready. The World Bank predicts that global trade will increase by more than 20 per cent this year. World shipping volume is expected to hit nine per cent growth this year, according to Global Insight. While Port Metro Vancouver experienced a double-digit decline in total cargo in 2009, the Port Authority is looking at a five per cent rebound this year. As North America’s fourthlargest port and Canada’s largest, it still moves over 115 million tonnes of cargo. Over the next 10 years however container traffic through the continent’s West Coast is expected to more than double. At the Port of Prince Rupert, total throughput increased by 15 per cent to 12.2 million tonnes in 2009. The Port of Nanaimo also recorded an increase in total cargo last year and is investing $22 million in a new cruise ship facility to add to its core business. Port Alberni also saw a slight increase in cargo in 2009 – primarily with lumber and logs. On the Great Lakes, the Hamilton Port Authority felt the pinch from the closure of two steel manufacturers, leading to a decline in cargo of 25 per cent to 8.4 million tonnes.

However, to date the Port of Hamilton is on track to climb back to over 12 million tonnes with the steel markets rebounding. The Thunder Bay Port Authority cargo volume dropped to 7.3 million tonnes from 8.1 in 2008. But for 2010, the port is on the uptick with grain exports leading the way along with potash and forest products. The Port of Toronto saw a decrease from 2 million tonnes to 1.6 million in 2009, but increased sugar, salt and concrete will show improvements this year. The Windsor Port Authority is rebounding to its normal volume this year and The Port of Oshawa will see an increase in 2010. The St. Lawrence ports experienced declines in 2009, but early results are most encouraging with the Port of Montreal up 11 per cent in the first quarter of the year. All the ports in Quebec are making infrastructure investments to prepare for the expected growth in traffic,

including Quebec, Trois-Rivieres and Saguenay Port Authorities. A $100-million investment was completed in June by Consolidated Thompson Iron Mines with shipments expected to grow and be back on track for in excess of 20 million tonnes. In Atlantic Canada, St. John’s, Halifax, Saint John and Belledune Port Authorities are making strategic infrastructure investments. This past year will see the 17 Port Authorities invest more than $400 million in new infrastructure. This is in addition to the projects undertaken by port tenants such as terminal operators. Canada’s ports are getting ready to be the port of call for traffic from 160 countries around the world. They will have to be ready if Canada is to sustain its prosperity via trade (on which 40 per cent of its GDP depends) and as Canada signs new free trade agreements with countries like the European Union. 

Gary LeRoux is the Executive Director of the Association of Canadian Port Authorities, the national voice of the country’s port authorities. The ACPA is the pre-eminent association for the advocacy and advancement of the Canadian port industry. The views expressed here are those of the author and not necessarily of Business & Trade Magazine. 54

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West End Radiators

Arnold (from left), Peter and Wayne Feeleus on the shop floor.

West End Radiators Radiator manufacturer charts 50 years of growth with niche market products and customer excellence By Gloria Taylor


hen the Feeleus family of Winnipeg, Manitoba wanted to grow their newly-purchased radiator service company in 1980, they grew organically by responding to the marketplace one need at a time. Service stations graced nearly every major intersection of the city in the early 1980s, and new owners Leonard Feeleus and sons Arnold and Peter picked up one vehicle radiator at a time, repaired or replaced it for the service stations that in those days provided automobile and truck repair service along with gas, and returned a serviceable radiator to the station. “Picking up stuff for nothing really burns you, but that’s how we started out by figuring out how to fix them and recore them,” says Peter. But it didn’t take the family long to realize that repairing or replacing larger radiators such as those used in trucks or construction equipment would be a quicker way for the company to make money than the one-off, small radiator pick-up-and-


Business & Trade Magazine®

delivery service, and the owners focused on and encouraged business on the larger products. That foresight paid off when the corner garages began closing down as vehicle repair became more specialized thanks to onboard computers and other changes, and clients headed to dealerships. “The way those corner garages were closing down, the jobs were getting few and far between and there wasn’t much money on those jobs anyway,” comments Arnold, the eldest of three Feeleus brothers who own the company today and the firm’s President. By this time however, the owners had diversified, welcoming individual automobile owners to their doorstep for radiator work (no job was too small) and encouraging fleet services to also become customers. Growth became a steady progression founded in strong problem-solving skills, an outstanding work ethic and a great can-do attitude that positioned the company solidly in niche market services and products – a formula for success that distinguishes the company today.


Arnold Lesko, radiator technician, solders a radiator in the West End Radiators shop.

Business & Trade Magazine速


West End Radiators

Skilled staff help to keep West End Radiators successful.

Initiative and drive As word spread about West End Radiators’ excellent work and products, new clients came and stayed because they liked the pricing and services the company offered. In one instance, a fleet owner called for a quote on a job, recalls the President. The owner accepted the company’s quote, then continued to work with West End Radiators for the next 30 years. “Much of our work is from word of mouth,” says Arnold, but the company does routinely visit fleet owners to solicit new business. A strong work ethic and the lure of a challenge provided a strong foundation in those early days and is still a driving force in the company. “We don’t say no to much, even if it’s something we haven’t done before,” says Arnold. “Bring it in and we’ll figure it out. We’ll deal with it.” That great spirit helped the family move forward steadily over the next 30 years with a number of new initiatives as the opportunities presented themselves. Ten years ago, the company built a 10,000-square-foot plant next door to the one they occupied and eventually equipped it for radiator core manufacturing. Along the way, West End Radiators acquired no fewer than three of their competitors’ businesses and the owners unleashed a raft of new services. These included air conditioning and charge air coolers commonly used in large equipment, just two of many services that the company offers today. It acquired Gary Radiators about 2.5 years ago; Radcores of Manitoba 1.5 years ago, and Chevrier Radiator last December, a company that did the bulk of the industrial radiator business 58

Business & Trade Magazine®

Willie Wieler checks out some stock.

West End Radiators

in Manitoba at one time. One of the main reasons for the acquisitions has been for the people. “We’ve added some great people over the past couple of years,” says Wayne. “By joining forces with other small radiator shops we achieve a true ‘win-win.’ We get great experienced people and they get to work in a newer cleaner, healthier work environment and get to take some holidays as well. It’s hard for a small business owner with one or two employees to take any time off.” West End Radiators also grew when youngest brother Wayne Feeleus joined the company in 2002. Armed with an agriculture degree and sales experience, Wayne has proved an asset for his marketing and sales abilities. A major step forward came in 2004, when the brothers decided to manufacture their own radiator cores. At the time, Winnipeg had only two core manufacturers servicing all of the radiator shops, including West End Radiators. “We wanted to be different than our competitors so we opted to manufacture our own products,” comments Wayne. “Having our own equipment and being able to service our customers within one day is a great feeling. We just couldn’t get that kind of service out of those other manufacturers. That’s part of the reason they aren’t in business anymore.” Because the company prides itself on its strong service and its ability to find solutions to a broad spectrum of radiator problems, it focused on producing radiator cores that were difficult or impossible to find. Identifying and servicing that niche market demand became just the right formula for growth and sustainable revenues. Business & Trade Magazine®


West End Radiators


West end RadiatoRs on your th



3519 Main St. | West St. Paul

953.2977 HOME | AUTO | BUSINESS | LIFE 60

“It was a long struggle and I thought of quitting many times, but I’m glad that we stuck with it.” – Arnold Feeleus “We now sell our industrial cores to some of the other rad shops in this city and other provinces,” says Wayne. Because large overseas firms were flooding the market with high-volume, low markup radiators, West End Radiators concentrated on helping clients with special radiator needs rather than compete with the low-cost radiators. “We do short-run more niche stuff,” says Arnold. “Whereas the construction equipment manufacturer may have only made 50 of a certain type of machine in the whole world, if they need a radiator, not everybody stocks that radiator,” he adds. “And that’s the market that we serve.” West End Radiators also became a dealer for other top-of-the-line manufacturers’ products including charge air coolers, oil coolers and air conditioning

Business & Trade Magazine®

Middlechurch West End rad ad.indd 1

9/1/10 3:21:29 PM

parts. “We try hard to stock products that are as good or better than original equipment,” says Arnold.

Strength in diversity As the principals of West End Radiators enjoy the very special milestone of the 50th anniversary – 30 years in business for the Feeleus family – they are definitely the go-to company in Manitoba for skilled radiator work, thanks to decades of experience. More than just an installer and service shop for radiators staffed by some of the most knowledgeable people in Manitoba, the company is the only radiator manufacturer in Manitoba. It makes mostly brass and copper radiators but does produce and stock some parts for aluminum and steel radiators for vehicles and heavy equipment.

West End Radiators

Jaye Jackson, radiator manufacturer supervisor, works at the CNC machine.

“Eighty per cent of what we do is typically dealing with fleets and commercial customers,” says Wayne, but the company won’t turn away an individual automobile owner with a problem today anymore than it did in the early years. “We service everything from a little car radiator to back-up generators for hospitals,” says Arnold. This includes radiators from trucks, heavy equipment used in construction, mining and agriculture. “We cover agriculture, forestry, construction, standby generators for hospitals and ship product throughout Western Canada,” explains Wayne. “We repair a lot, we replace a lot, each situation is different,” he adds. Fleet owners enjoy one of the chief benefits of the company’s being able to manufacture on-site: the quick turnaround time. West End Radiators aims to get the trucks repaired and back on the road the same day. “Nobody can afford to wait a day to have the parts brought in so we try to keep our shelves stocked so we have same-day turnaround,” says Wayne.

Early years Father Leonard Feeleus joined his sons in West End Radiators when the family decided to buy the existing radiator service company in 1980. Arnold recalls those days as challenging as the family

In 1995, Leonard retired, and recently a new member of the family joined the clan when Peter’s son Justin became part of West End Radiators a few years ago. The owners are also proud of their extended family, their employees, who they say represent some of the most skilled workers in their field. Some they acquired when they purchased the other radiator service companies along with their competitors’ business rosters. “Now they are working with us, and we are definitely happy to have them,” remarks Wayne. With a loyal customer base, manufacturing facilities and arguably the most knowledgeable radiator production and repair people in the industry, West End Radiators is well poised for the next 50. 

continued to build the business and make good on their financial commitment. The brothers borrowed $40,000 at 20 per cent interest, a transaction that Arnold characterizes as “a big hole.” “But we saw the opportunity there and could see potential in the business because the former owner had been turning away business,” he recalls. Nevertheless, he says candidly that there were many times over the years when he was ready to quit outright, but he is glad today that the family persevered. It wasn’t until 1995 when Arnold says, “a 4,000-pound brick lifted off me” and he felt confident enough about the business that he didn’t have to worry. “It was a long struggle and I thought of quitting many times, but I’m glad that we stuck with it.”

  Congratulations to West End Radiators on 50 Years of Success 

 

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   

···· ····

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Around the World Maersk Line cuts emissions Maersk Line will save 15,000 tonnes of fuel and reduce CO2 emissions by 45,000 tonnes each year, thanks to improvements in the design of 22 new container vessels. Maersk Maritime Technology was able to increase the vessel’s efficiency by 5.2 per cent by testing and implementing an alternate design for the bulb – a bulbous-shaped piece on the bow of the ship designed to decrease resistance as the ship moves through water. This is the second time the team at Maersk Maritime Technology has achieved significant savings from a bulb design change. “We’ve now proved twice in a row that by challenging shipyard designs and combining model tests with operational profiles, we can make major reductions in fuel consumption,” says Troels Posborg, Senior General Manager at Maersk Maritime Technology. To accomplish the design change, the advanced Maersk Ship Performance System provided a complete historical picture for different shipping routes and generated full operational profiles for the new vessels involved. Maersk Maritime Technology then designed alternate bulb designs, which were tested by The Hamburg Ship Model Basin, a leading expert in naval design. Maersk Line chose the most efficient design, which will now be implemented in the new vessels. * * * AP Møller-Maersk of Denmark and DP World of Dubai are reporting that more companies are using shipping containers to move their goods than ever before.


According to a story in the Financial Times, the two shipping lines reported an increase in container traffic, thought to be a barometer of the activity in international trade. Maersk Line reported an increase in volume on long distance routes of 13 per cent in the first half of 2010. Trips between Asia and North America were up 11 per cent, while trips to Latin America increased 18 per cent. DP World on the other hand reported an increase of about seven per cent in the first half of this year. The Australia and Americas division enjoyed volume increases of about 31 per cent. The volumes have pushed up rates for the shipping containers, a spinoff benefit for the ocean-going container vessels.

Airlines go green Seattle, WA / PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- Boeing (NYSE: BA) and American Airlines, Inc., a wholly-owned subsidiary of AMR Corp., announced in a news release the airline has exercised options for an additional 35 Next-Generation 737-800s. The order is part of American Airlines’ ongoing fleet renewal plan, replacing MD-80s with fuel-efficient NextGeneration 737s. The 737-800 is 35 per cent more fuel efficient on a seat-mile basis than the MD-80s it will replace. “American Airlines is leveraging all the performance benefits of the Next-Generation 737 to enhance the airline’s competitive position, while providing an enhanced passenger travel experience,” states Marlin Dailey, Vice President of Sales for Boeing Commercial Airplanes. “American’s investment in additional 737s demonstrates real confidence in the 737’s technology and economics. In addition, the new interiors on its existing 737 fleet and the new 737 Boeing Sky Interior on deliveries starting in 2011 64

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will ensure American’s customers continue to enjoy an exceptional flying experience.” “The 737-800 provides additional amenities for our customers while helping to reduce our operating and fuel costs and lessen our impact on the environment,” said Virasb Vahidi, Chief Commercial Officer for American Airlines. “The 737 is a product that benefits all of American’s stakeholders and is a good fit for our current fleet renewal plans.” Famous for its extremely efficient operation, high dispatch reliability and leading performance on coast-to-coast flights, the 737-800 remains the airplane of choice for airlines wanting to take advantage of new opportunities in the market. Today’s 35 new orders build on an order for 84 737s that began arriving in 2009. American currently expects to have a total of 195 737-800s in its single-aisle fleet by the end of 2012.

Paving the road to customer satisfaction for 30 years

Our Quality Policy Tereck Diesel and all its management and staff are committed to providing our customers with the highest levels of quality services and products available in today’s competitive marketplace. Using trained, skilled and focused staff, Tereck Diesel will consistently strive to meet and exceed both the needs and requirements of our customers.

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Hodgson Custom Rolling Inc. services a wide variety of industries in the ENERGY SECTORS of hydro, petro chemical, atomic, gas, oil, wind, etc. in addition to those in heavy manufacturing, steel, pulp & paper, mining, marine, forestry, etc. Hodgson’s commitment to providing customers superior products and personalized professional service has earned itself a reputation for excellence, making the name HODGSON synonymous with “paramount quality and workmanship”.

HSS 16x8x1/2”

Hodgson Custom Rolling Inc. is one of North America’s largest plate rolling, forming, section rolling and fabricating companies. STRUCTURAL SECTION ROLLING HCR has the expertise to roll curved structural sections into a wide range of shapes and sizes (angle, wide flange beam, I-beam, channel, bar, tee section, pipe, tubing, rail, etc.), including flanges, support beams, gear blanks, etc. We specialize in Spiral Staircase Stringers.

PRESS BRAKE FORMING & HOT FORMING Hodgson Custom Rolling’s brake department processes all types of steel sections and plate up to 18” thick. Developed shapes such as cones, trapezoids, parabolas, reducers (round to round, square to round) etc.

PLATE ROLLING & FLATTENING Hodgson Custom Rolling specializes in the rolling and flattening of heavy plate up to 10”+ thick and up to 12 feet wide. Cylinders and segments can be rolled to diameters ranging from 10” to over 20 feet. Products made include ASME pressure vessel sections. Crane Hoist Drums, thick walled pipe, etc.

FABRICATING Hodgson Custom Rolling combines expertise in rolling, forming, assembly and welding to produce various fabrications including kiln sections, rope drums, heavy weldments, ladles, pressure vessel parts, multiple Components for Heavy Equipment applications etc.


Custom Rolling Inc.

5580 Kalar Road Niagara Falls Ontario, Canada L2H 3L1

Telephone: (905) 356-8132 Toll-free: (800) 263-2547 Fax: (905) 356-6025 E-mail: Website:


ASME ISO9001:2008 U.S. Address: M.P.O. Box 1526 Niagara Falls, N.Y. 14302 - 1526

Business & Trade Q2 2010  

Business & Trade Magazine Issue Q2 2010

Business & Trade Q2 2010  

Business & Trade Magazine Issue Q2 2010