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John Lyons TD

BALLYMUN NEWS YOUTH GUARANTEE DELIVERED FOR BALLYMUN I’m delighted that Ballymun has been selected to host one of Europe’s first Youth Guarantee Schemes. Since being elected, I have fought for extra funding to help tackle youth unemployment in Ballymun and elsewhere. This has led to Ballymun being selected to host this €300,000 scheme to help young unemployed people. Youth unemployment is a waste of potential and I’m determined to tackle it. Now this pilot scheme has been given the green light, it will give young people under 25 in Ballymun the skills and training they need to get jobs. This Youth Guarantee is about our young people, it is about new opportunities, and it is about hope for the future. I’m working hard for all our people and I will continue to stand up for Ballymun.

What is the Youth Guarantee? ■ It gives young people access to the training, education or work experience - after four months of becoming unemployed. ■ The Youth Guarantee works in other countries and is the best way to tackle youth unemployment.

John speaking on the Youth Guarantee

Congratulations to John Lyons TD and all involved in getting the Ballymun Youth Guarantee Scheme to this point.This scheme will give new opportunities to young people in Ballymun and is great news for the area.

Joan Burton TD, Minister for Social Protection

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Delivering the Youth Guarantee

Launch of the Ballymun Pilot Youth Guarantee

What does this mean for young people in Ballymun? ■ It will bring together people from the community, business and state agencies to tackle youth unemployment at a local level. ■ The pilot scheme will provide appropriate career guidance and access to quality training or education. ■ The pilot scheme will start later in the year and will benefit up to 600 young people.

Why Ballymun? ■ I worked hard to stress that Ballymun needed this Youth Guarantee. ■ Ballymun was also chosen because of the excellent Job Centre we have. It is well suited to testing a new and exciting project like the Youth Guarantee. ■ Ballymun also has a strong track record in delivering pilot schemes that influence national policy – making it an ideal location.

Who's involved? The Local Implementation Team will include the Department of Social Protection, FAS, CDVEC, Ballymun Whitehall Area Partnership, Ballymun Job Centre, North Dublin Chamber of Commerce, Ballymun for Business, EQUAL Youth, and a representative young person.


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Youth Guarantee Delivered for Ballymun  
Youth Guarantee Delivered for Ballymun  

Full information on pilot scheme announced for Ballymun Youth Guarantee Scheme, what it will mean for local young people