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LABOUR NEWS JOHN LYONS TD Dublin North West Spring 2012

BALLYMUN REGENERATION UPDATE There have been some stories recently suggesting that families would be left in the old blocks when the BRL project finishes in 2014. When these stories came out, I organised a meeting between Ballymun Regeneration Limited (BRL) and the Department of the Environment to sort out the confusion. At this meeting, the Department of the Environment confirmed to me that enough houses will be provided before 2014 to rehouse all the families still living in the old blocks. These houses will be provided out of the €60.8 million funding the Department of the Environment has given BRL to see out the project over the coming years.

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This funding is less than BRL asked for, but that’s a result of Fianna Fail making a mess of our economy and leaving us in this situation. It is up to this Government to sort out their mistakes and to meet the housing need in the area. FOCUS ON HOUSING BRL have been asked to focus on the parts of the scheme that are most important, and that's homes for the families that need them. This does not mean any corners will be cut in Ballymun. Housing is what people in Ballymun are saying to me is the most important thing right now and I agree. BRL and the Department of the Environment are prioritising housing and moving people out of the blocks. There are a number of projects under construction at the moment such as Sillogue 4 and others that will start soon like Coultry 6. These homes will house the people moving out of the blocks and will make a big difference to the housing need in Ballymun. The blocks can then be knocked down and this will help stop some of the anti-social behaviour happening around the blocks now. SOCIAL REGENERATION FUNDING I was very pleased that even in these tough times the social regeneration funding has been increased to €8.5 million. Investing in local community services and organisations is a vital part of the Regeneration Programme and this funding will have a lasting effect in Ballymun.


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GOVERNMENT COMMITMENT GIVEN TO JOHN ON BALLYMUN REGENERATION From John speaking in the Dáil on the issue of the physical and social regeneration of Ballymun; The Ballymun project of the 1960s fell approximately 10% short of total completion for various reasons, leading to many of the problems experienced in Ballymun over the years……. I appeal to the Minister of State to ensure we learn from our mistakes of the past. The last 10% is important. It is not just the icing on the cake: it is the final piece of the jigsaw which completes the project……. We must ensure that young children who grew up on what is a building site will have the facilities to allow them continue to live in a thriving and viable successful community.

Minister Jan O’Sullivan in reply; I would like to restate my commitment to the social and economic regeneration of the area, which will have to continue after the physical works are completed. In this regard, I will be looking to my Government colleagues to ensure a whole of Government approach is taken and sustained…….. I would very much like to take the Deputy up on the invitation to see the work being done in Ballymun. It is important that the project is appropriately completed so that the lives of people in the community are greatly improved. Despite the many challenges of my Department, and across Government, in terms of funding I can assure the Deputy that funding for completion of this project has been protected. I welcomed this statement from the Minister and I am working to see this commitment delivered on for the people of Ballymun. I also look forward to showing her around Ballymun in the near future.

FUTURE OF BALLYMUN Having grown up in Ballymun, I’m as eager as everyone to see the project completely properly. It was a Labour Party Minister, Brendan Howlin, who in 1997 first set up the regeneration project and I want it to be Labour in Government that delivers on the completion of Ballymun. I can say the Government is determined that there is a proper completion strategy and that everyone who has a housing need in the area will be properly housed. This is my goal for all us Ballymunners. If you would like to speak to me about any of these issues please contact me on 618 3280 or You can also drop down to me in my clinic in the Axis which is on every Monday at 10.00am except for bank holidays.

JOHN LYONS TD CONTACT: Dáil Éireann, Dublin 2


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