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GOVERNMENT JOBS INITIATIVE A CRUCIAL FIRST STEP ON THE ROAD TO RECOVERY With this jobs package, the new Government has done more in two months, to promote employment and economic recovery, than the last Government did in two years. Unemployment is not a matter of statistics. The unemployed are our neighbours, our children, and our friends. They are people who want nothing more than the opportunity to work in their own country, provide for their families, and get on with their lives. This Government is determined to do everything we can to provide those opportunities. The Jobs Initiative is but one step on the road to economic recovery, but it is an important one, and one in which, as a Labour Party TD, I am proud to have been involved.

Party Leader Eamon Gilmore TD announcing the details of the Government’s Jobs Initiative

What’s in the Jobs Plan?


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21,000 training, education and intern places VAT on tourism related good and services cut from 13% to 9% Visa Waiver Programme to apply to short stay visitors of 14 nationalities Reversal of cuts to minimum wage €30 million made available for school building works €30 million for “Better Energy – The National Upgrade Programme” to insulate homes €75 million boost for transport projects to create at least 1,000 new jobs Employer’s PRSI for workers on below €356 a week will be halved

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“It is one step of many that we will have to take as part of our economic strategy, to get people back to work” Eamon Gilmore TD, Labour Party Leader


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“The focus on tourism is spot on… Other measures, such as scrapping the dunderheaded air travel tax and targeting PRSI cuts on the lower rate, were on the money too.” Dan O’Brien, Economic Editor Irish Times, 11 May 2011

Labour’s Green Jobs plan is to be implemented with €30 million National Upgrade Programme. The scheme will streamline the existing residential insulation programmes, while creating 2,000 jobs for out-of-work construction workers. “Every euro spent by homeowners and businesses on energy efficiency, not only brings about long term energy savings, but also helps support jobs and indigenous companies,” said Labour’s Minister Pat Rabbitte.

to have a meaningful VAT “It is a sensible approach ture, rather than a very reduction of a targeted na nly.” small cut spread more thi Association of Ireland Brian Fallon, Restaurant 11 May 2011

DELIVERING THE SMART ECONOMY “BROADBAND FOR ALL BY 2012” Labour’s Minister Pat Rabbitte has hit the ground running with his commitment to ensuring all parts of rural Ireland will have access to broadband and his plans for a taskforce to extend next generation broadband across the country. The aim is to ensure that Ireland reaches an EU target

for ubiquitous basic broadband access a year ahead of the 2013 deadline. Next generation broadband is an essential component of our economic recovery. The availability of high speed broadband is crucial for business and job creation, as well as attracting outside investment.


the most Government w shameful acts perpetrated by as the last €7.65, a cut of to slash the minimum wage from €8.65 to 12 per cent. People on the minimum wag e are among th distressed and em sh burden for poor ould not have been asked to ost financially shoulder the decisions mad e by Governm financial instit ents, regulators utions. and Labour oppose d this cut toot h and nail, and election we pr during the last omised to rest ore the minim to its former le um wage vel. Under the pr Jobs Initiative, we have done ovisions of the just that. Legislation to mak already being pr e that change is epared and we that the increa hope se will come in to effect in July.

“Whilst the Govern ment themselves ca nnot create jobs, they can creat e the right condition s for business to create and sustain employ ment.” Ian Talbot, Chief Ex ecutive Chambers Ireland

ally long-term “Unemployment, especi the greatest unemployment, is one of and anything y iet threats facing this soc ced.” bra em be st that tackles it mu r, 11 May 2011 Editorial, Irish Examine


3,000 CONSTRUCTION JOBS IN THE PIPELINE THANKS TO €40M INVESTMENT IN SCHOOL BUILDINGS Labour’s Education Minister Ruairi Quinn announced that €40 million will be made available to allow schools critical building works such as special needs access, toilet facilities, roof works and window replacements. Minister Quinn said: “Before the election Labour promised that we would prioritise job creation as an issue, and we are as good as our word. “This funding will provide major

improvements to shovel ready projects in 374 schools nationwide, which I know they will welcome. Not only that, the investment will also create 2,400 direct and 480 indirect much needed jobs in the construction sector.”

21,000 TRAINING AND INTERNSHIP PLACES PROMISED This Government’s Jobs Initiative sets out an environment to support job creation in small and medium enterprises (SMEs). This is a very positive intervention to support those entrepreneurs and business people that will create jobs and rebuild our economy. New initiatives to help get lines of credit flowing include:  a partial loan guarantee scheme

will be in operation by the autumn. For every €400m that is guaranteed by the State an additional 4,500 companies can get further credit that will in turn create more than 8,000 jobs  a micro-finance fund will provide

funding for small loans to startups  improve cash flow to businesses.

From 1st July 2011, all government bodies (excluding commercial semi states) will be required to pay suppliers within 15 days of receipt of a valid invoice.

“A welcome move by the new Government towards chan ge and reform of Irish tourism.” Ryanair, 11 May 2011

Before the Election, Labour promised that in the lifetime of this Government we would provide an additional 60,000 additional education and training opportunities to help those out of work, to get back into employment. Just eight weeks into our term of office, we have already put in place the measures to deliver on 21,000 of those.  6,000 places in the FÁS Specific Skills Training

programme  5,900 places in the Higher Education Springboard

programme  3,000 places in the Back to Education Initiative programme  1,000 places in Post Leaving Cert Courses.  5,000 places on internships Labour Party Deputy Leader and Minister for Social Protection Joan Burton said: “Participants in the internship scheme will receive €50 in addition to their existing social welfare payment and they will retain all of their secondary benefits. It will provide a real alternative to people who find themselves without work.”

2,000 JOBS ON THE HORIZON THANKS TO €75M INVESTMENT IN ROADS Under the Jobs Initiative, County Councils are being provided with an additional €60m for the improvement of regional and local roads. In addition, councils in our major urban areas will be provided with €15m which will go straight into labourintensive traffic management and smarter travel projects. Labour’s Minister for Public Transport Alan Kelly said: “We brought forward ‘shovel ready’ projects that will provide stimulus to the local economy in transport and tourism. This was finance that was freed-up for jobs and would never have happened without the Labour Party being in Government. By no means is it a full solution, but a first and vitally important step towards recovery. The transport element will create approximately 1200 jobs that simply would not be there otherwise.”


YOUR LABOUR TEAM IN FINGLAS I would like to take this opportunity to introduce Cllr. Steve Wrenn as my replacement on Dublin City Council. Once elected to the Dail, my City Council seat became vacant and I am happy to endorse Steve as a very able replacement. Steve, having lived and worked in the constituency all his life, is well aware of the issues that directly affect the area and is dedicated to working with you to solve these issues. Steve joins Cllr. John Redmond and me as your Labour team in Finglas. We will all be working to improve the services provided to our constituents and to address our main issue of job creation. As you can see from this leaflet, Labour will be using every tool of the State at local and national level to get people back to work and to rebuild our economy. We look forward to meeting you and should you require any assistance or advice, please Cllr. John Redmond, John Lyons T.D. and Cllr. Steve Wrenn do not hesitate to contact us.

CUTS TO MINISTERIAL CARS TO SAVE TAXPAYER €4 MILLION The new Government has decided to cut the cost of Ministerial Transport, saving 4 million for the taxpayer. Welcoming the move, Deputy John Lyons said: “At a time when ordinary working people are under such pressure, we can no longer afford these luxuries. Past Taoisigh have now lost their Garda drivers and reforms have been made for existing Ministers which will make real savings and put the Gardai back on the streets”. Deputy Lyons concluded “ This is the sort of leadership needed to restore public faith in politics and Labour will be to the fore in changing how we do business in Ireland in the coming years.

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JOHN’S CLINICS My clinic times are as follows: Monday 10.00am Axis Theatre Ballymun (Upstairs) Monday 12.00 noon Deputy Mayor Pub (Upstairs) Meakstown Fridays at 10.00am at No. 5 Main Street Finglas (Labour Party Office) All except Bank Holidays and the month of August. Please come along to discuss any matter with me and I will do all I can to help.

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Jobs Initiative Leaflet Summer 2011  

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