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The Massena News loves Massena and shares that love through inspiration If you love Massena, you are encouraged to read the Massena News. If you hate Massena, you are strongly encouraged to read the Massena News! Anyone can love—no big deal there. To love is the normal, perfectly natural thing to do. But to hate requires much effort. And Energy. Use some of that energy to read! Why not?—what else are you going to do with all that energy? The Massena News is here for you in 2012. Everyone is invited to take advantage of our availability. It’s our 2nd straight year in a roll, going strong. Myriad citizens of Massena living here and abroad love reading it, as do many others passing through, and/or who have discovered it online and are delighted to read it via their web browser. It’s in black and white, clear as crystal. It’s positive, good news. It’s free (thanks to our sponsors—advertisers). The Massena News is definitely different. Unique. But you probably already know that. So let’s get to the point and talk about how we plan to reach readers this year and impact a change on the community. Continue Reading on page 3... Visit


Well, I’m back. I spent Christmas in NYC. That was my first Christmas in Manhattan—I didn’t think it would be as crowded as usual, but I definitely wasn’t the only one with that idea. All those people on the streets, yet the incessant screaming from my babies just blended right in with the hustle & bustle of the City. Millions on the street all communicating in different languages, dialects and accents, horns honking to communicate urgency, and my babies yelling that they want to get out of their stroller and commence to walking like everyone else. And no one is perturbed in the least by their screaming—even indoors. That’s ‘The City’. You could literally stand on the street and yell at the top of your breath “I Love You, New York!” and those words flow away like the most natural thing on earth, mixing in with all the noise and scents of the city. No passive aggressive stares, only assertiveness. Very positive. Pulsating with energy. Very upbeat. I love it! Oh I love NYC soooo much! In NYC everyone’s voice is welcome into its melting pot, respected and appreciated for its presence in the world. Absolutely, me and my family had a wonderful Christmas time. Nothing short of a perfectly beautiful experience. But that’s because we can adapt and overcome. That’s how we raise our children. I don’t get away from here just to get away. I get away for the experience and impact it has on my children, to raise them to be able to adapt to change in climates, atmosphere, ambience, cultures, and attitudes. Life is all about change and challenge. The North Country is a great place to raise children, to instill good moral values and ethics, but not to shelter them from the world. Look at all the youths that were raised here—in the end, to how many did the upbringing matter? Where’s all that good moral value? Somewhere buried underneath all that confusion and intoxication, and deeply rooted in all that innocence, it’s there, I’m sure—Yes! But does it really matter now? Not to those whom were sheltered from the ways of the world. Instead, they end up consumed by the world and spat back out in skeletal form—just the bones, man! Oh, it hurts just to see it. So now what? God forbid a sheltered youth end up behind bars with myriad vicious animals who are filled with anger, rage, and thirsty for young innocent blood. That good moral upbringing isn’t going to matter in there. Better hope they were raised with some pride as well. That’s what they’re going to need now more than ever, and some dignity! Lest their concept of humility turns into self-loathing. May God bless and have mercy on those whose parents sheltered them from the world. They were raised well, indeed, but not raised to adapt and survive in an ever changing and challenging world. New Year’s Eve, we were in Texas. Ezekiel (who turns 2 on Feb. 4), kept saying, “I’m scared.” New Year’s Eve in Texas is like Shock & Awe. Extremely patriotic, with fireworks galore and highly combustible excitement everywhere. Everyone running around yelling “Happy New Year”. It’s firecracker madness, baby. “Don’t worry, son, people are just celebrating,” I said. “Don’t be scared, Ezekiel.” I raise my children with love and challenge. In America, today, we are all being challenged. Perhaps it is a sign that God loves us, and wants us to not be afraid, but to grow and adapt to change and to take on the challenges confronting our lives. And that’s today’s news in the Massena News: “Don’t Be Scared.”

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John Lucio

The Seeker Dude

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The Massena News Edition is an independant franchise of The Local Seeker Media Group - all rights reserved John Lucio - Managing Editor Volume 2, Number 1, Jan. 20, 2012 Published in Massena, New York

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Massena News Looking Forward in 2012 - by Seeker Dude John Lucio...

EyEs forward...

The Massena News is a newspaper for lovers, not haters. No, no—I’m not saying that the other newspapers are for haters. And I am not saying to not read other newspapers. I would never suggest something irresponsible like that. (I firmly believe one should always be informed, always be vigilant, always be wise as serpents, and always read!) The Massena News is for lovers, not haters. You know…people who just want to take a moment out of their stressful life to relax and enjoy reading without anything detracted from the love rooted deep in their hearts and lingering in the back of their minds. That’s what positive energy is for, and that is the very premise behind the Massena News. Not for you to read it and weep, but to read it and leap—because you are holding the winning hand! It’s in you. It’s called love. And it’s powerful. Bigger than anything that may be trying to bring you down to ruin and despair.

Of course, the Massena News wants you to think about important things that need to be thought about, but we don’t want you to walk away feeling bad or negative afterwards. In fact, we want you to feel great, like a winner who got a full body massage after a long hard battle. Well, actually, not unlike getting a full body massage, but more like getting a full brain massage. Once feeling fully refreshed like that, it is amazing how clearly a person can see and think about what he/she sees. Realization sets in. Then, focus, determination, and a sense of direction. That’s positive energy—and it is in you. Once you set this newspaper down, you will have felt that energy in you, moving, stimulating, reminding you that you are very much alive in this world, significant, and ready to take on another day like a true champion. This is the Massena News. The news you can use. Always positive. Always uplifting. Always encouraging and reassuring. Because we all need it, now more than ever before….all nicely wrapped in a little local community newspaper, The Massena News.

s mnist u l o C Our The Massena News is thankful for our columnists who are looking forward to providing you in the year 2012 with wonderful reading material. Debra Donatto - Parenting with Love & Logic... Denise Thomas - Alternative Methods of Healing... Denise Thomas is a mother of 7: 3 beautiful girls, 3 handsome young men and one that went ahead; and a grandmother to 5 precious grandchildren. Her 20 years of experience with alternative medicine began with her personal health problems. Having exhausted the medical specialist with all they could do for her, she began the alternative route. With diet change and herbs, her health began improving within a few months. Hence, she began learning alternative methods of healing. She took a correspondence course from an experienced Iridologist and Herbalist, Jack Richardson located in Bakersfield California. She expanded her knowledge traveling to Rochester, Buffalo, Syracuse, and Pennsylvania, attending many classes with The Certified Natural Health Professionals based out of Indiana. She has read, researched and learned from many experts in the field, learning essential oil therapy and the effectiveness on the body and emotions. Courses taken at The Bach Institute, in Vermont, further expanded her knowledge. She is very knowledgeable, and an asset to the community. HERBAL-THYME operated by Denise Thomas, is located at 88 Main Street Massena. Hours of operation: Tues thru Fri: 10 to 5. Sat: 10 to 3 Phone: 315-705-2121 | Email: Services available by appt: ionic footbath, Holistic Iridology and health consultations. Also available: Quality supplements, natural cosmetics, bulk herbs and spices and quality essential oils

Debra (Donatto) and family moved to Massena this past summer after searching for the best place to raise her two children. She holds a BS in journalism from the University of Florida and spent 8 years on active duty as an Air Force television broadcaster and adjunct professor at the US Air Force Academy. Over the years, Debra worked as a college advisor, event planner, community relations coordinator, and worked in marketing and advertising. For the past 10 years, she has advocated for children with autism. She was the Florida State Representative for Unlocking Autism, and was a Parent-to-Parent representative for Orlando. Since moving to Massena, Debra continues to concentrate her efforts on supporting children with disabilities. In July, she began All Moving Forward ( an organization that assists children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and others with social deficits. She organizes two social play groups, and heads up the local United Parent Support meetings. These parent support meetings are for parents of special needs children and are held monthly (every third Monday) at the New Testament Church on Andrews Street. Debra is such a talented writer that even if a particular topic may not pertain to you, the way she writes will captivate your interest, and you will walk away glad that you read it and discovered something new!

Erin O'Brien - Unplugged... Erin is our newest columnist, and we are looking very forward to reading her thought provoking words. In her words, she says.. I started my journey with The Massena News just recently and am looking forward to sharing some of my perceptions of today's world and its effects on our children. I have spent most of my life admiring the arts from every perspective. I have put this talent to use in the past doing sketches for friends and family as gifts for the holidays and birthdays. I have done portraits and pets to landscapes and nature. I feel art truly gives a person the freedom of personality. I am the middle child of 5. Hail to mom for the patience she has had with us. My father is a hard working contractor. He’s shown me that hard work and perseverance is always a success. My mother’s parents, the Creazzo's had laid a wonderful road for their grandchildren. They have taught me the best morals and family traditions any mother of two could ask for. My father’s parents, the O'Brien/Smiths have showed me the importance of hard work and passion for doing what I love. Most of all, I am thankful for my two wonderful children who have taught me more than anyone in the world ever could. For info on portraits or If you have any topics or opinions feel free to email me at In 2011, The Massena News strove, through the positive energy from positive news, to diminish some of the negative energy dominating Massena. In 2012, as we continue to turn negative energy into positive energy, a big part of our mission now is to begin turning passive aggressive behavior into assertive conduct. In time, you will begin to see a more assertive culture. Eventually, more citizens will begin spending more time defining themselves and less time exuding characteristics that are counterproductive to the development of our culture as a people. At least, that is the plan, anyway. But it’s up to you. The Massena News challenges you to be more assertive. Because if you can’t do it, who can? Be bold. Exhibit courage. Reveal yourself, and show your personality, your character. Express yourself. Not with a mean look, a tough look, or a grimace. No one can read minds. Instead, communicate yourself with a smile and with your voice. If you have something you want to say to someone, you need to say it and do your best to articulate exactly what you want to

communicate. Instead of thinking they are going to judge you for it, realize that you are prejudging them. No one is stupid. People just cannot read minds. Moreover, trying to communicate solely through body language and facial expressions are only for mimes—and no one ever really knows what a mime is trying to communicate. Right? That’s why mimes are, basically, clowns—So we can laugh at them and wonder if we know what they’re trying to communicate with their silly antics. Communication is serious. Humans rely on communication. It is a prerequisite to coexistence. Massena is a beautiful community with hearts in the right place. As more people begin to be assertive, our community will become a better place to live. I’m asking you to lead by example. Without your assertive leadership, there can be no improvement.

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Our turn in eternity starts when we are concieved. We make our way through the life cycle just like the science books have told us, right? We have filtered through our resources and our technologies like no other generation has. Our need to have a better lifestyle has impeded the proper upbringing of our children. Our children are a generation based on instant gratification. We have created a world for our kids that has them trapped in the hands of plastic and HD screens, with the plastic in their hands they have come to rely on the ease of it. They feel the sense of acceptance when their phones go off in the ringtone of their choice, to find someone they hardly know, commenting on a post they "liked" on a social network. Strangely, as parents we find comfort in this because the fear of our children being bullied is somehow melted away with the ring of Lady Gaga coming from a cell phone. Parents want the ideal life for their child and so they live it out for them whether it is truly who their child is or not. I believe this is where acceptance and confidence goes out the window. The freedom to be yourself starts at such a young age it goes unnoticed, unseen. An infant soaking up every ounce of information is turned to toddler in walking shoes in just mere months. We as adults have a tendency to take this time for granted. Our children intake more knowledge at this brittle stage than any human could in their entire adult life. Be the observer. The use of our senses is so under rated. If we could just put our plastics down for just a moment and absorb our surroundings, we would be

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Unplugged - by Erin O'Brien...

a sQUIsHy GENEraTIoN surprised with what will just naturally come to us. I believe in the power of intention. If we intend to mold our children like we have formed our future, where will they be in ten years? Its never too late to change our intentions. It is just a matter of forcing ourselves to believe in what we preach. Maybe this is it folks. Maybe this is the true meaning to life. Have we forgotten how simple it can be? We are here to make new life and thrive with it. We are here to complete the circle in which we create for ourselves. All we have to do is be willing to use our senses that we have been graciously given. To see what we have in front of us and be thankful for it. To hear what is being said to us and accept it. To smell the air in which we breath. To feel the earth under our feet and taste the food it provides us. For us, this is just the beginning. Erin does sketches for friends and family as gifts for the holidays and birthdays. She’s also done portraits, pets, landscapes, nature, and more. She can be reached at:

Sketch by Erin O'Brien

Does God have a plan for me? The whole idea of God having a blueprint or a complete plan for our lives is quite questionable for many people. We may make comments like, "Does God have a wonderful plan for me because it doesn't seem like it? And if so, what is it?" Sometimes it's hard for us to believe in such a plan because we often go through trials and trouble. One thing all Christians must understand is that God's plan for us contains both pleasure and pain as well as joy and suffering. Realizing God's plan for your life doesn't necessarily mean that everything will be easy for you. From our perspective, a particular event or situation may not feel good (sicknesses, pains, loss of loved ones etc.) but from the eyes of God, it's what He wants us to go through because His purpose is higher than ours; His plans are always greater than ours. The Bible tells us that what the devil intended for evil, God will use it for our highest good. Therefore, we can expect the hand of God in every situation in our lives. In the book of Jeremiah, the Israelites were in exile and they were split into bits and pieces everywhere. They were lost and they cried out daily, "Where is our God" for their salvation seemed so far away from them. God answered them in Jeremiah 29: 11-14 by saying, "For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord,

plans for welfare and not evil, to give you a future and a hope. Then you will call upon me and come and pray to me, and I will hear you. You will seek me and find me, when you seek me with all your heart. I will be found by you, declares the Lord, and I will restore your fortunes and gather you from all the nations, and all the places when I have driven you, declares the Lord, and I will bring you back the place from which I sent you into exile". Do you find yourself in a similar situation to that of the Israelites? Lost and wondering what God has in store for you? Hold on to the same promise He made to the Israelites; a promise for restoration and enlightenment in your life. I would like to highlight another important thing from the passage - "seek me with all your heart". I think why many people are left clueless concerning God's plan for them is that they're not seeking hard enough! God has made a promise to us but He also wants us to act. If you want to know God's plan for your life, work hand in hand with Him to accomplish His plan for your life. Today, let's seek after Him with all our heart, to see a vision for our lives through His eyes. Are you ready to change your life? Detox Your Mind Now and Awaken Your Inner Spirit is a 10 week personal development program for Christians to help you experience more of God's peace, joy, & abundance. Visit Detox Your Life. Rhonda Jones is the author of 22 Christian meditation & affirmation CDs, visit The Christian Meditator at

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Political Advisor...

An Advice Column not on What to think and Who to vote for Satan himself can say he is Christian, but the doctrines of his religion bespeaks otherwise. There are many religions different from Satanism. Judaism, Islam, Christianity, Buddhism, Hinduism—just to name a few. Each has its own doctrine, distinctly different from one another. Most, if not all, religions consist of various denominations. For instance, in Christianity, there is Catholic, Baptist, Protestant—just to name a few. Denominations all share the same doctrine of their religion. Islam also consists of various denominations. However, a Sunni Muslim wouldn’t typically call himself a Christian, because the Islamic doctrine is entirely different—namely in the way they believe salvation is attained. Salvation is the operative word here in the differences between religions. There are other factors as well that exhibit a distinct difference between religions. Tolerance, equality, and forgiveness assume different meanings to different religions, as does Who God is, How to communicate with God, and How one may be able to enter heaven (Speaking in simplest terms here; hope you understand why). Anyone can say that another person is not Christian. It’s a free country. Especially free for anyone to discover the truth for himself! For several years now, many of the most fearful evangelical Christians have insisted that Obama is not Christian. Fear-mongering campaigns prey on people who scare easily, with scary suggestions such as “Obama nation” sounds like “Abomination” for instance. Fear is the driving force of the many still insisting that Obama is Muslim. Barak Hussein Obama. Ohhhhh…the sound of that Arabic name is so frightening to so many Christians. Legs tremble. Loudmouths comfort the fearful with their rhetoric, as if loudness is a sign of strength. Paranoia grows and spreads like fire, sparking fear. Anger ensues. And hatred is ignited. Fortunately, the naysayers have decreased in numbers significantly heretofore, as many have come to their senses. Truth always prevails to conquer deceptive sentiment. Sometimes it takes a while, though. Eventually, the fearful quickly forgets and moves on to other scary thoughts. After all, there is always so much to fear. But who’s really behind all those fear-mongering campaigns, spreading the fear, instilling hatred, and shaping the collective attitudes of the American public? Today, again, history about equality in this nation is in the making. I personally, as most Americans, believe that a person should be able to run for president no matter what his/her race, religion, color, creed, or sexual orientation is. None of that should be a prerequisite for running for president. And shame on anyone who suggests otherwise! Maybe that’s just what I grew up believing—even, if at the time, it was only lip service. Today, it’s reality, and now we have to live up to it. Yet, evangelical Christians have been unwilling to stand behind Mitt Romney because they draw a line about the very clear and distinct difference between Mormonism and Christianity. And that’s fine! Everyone’s free to vote for who they want to vote. But I don’t think it’s right to use another person’s

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but on How to think and Why you Need to Think religion or personal beliefs against him to dissuade others from voting for him. I mean, this is America, isn’t it? I don’t care if the man’s religion was Satanic. Hey—c’mon!—hear me out here: if I have to tell people to not vote Satan into office, then it’s time I need to find new friends. HELLO…may all those old friends go to hell. I don’t care. It’s a free country. Moreover, If there is to be a separation between church and state, I think it should apply both ways! And, I’m a Christian, by the way. But…oh…I’m sure there are many self-righteous Christians out there who would say that I’m not Christian, and would take some words out of context to purport a different message than what I am actually conveying here! That’s what you should really worry about! They’re called liars, and they are in all religions! Which is exactly why I think the separation between church and state should go both ways. Besides, I’m also American—and I “give to Caesar what belongs to Caesar, and give to God what belongs to God.”—Mark 12:17 (NLT). There are so many Christians who act so sanctimonious, and continually judging others, yet have the audacity to purport that whoever they want to vote for is a saint, and all the others are evil. There are no saints, my friend. They are all sinners—just like you and me. So that shouldn’t even be what’s at question here. What’s at question here is: if Mitt Romney wins the GOP nomination, will Evangelicals officially endorse him? An Evangelical endorsement of Romney will equate to their redefining the conservative movement. More profoundly, it will serve to prove that their support has more to do with politics and less to do with Christianity—since they have already made it well known that they do not consider Mormonism to be Christian. Thus, if Evangelicals publicly endorse Romney, it will compromise Christian integrity and serve to suggest that the Evangelical leadership is driven by power and corruption. For many years now, Evangelicals have led Americans to believe that the New World Order is in the establishment of the United Nations seeking global domination. I disagree. I believe the New World Order is global corporatism, and that they have a huge amount of power and influence over politics, determining every outcome, and positioning religous leaders as pawns of the New World Order. We, the American people, are just one small part of a huge global market, my friend. How much of the product and service are we, the American people, contributing to that huge market? Exactly! In fact, where did all the jobs go?! Anyone who doesn’t know this, should find out before going to the polls! And by finding out, I don’t mean being told by someone! People knowingly lie or unknowingly spread lies. But truth, information, is readily available for anyone who really cares to know. And to know that you are not the only consumer in this global market.

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Emmanuel Congregational United Church of Christ 39 West Orvis Street – Massena, NY 13662 - will hold a spaghetti dinner on Thursday, February 2nd from 4:30-6:30 p.m. Cost is $7, under 5 is FREE and a family of 4 or more is $25. Takeouts are available (call 315-769-8523). There will also be a 50/50 drawing. Menu consists of spaghetti, sauce & meatballs, tossed salad, garlic or plain bread, dessert, coffee, tea or punch

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The Lights have turned out for the final time in 2011.With a shimmer of snow covering the dimmed displays, there's still plenty of Light shinning from the event onto its beneficiaries; North Country Food Pantries. On December 29th, huddled into an office were representatives of 8 food pantries and a backpack program that serve 7 different communities, a along with the Lights on the River, Inc. executive board & volunteers. In that office, $11,600 was donated, along with over 2,600 food items. Both numbers towering over last year's totals. Just to highlight some of the successes of the 2011 compared to the first year in 2010, here are a few numbers: DONATIONS: In 2010, almost $4,700 was donated to the Lisbon food pantry. In 2011, $11,600 was donation to 8 food pantries. That is a 147% increase! ATTENDANCE: In 2010, about 7,000 people visited. In 2011, about 12,000 people visited. That's a 71% increase! TRAFFIC: In 2010, about 2,000 cars/vans/buses drove through. In 2011, about 3,000 cars/vans/buses (and a hay wagon) drove through. That's a 50% increase!

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RETURN ON SPONSORSHIP. In 2010, for every dollar collected in sponsorship from businesses, organizations & people, $1.65 was donated. In 2011, for every dollar collected in sponsorship from businesses, organizations & people, $2.75 was donated. That's a 67% increase! These numbers show that with the help of businesses, organizations & individuals throughout our community, we can come together to create an event for all of Northern New York & surrounding areas to enjoy, and then give back to those in need throughout the communities. Thank you everyone who came to view the lights, put in a display, sponsored the event, or lent a helping hand. Without your help, none of this would have been possible.

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The Devil you know... The much anticipated movie, The Devil Inside, falls immensely short of expectations. Trailers promised a blood-curling, bone-chilling experience but the movie fails to deliver.

Parenting with Love & Logic - by Debra Donatto...


Yes, William Brent Bell, who directed and cowrote the script, did a fabulous job at creating a spooky atmosphere in the TV preview, making every horror fan crave the blood, but it doesn’t follow through. The flick's only creepy parts are those included in the movie trailer and viewers are left wiggling in their seats for 84 minutes, ready for take-off, but the plane never leaves. The storyline had loads of potential, as every exorcism story does. This “mockumentary” follows Isabella Rossi to Rome, Italy in an effort to unveil the truth about her mother's internment in what appears to be a Vatican run mental institution. She was institutionalized after killing 3 clergy members during an exorcism she performed on herself. The documentary-style, unfortunately, doesn't add anything to the story in this case, and a much better film could have been produced would it not have been done in such a style. I do have one positive thing to say, and it has nothing to do with makeup, special effects, directing or even the script itself. Suzan Crowley, who plays Isabella's mother, Maria Rossi, does such a wonderful job at portraying a crazy person that she'll make your blood stop for a brief moment. It's a good thing that we get to see her performance quite early in the movie, otherwise I would have left. She kept me there, in anticipation of seeing more of her. Alas, I was left disappointed. The movie ends as abruptly as it starts and will leave you wondering if there is more to it and thinking "Why in the devil did I pay $9 to see this!" Definitly wait for the DVD.

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MakING a Happy NEw yEar It's New Year's resolution time. What a great opportunity to teach your children how to set goals for themselves, and work toward achieving them. Through role-modeling the discipline and perseverance to accomplish new goals, you can help your children develop the self-motivation necessary to accomplish their own goals. Young people will also learn to deal with pressure, whether from their teachers, you or themselves. These skills will give them a sense of personal accomplishment and build their self-confidence qualities that help children navigate through the school years as independent leaders, rather than followers. Sitting down with your kids to set new goals also translates into spending positive family time together. If your resolution IS to spend more time with your children, or if getting the family move active and fit is important, then Casper may be just what you need to make that happen. In Massena, Casper is not friendly ghost. It's Massena Central School District's "Community and School Education - Recreation" program (CASP-E-R), and I am surprised that many people I speak with know nothing about it. CASP-E-R offers many low-cost, recreational activities and lessons for the community (both children and adult), and they are held right at the Messena Central High School. Most winter sessions begin in January, so it's a great time to get started. The Massena Karate Club offers martial arts lessons for ages 7 and up on Tuesday and Thursday evenings. Martial arts are a fun way for boys and girls to achieve fitness and focus. They help teach selfdiscipline and socialization skills. In fact, many parents whose children have attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) report great success with martial arts programs because self-control and concentration are exactly the skills underdeveloped in ADHD kids. Experts say it's the respect kids learn, whether from bowing or standing still waiting for the next command, that can be the most important benefit. According to recent research, this respect often carries over into school, helping to improve behavior and even grades. Karate lessons are held at the auxiliary gym, and you can sign up at any class. Family rates make this an affordable option for even large families. Swim lessons are also available through CASP-E-R on Saturdays for children of all ages and abilities. There are 4 different levels for

general swim instruction, plus half hour toddler sessions. For more experienced swimmers, they offer competitive and pre-competitive swim lessons. Swimming is an excellent form of exercise and helps children develop strong muscles, maintain flexibility and promote weight control. Every step of swimming requires learning something new. Kids start off learning to blow bubbles and getting their ears wet and, before they know it, they are learning the front crawl and butterfly stroke. Mastering each skill is another way for them to gain selfconfidence and a sense of accomplishment. Finally, teaching children good water safety skills is important since drowning remains the No. 2 killer of children under age 18. Family Swim Nights are also available at the High School pool on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 6:00 - 9:00 PM. What a great way to get away from the snow and cold for a while. Family Swim Night is $3/person or $10 for the whole family per visit. Walking is another great form of exercise and allows time for communication. Getting together for a nice brisk walk may be a great bonding experience for the family. The High School Walking Program is free and open to the public (Mon. - Fri. from 5:00 - 8:00 PM, and Sat. from 8:00 AM - 2:00 PM). Just find a parking spot at the High School and you'll see the 1.7 mile trail around the school grounds. CASP-E-R also offers adult programs including basketball, volleyball, and water aerobics. The fitness center is also available for use for the general public from 5:00 - 7:00 PM Monday - Thursday, and Saturdays from noon - 2:00 PM. The fitness center offers bicycles, treadmills, ellipticals, weight machines and free weights. Your first visit is free, then it's $3/visit or $25/month. All CASP-E-R programs are listed on the Massena Central School District website ( and on the Massena Chamber of Commerce website ( Make 2012 a great year to remember. By inspiring your kids to learn something new and to stay active, you are raising children who think for themselves. Spending quality time together either learning with them or watching their successes, will pay off a thousand-fold. Happy New Year! Debra Donatto is Executive Director of All Moving Forward All Moving Forward is a volunteer-run support agency to help Massena families dealing with spectrum disorders.

THE MASSENA NEWS (pG. 7) JAN 20, 2012 FREE CLASSIFIED ADS: 315-842-4448

Don’t Miss The Bully Beat Down Amateur Boxing Event of the Year!

Ronnie Robidoux, 145 pounds from St Regis, Quebec has been training for about a year now. His record consists of three technical knockouts including winning his first fight within 30 seconds via a knockout. “I love the sport and love to train, said Ronnie. I would love to continue to compete and make it to a pro level somebody.”

Akwesasne, NY—(January 16, 2012)—Standing Rock Boxing Club in conjunction with the Three Feathers Casino will host Bully Beat Down, an amateur boxing event on Saturday, Jan 28 at 7:00 p.m. at the Three Feathers Casino located at 439 Route Special guests for the event include American 37 in Akwesasne, NY. Doors open at 6:00 p.m. Professional boxer Iran Barkley who held world titles at middleweight (1988–89), super The fight card features the best male and female middleweight (1992) and light heavyweight amateur boxers from several gyms statewide and (1992). Barkley is most known for his upset from Ontario including Standing Rock Boxing knockout over the hall of famer Thomas Club (Massena, NY); East Side Champs Boxing "Hitman" Hearns, as well for his close lost to Club (Cornwall);Watertown Boxing Club, Black the great Roberto Duran. He will be at the River Boxing Academy, Lou Ambers (Utica, NY); event to sign autographs, meet and greet fans, Manny’s Old School Boxing, Final Round talk to the fighters, and available for pictures. (Ottawa); Albany Boxing Club, Schenectady Boxing Club, Gale Kerwin (Ottawa); Beaver WBC Continental Americas World Lightweight Boxing Club (Ottawa); and Gladiator (Ottawa). Champion Tony Luis from Champs East Side Boxing Club will also be a special guest at the Fighters from Standing Rock Boxing Club include Bully Beat Down, as well as beautiful ring girls 14-year-old protégé Rorohronhakies, fierce light from New York City. weight 17-old-year female contender Robbi Cook and 16-year-old welterweight open class “My main objective through boxing is to get kids fighter Ronnie Robidoux.

off the streets,” said Atsiaktonkie, owner of Standing Rock Boxing Club. “Boxing provides a safe, professional atmosphere for kids to face their fears without resorting to drugs and alcohol. I built my club to help kids gain confidence and turn their life around through discipline and exercise.” Tickets are on sale now at Standing Rock Boxing Club (Massena), Three Feathers Casino (Akwesasne), Wild Bills (Akwesasne), and Nina Denny Public Relations (Ogdensburg). Tickets are $15 at the door which includes a program book. A percentage of ticket sales will benefit Tsitewatenikonrakwatakon, the Native Connections Detox Center. Three Feathers Casino Event t-shirts and Standing Rock Boxing t-shirts will also be available for sale at the event. Standing Rock Boxing Club is open Monday through Friday from 6-9 p.m. Call Standing Rock Boxing Club at (315) 769-2552 for more information. Pictured from left to right; Ronnie Robidoux, Rorohronhakies (aka Lolo), Standing Rock Boxing Coach Atsiaktonkie, and Robbi Cook.

Rorohronhakies (a.k.a. Lolo) has only been boxing since May 2009 when his father, Atsiakonkie, opened Standing Rock Boxing Club. But don’t let his age fool you, this 130 pounds lightweight open class boxer won his second fight at the New York State Fair at age 11 when he knocked out his 15-year-old opponent. He also won the New York State Championship for two consecutive years. Lolo, who currently attends the Akwesasne Freedom School, said “I have been honing my skills and hit harder and faster then before. I would love to go pro someday.” Hailing from Tsi Snaihne,Akwesasne, Robbi Cook from has been training since last September. All her fights were against open fighters (more than 10 bouts) and she has already boxed two national champions. With the exception of two bouts, she has lost all her bouts to these top boxers by split decision which is an amazing feat in such a short career. “At first I wanted to box to lose weight, however now I just love the sport and like to have fun with it.”

OGDENSBURG, NY–- Supporting Team— RiverLedge Club 120 members (formally known as the United Helpers Nursing Home) show their support by donating $250 towards a pizza warmer. Club 120 is an employee committee that raises funds for special employee events, appreciation activities, and charitable donations. Pictured from left to right are: Donna Donnelly, PTA; Corrine Wells, Diet Tech; Sue English (in back) Administrative Secretary; Peter Bertrand, Food Service Manager; Cindi Corbine, LPN.

THE MASSENA NEWS (pG. 8) JAN 20, 2012 FREE CLASSIFIED ADS: 315-842-4448

COMMUNITY check out our

Tech Seekers

Event Seeker Get the scoop on what’s going on in the community in our easy calendar. If you would like your event to appear here, send us an email at and we’ll gladly publish it, free of charge! 501 DART TOURNAMENT, 2 p.m. Massena Moose Lodge 1110, 4 Ames St. Twoperson team $10. Double elimination, single in/double out. Call 769-5720 or stop by to sign up.

FRIDAY, JAN 20 FRIAR TUCK'S, 4 Main St., Massena, disc jockey, 9 p.m. - 2 a.m. RUSTY WHEEL, 32 Willow St., Massena, karaoke, 9:30 p.m.-1:30 a.m. SARAH’S KEY, free showing with free popcorn, Hawkins Point Visitors Center auditorium, Massena, 1:30 p.m.; info: 7640226 ext. 302. BOOK SALE, in Room B of Massena Library basement, 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.; prices range from 25 cents to $1 for most of selections; to benefit Friends of the Massena Public Library.MISCELLANEOUS HIGH SCHOOL BOYS’ HOCKEY, Massena Tournament, NSA vs Saranac 6:30, Masena vs Suffern, 8:45; Brian Wade Tournament, OFA Dome, 5:30 p.m. HIGH SCHOOL GIRLS’ HOCKEY, SL Central at Massena, 4:30 p.m.; Salmon River at Canton, Potsdam at Oswego, 5 p.m. TOPS, chapter 272 meets 8:10 a.m., Massena Community Center, 61 Beach St.. Fee. info: Robert Perrault, 322-5541.

SATURDAY, JAN 21 FRIAR TUCK'S, 4 Main St., Massena, DJ, 9 p.m. - 2 a.m. RUSTY WHEEL, 32 Willow St., Massena, karaoke, 9:30 p.m.-1:30 a.m. BOOK SALE, in Room B of Massena Library basement, 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.; prices range from 25 cents to $1 for most of selections; to benefit Friends of the Massena Public Library. MASSENA YU-GI-OH CARD CLUB, noon4:30 p.m., Massena Public Library. Bring cards to play and trade. Info: 250-5947. HIGH SCHOOL BOYS’ HOCKEY, NorwoodNorfolk at Canton, 12:30 p.m.; Massena Tournament, consolation noon, championship 2:30; Brian Wade Tournament, OFA Dome, 12:30 p.m.; Tupper Lake at SL Central, 1 p.m.

NARCOTICS ANONYMOUS, Massena Memorial Hospital, community education room, 7 p.m., info: 769-4262.

SUNDAY, JAN 22 DELMAR SPORTSMEN’S TAVERN, 20 Andrews St., Massena, JR Murray, 4 – 8 p.m. ALTERNATIVE MEDICINE DISCUSSION, sponsored by the Morley Library Association, Morley Library, 2 p.m., led by Denise Thomas of Herbal Thyme in Massena. GUIDED HIKES AND SNOWSHOE ADVENTURES, 10 to 11 a.m. and 2 to 3 p.m., Nature Center trails at Moses State Park, Massena Snowshoes and skis $4 rental. Pre-register: 705-5022 or EMOTIONS ANONYMOUS, Massena Memorial Hospital, Community Education Room, 12-step program, 6 – 7 p.m., info: 769-9240, 769-4262.

EXTREMELY LOUD AND INCREDIBLY CLOSE, PG-13, 6:50, 9:30 p.m. nightly & matinees Sat., Sun. 12:30, 3 p.m. UNDERWORLD AWAKENING, R, in 3D, 7:10, 9:10 p.m. nightly & matinees Sat., Sun. 1, 3:15 p.m. RED TAILS, R, 6:50, 9:30 p.m. nightly & matinees Sat., Sun. 12:30, 3 p.m. HAYWIRE, R, 7, 9:20 p.m. nightly & matinees Sat., Sun. 12:45, 3 p.m. WE BOUGHT A ZOO, PG, 6:50 p.m. nightly & matinees Sat., Sun. 12:30, 3 p.m.


THE DEVIL INSIDE, R,; 7, 9 p.m. nightly & matinees Sat., Sun. 12:45, 3 p.m.

DELMAR’S SPORTSMEN’S TAVERN, 20 Andrews St., Massena, DJ Unyke, 9 p.m. midnight.

WAR HORSE, PG-13, 7:30 p.m. nightly & matinees Sat., Sun. 12:20, 3:15 p.m.

TUESDAY, JAN 24 SPAGHETTI & MEATBALL DINNER, Massena Rod and Gun Club, 4:30 to 8 p.m. $6.50; alternate entree offered for $7. Price includes dessert. Members and guests welcome. Call 769-3205. BIBLIOBABIES, for infants and toddlers up to 24 months, Massena Public Library, 41 Glenn St., 10 a.m., lap-sit program with stories and songs.

MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE – GHOST PROTOCOL, PG-13, 9:15 p.m. nightly. ALVIN & THE CHIPMUNKS: CHIPWRECKED, G, matinees Sat., Sun. 12:45, 3 p.m. SHERLOCK HOLMES: A GAME OF SHADOWS, PG-13, 6:50, 9 p.m. nightly.

AL-ANON FAMILY GROUP, noon, St. John’s Episcopal Church, 139 Main St., Massena; MULTIPLE SCLEROSIS SUPPORT GROUP, Community Education Room, Massena Memorial Hospital, 7 p.m.; more info: John Dumas, 388-5674. MENTAL HEALTH SUPPORT GROUP meets, 7 p.m., Massena Public Library, 41 Glenn St., Room B downstairs.

For information about events in the area, visit the Massena Chamber of Commerce at THE MASSENA NEWS (pG. 9) JAN 20, 2012 FREE CLASSIFIED ADS: 315-842-4448

Exotic Expose Adult Boutique

Corner of Rt. 56 & Town Ridge Rd. Massena. 2 Miles South from Intersection or Rt. 37 & 56, Next to the 56 Drive-in

Open Noon - 9:45p.m. Daily, Closed Sunday Large Selection of: DVD’s & CD’s, Novelties, Lotions Adult Books, Videos, Marital Aids, Magazines & more

MASSENA NEIGHBORHOOD WATCH PROGRAM MEETING 01-25-2012, 7 p.m., at Community Center on Beach St. Info: 250-2496.

Calling all artists! The Massena Artists Association will hold its 27th Annual Juried Art Exhibit from February 14 through March 2, 2012 at the Massena Public Library. All artists, amateur or professional, living within a 100-mile radius of Massena are invited to submit work to this exhibit. Young people are also encouraged to submit entries. Artists may submit either one or two entries. Work may be on any subject, but should have been completed within the last three years. All entries must be the artist’s original work. The exhibit is open to all media, including: oil and acrylic painting, watercolor, pastel, drawing, mixed media, sculpture, and photography.Two-dimensional work must be suitably framed, with wire attached for hanging. Works on paper must be covered with glass or plexiglass to protect the surface of the work. Because of the weight and fragility of glass, it is recommended that larger works be glazed with plexiglass. Work must be no larger than 40 inches in any direction. Art work may be delivered to the Massena Public Library at the following times: Saturday, January 28, from 10:00 am to 4:30 pm Thursday, February 2, from 1:00 to 8:00 pm Friday, February 3, from 10:00 am to 4:30 pm. Work should be accompanied by a $15.00 entry fee (American funds) for either one or two pieces. MAA members and artists who have exhibited in the past should have received application forms in the mail. Additional application forms may be picked up at the Massena Public Library, or may be printed from For more information, or to receive application forms by mail, call Dorothy Badger at (315) 769-5571 or Cecilia Dewey at (315) 769-6210.

Alternative Methods of Healing - by Denise Thomas...

LIfEsTyLE CHaNGEs ofTEN LEads To wEIGHT Loss Small life style changes are easier to obtain and maintain. Setting goals that are obtainable and you can build on, equals success and positive results. Start with just a few changes and build from there. Set yourself up for success!!!!!!!!!

Tips for life style changes - Drinking more water between meals. Having a hydrated body helps balance the ph and also helps the immune system stay strong. - Taking a fiber supplement such as psyllium husk, glucomman, or salba about a half hour before a meal will give you a feeling of fullness. - Having a protein drink in the morning or sometime during the day, keeps blood sugars balanced and uses up extra carbs and sugars in the body. - Elimate those foods that make us feel tired and bloated such as wheat, dairy, soy and sugar. - Meditating each day. Calming our thoughts and emotions helps with emotional eating. - Being aware of our thoughts—thinking positive thoughts. - Exercising helps the serration levels. Walking, rebounding on a mini trampoline, or join a fitness club. - Yoga is beneficial for releasing internal stress and bringing us back to our center. - Cleansing the body through an ionic footbath, herbal supplements and with diet change, helps the body to function more efficiently. - Journaling our thoughts, feelings and what foods we are craving. Often times there is a connection with food and emotion. Getting in touch with the buried emotion and releasing it often times leads to less cravings. - A good restful sleep. Our bodies need to rest. If we wake up tired, we often look for foods that give quick energy such as sugar or

caffeine. Calming herbs such as passion flower, valerian root, distress remedy, nutria-calm with a probiotics or diffusing the essential oil peace and calming, promote a restful sleep. - A Sluggish metabolism can be frustrating. With the use of green tea, B12, maca root or Siberian Ginseng, we can help boost our metabolism. - Taking a good EFA such as fish oil, coconut oil or CLA will replace the bad fats and help the body to be leaner.

These are a few suggestions that may help you get started with your goals. Feed your body with good food and your mind with positive thoughts. THIS IS FOR INFORMATION ONLY. TELL YOU DOCTOR WHAT SUPPLEMENTS YOU ARE TAKING. TAKE MEDICATION AND SUPPLEMENTS AT LEAST AN HOUR APART.

Ms.Denise Thomas is the owner and operator of Herbal-Thyme 88 Main Street Massena. Between Quality Inn and the Post Office, next to Cornells Dry Cleaning. Hour’s Tues-Fri 10 to 5 Sat 10-3 Email: IF YOU LIKE INFORMATION ABOUT A SPECIFIC HERBS, SUPPLEMENT OR HEALTH REALTED TOPIC IN THIS COLUMN LET ME KNOW!!!!!!!!!! YOUR FEED BACK IS IMPORTANT. CONTACT INFORMATION:; phone 315-705-2121 Or contact John at The Massena News.

THE MASSENA NEWS (pG. 10) JAN 20, 2012 FREE CLASSIFIED ADS: 315-842-4448

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JAN 20, 2012

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Do you own a store that sells food? Are you a vendor at a Farmers Market? This spot is IDEAL to reach your target customer. Call today to see how YOU , $! , ) % ()'. !$*' $#!. ! $! #place ! - ( and ( $#!. ! 6A8=3 C74< H>DAB4;5 only can ad RIGHT HERE for *#% () *' / !$ ! ! &* $# . $#!. ! $25 an ( # $'( >E4A ) $ Issue. + '. "$# . 4G2;D38=6 308AH ?A>3D2CB 315-842-4448 or 315-842-4249


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ABLE L I A V 1A ONLY& & $)

Full service dealer with factory trained technician +

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In Stock Units ONLY

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BLE A L I AVA 1 Y ONL)& & $

DEAL SEEKERS CLASSIFIEDS FOR RENT : Large bright office space right on top of the Massena News. Rent negotiable. Call 315-842-4448


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! ABLE L I A 1 AV ONLY& & $)

5 $ )/, 6%. 8+%645 .%'- 3,.. ! %(,1 )&%5) ,4'1605

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Home of the $19.99 Oil & Filter Change

THE MASSENA NEWS Is looking for motivated sales people to work on I hope you have enjoyed this issue commission. Great revenue potential. We will pay 30% of of the the Massena News. We are your sales. Make your own schedule and earn residual working on next issue and it will be income. Call today for details out February 3rd, 2012 315-842-4249 Deadline for next issue February 1st, 5pm

Massena Online Garage Sales on FACEBOOK has the following items for sale... Visit the group for details... all carpenter tools..asking $1,300 today only...purchased in august at home depot..only used a few times!

Late s! John

EASTON EQ50 HOCKEY STICK senior 100 flex in very good condition dont like it selling for 115.00 bought brand new on december 10th for 200.00 pm me!! Kranich and Bach baby grand piano. Circa 1920, needs tuning and cosmetic restoration. $320

THE MASSENA NEWS (pG. 12) JAN 20, 2012 FREE CLASSIFIED ADS: 315-842-4448

Issue 1 of Volume 2  

The Massena News newspaper printed on 20 Jan. 2012

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