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UCR L.A.B.S. UCR L.A.B.S. are meant to build on educational concepts brokers learned in their school days: theory, application, and experiential learning. L.A.B.S. let brokers see John L. Scott tools and programs through the lens of Ultimate Client Relationship® and how these tools benefit and serve our clients. An important component of the L.A.B.S. is the concept of Mindset. John L. Scott partnered with TPI (The Pacific Institute®) to develop a curriculum that hones this vital skill. Each video session speaks to an aspect of mindset. Brokers can pause and discuss, or watch multiple times. These practical concepts will help in life as well as business, leading to a “Powerful Business and Inspired Life.” Workbooks cover each of the UCR quadrants, the WHO, the WHY, the WHAT, and the HOW. These L.A.B.S. (or classes) take anywhere from an hour and a half to two and a half hours to complete. Workbooks can be used as a group over a few weeks, for one-on-one coaching, or individually at the broker’s own pace. Brokers are be encouraged to look at the tools with a slightly different perspective. They will do practical activities, and then asked to apply these activities to their business. Brokers score themselves on concepts and/or tools to establish a baseline to measure against, creating clear coaching opportunities. The L.A.B.S. help brokers work on: n n n n n n

Mastery in listing presentations and buyer presentations, sharing relevant articles. Mastery of UCR with powerful and personalized Developing a keen sense of market and attention creates an experience for their clients that community knowledge, and focusing on an cannot be commoditized. area of specialty. Finding creative ways to engage with clients: face-to-face, voice-to-voice, social media, handwritten notes, text messages, campaigns/CRM, client engagement parties, and open houses. Usage of JLSNext tools and technology such as the personally branded GPS Home Search App, Property Tracker®, and MyDesk. Personal hyper-local online presence Trendgraphix and Cloud CMA

Why the L.A.B.S. are crucial:

The purpose of tools like the Mobile App and Cloud CMA is to create calls to conversation. Typical “Calls to Action” are meant for the “prospect” to click on something that gives the broker a chance to “sell” them or “pitch” them. In a call to conversation, brokers create opportunities to discover more about the client and how the broker can best serve their clients.

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