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Not just another version of CRM More than staying on the client’s “top of mind” The Clients are on our “top of mind”


John L. Scott takes a fresh look at how we can face these changes today and meet the challenges of tomorrow. Innovations in technology, generational changes in the home buying and -selling markets, and evolving modes of communication make it difficult to keep up, especially when brokers are tending to day-to-day business.

John L. Scott is committed to serving our real estate clients in best-in-class transactional excellence. That means being connected to our clients throughout the entire process, often starting as early as 400 days before they start looking to buy or list a home.

Prior to each activity, brokers pull up contact information and review the intel they have on each contact, including family members, hobbies or interests, recent events, anniversaries, etc. Conversations should center on Family, Occupation, Recreation, and Dreams.

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One way to ensure brokers are staying connected with their clients is using the Engagment Hour: an hour each work day devoted to creating UCR interactions with their database. This hour is used to make phone calls, send texts, emails, handwritten notes, or social messaging (e.g. Facebook Messenger) to offer real-time, relational tools to create appointments that engage and maintain lasting relationships.

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