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Places To Visit In The City Of Cambridge – Article Written By: The Blue Cow The city of Cambridge can be called as the best place to visit in England. It has many historic places and museums. The most important part is the University of Cambridge where skilled scholars come from across the world to study. It is called the city of Cambridge because of Cambridge University. There are numerous spots for travelers from across the globe and there are hotels also. The hotels here do not cost much for bed and breakfast services as visiting travelers are the most seen people in this city. A person can get many hotels during the stay in the city; there are hotels which are running because of these festivals as the crowd from different parts of the world comes to stay there. The hotels can be categorized according to the budget, such as 3 stars, 4 stars and even 5 stars. Below here is mentioned about the city and the places a person can visitParks and gardensThere are many beautiful parks and gardens in the city. Many football pitches and tennis courts etc. there is good space for kids to freely play. The city is filled with such sumptuous lush green parks. The Cambridge University has 40 acres of land for botanic lab which has different and stunning varieties of flowers and plants from across the globe. People come here from different parts of the world to enjoy the variety of flowers. Different colors and huge quantity of flowers are pleasant to the eyes. Festival and eventsThere are many festivals and events which are organized here. Some of them are the beer festival, the Cambridge folk’s festival, the midsummer festival, the Cambridge Shakespeare festival. The midsummer festival is the oldest festival here and is held at the mid day of the summer. It is quiet popular too across the globe.

Places to visit in the city of cambridge  

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