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Without Your Light By Casey Vaverka

Without your light I go looking for him.

I’m not faithful to

You, but you don’t mind. We have that agreement. That.

Sex is supposed to be fun.

You know

I know that.

He knows that too.

He wants nobody all to himself.

And I know,

I know he doesn’t. There’s another thing I know.

He’s into it with you, too.


Sees you behind my back. You two do different things.

We two do different things.


And I get jealous. Your face is brighter than either of ours in our dim human bed. Your skin looks like we want it to. When you’re not there I go looking for him. Thinks of you.

During, I think he

So do I.

Don’t think he likes me looking at him, and he looks away. When you’re turned off or when you crash, He looks for me too.


Without Your Light  

A short poem about a dysfunctional love triangle with only two people involved.

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