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Revolutionary Voices from THE Industrial REVOLUTION John 8-8

Introduction This is a journal written by Rhys Evans, who heard stories about the past form his relatives, during the Industrial Revolution. He was born in 1876 and died in 1910. He was a teenager when he wrote this journal. The industrial revolution created the first steam engine. Coal was found in England and it was used everywhere around the country. Coal mines were created but not everything was done by machines. Animals worked in farms, miners had to go underground and mine coal, and the richest among all of the people of England was the mine owners. They had enormous homes and they were not living in their own country. They went out to other countries that had better resources and environment. For the workers, it was different. They had to work to survive. They lived in dirty, tiny homes but also with others. This was a teenagers life during the Industrial Revolution.

Teenager working in the Industrial Revolution

Improvement of the Steam engine Date: 1781

The first steam engine system during the revolution

Is this good news or a bad news? It’s less work for us, but we still have to go underground and mine! There are no lights in the coalmines; we still need to risk our lives mining! Should I be depressed or happy? The steam engine did help transporting the coals but every time a factory blasts out gas, people are disappearing! My father was right when they told me about the start and the creation of coal. In 1770s, when my grandparents were young, they rejoiced when coal was found. They thought having huge amounts of factories would make them have less amount of work. My grandparents thought this was good for their parents and themselves, but they felt the change during the process. People were coughing, getting sick and they started to dissolve. They realize the sky was getting darker everyday and their homes were covered with dust. His father once said this creation could be an enormous illness that will start to kill people. They first didn’t understand what their parents were saying, but they noticed when the rain started to turn dark.

After I heard this story, I opened the window and watched the sky of England in 1896. It was still the same. Nothing has changed. The working that my grandparents did and what we are doing right now had no difference. Steam engines now work faster and stronger but did the country provide us anything? They kept improving the system but they never care about the system underground where we have to mine half a day and walk back home getting hit by acid rain? The mine owners today are now not even in their homes. I was running to work today and I saw a house with lights off. Mine owners. They are out in other countries where it has better air and environment. They never care about how the environment or the people are treated in England; they only want to show the technology to the world. Today was just about complains. My mind was full of complains to the owners and to the country. We need rest, food and a better shelter for our children. Almost everyone had the same complains when we met today for a meeting. We can’t do anything unless the work gets easier or we are provided with more food. I’m unable to move some days because I had no dinner the day before. We were lucky today. Our family had enough money to provide dinner for everyone in our table. Everyday is like a survival for us. When will this lifestyle change? Our family is surviving everyday hoping this life gets better. Life like this is

The improvement of the steam engine

Date: 1805

Blanaevon Iron works

Lost. My grandparents lost more that 50 friends and neighbors during iron work in Blanaevon. How would it feel to lose a person who you always talk and laugh together? For them, it was usual to lose a neighbor from work, but there is one person who my grandparents can never forget. Gwallter. Gwallter was a strong, wise worker who didn’t complain about his job. He did what he was supposed to do and he did the best he can to build iron. He and my grandfather, Alef, were the best buddies in town. They helped each other when they can, they provided money for other families if they needed food, and they always went and came back from work together. One day, Alef was in construction with iron. He felt sick, tired, and lazy, so he decided to sit down, and close his eyes. When he woke up, he saw Gwallter lying in front of him dead. Alef looked up and saw the place where he was working. It had been collapsed and torn down with bricks. He noticed that Gwallter saw himself sleeping while the working space was collapsing so Gwallter ran in and pushed Alef towards the outside. Gwallter couldn’t save himself and the got stuck on him. Alef roared with tears dripping down his face. Gwallter’s family also heard this and came running to see his dead, lying body.

Iron works during the Industrial revolution

People died in different ways. They were burnt by hot iron or the space they were working could have been weak and broken down. When Gwallter’s death spread to the entire town, people’s reaction was enormous. People started calling him a hero and they always prayed for him to have a wonderful life in heaven. For Alef, he could never forget this accident in his mind and everyday he visited his grave and said “Thank you, I will never forget you.” I was shocked when I heard this story today. These days, people only live and care about themselves. Who would share money and resources for others now? For Alef, Gwallter was like his savior. If Gwallter didn’t risk his life and dive in to save him, then Alef would have died in his sleep. I see people die everyday in coalmines, but people watch them and they will never care if their neighbors or friends die. Yet it was different for Alef. From then, Alef went to work by himself, he had no one to get help from, but he felt that Gwallter was always with him.

working in Iron works

I care about my friends around me, those who work with me, but now I only care about my own life. I’m seeing too many people die and crying, and now I don’t feel any emotions when my neighbors die. I had it too much. I feel like I’m loosing my emotions everyday.

Date: 1842

Mines Act

My grandfather was the only one who thought the mine act was a good decision made by the country. He didn’t like his family going underground everyday and mining for coal. He was afraid that his wife or his child will be found missing during work. He did care about money, but he only wanted all of his family to be safe. Their life had been harder, but he was pleased that their family has a better environment to work on. Not everyone was like my grandparents. Some were shouting and crying because they were afraid they would have no job and money. Some families lost their fathers so they were hopeless of getting a job. They sometimes stole and were caught by the neighbors but they helped each other. They didn’t spread the news if a person stole something from a house. Now only Alef, my grandfather, could only work in the mines. He used all of his strength to get enough coal to feed his family. When mine act was released, my grandmother was a young, hard worker. She was lucky enough to get a job in a mine owner’s house. She only had to work 6 ours a day, because it wasn’t only her who cleaned the owner’s house. For my grandmother, Kids, age 11, worked in she was stunned of how amazing, beautiful the owner’s home was. It had all fancy, fascinating small, dangerous mines products in homes. The gates were strong and tall. Something’s that she saw wasn’t even from with their father this country. She was paid less than working in coalmines but she loved this work than mining underground. My father was a small kid. He was able to work in the coalmines but now he had nothing to do. He told me that he mostly stayed home but he went out and cleaned his home and also did house work for his mother. He missed his parents during the day but he was satisfied about himself having a rest, but the problem was dinner. When it was time for dinner, they were all depressed. After the mine act, they didn’t have enough money for all of the family members to have dinner. If food wasn’t enough, then my father got most of the food. They didn’t have a choice. My father was happy that his mother was working in a safer place but he had to do something to get everyone dinner, but it didn’t turn out well. He had to wait until he gets above ten. After everyone got a job, it was difficult but my father was happy that he could work again for his parents. Only men over 10 was able to work in coal mines

This story of my family always comes through my head, especially when our family faces a situation like this. Today, I had no dinner. We were late to work and all the mining space was full. We got less amount of coal mined and we were paid the least

Date: 1876

Tyler Town

Is moving an easy task? My grandparents had to move to a new village with my parents. They had to move to Tyler town but nothing changed. Mines were still there. Tyler town had more mines than where they have lived before. They could earn more money in Tyler town, but we had a problem. During the way to Tyler town, she started to feel dizzy and she fainted. She arrived in Tyler town getting help by the neighbors. She was unable to work for weeks. She was not in condition. She needed help but the town was a new place for them, they didn’t know where to get help, and she was getting worse and worse. My grandmother had to be in bed for at least 2 weeks. Now our family had to face another problem. They didn’t have enough money to feed themselves and my grandmother. My father and my grandfather had to mine enough coal to earn enough money for his family. My grandmother and my parents said this time was the hardest situation to overcome. They were out of resources and money. Some families were very wealthy. Neighbors around them did help our family finding a way to get my grandmother off her bed, but everyone was busy doing work and taking care of their family. My grandmother was getting older, weaker, and almost unable to stand. She couldn’t work anymore. It didn’t matter if she got better she was too weak. I asked my parents. “How did you guys overcome this terrible situation?” My parent’s expression was like they didn’t want me to know. I kept asking and asking but it didn’t work. Today, my grandfather came back from mining and I secretly went in his room and asked him the same question. He was happy to tell me how they survived in Tyler town.

Tyler town in 1876

The church that people went every Sunday

They were in a position where it was even hard to feed themselves. My father cried everyday and thought he will soon lose his parents. My father worked harder and harder everyday and tried his best to have dinner. He was afraid his mother would leave him. He had to work strong, did the best he can do, and took care of his health. My family said their spiritual belief started in Tyler town. They started to believe in a religion and they prayed, sang, and worshipped everyday. Our family still praises at night, so my grandfather is telling me that religious belief helped them get over this problem. My grandmother healed in a week and she was healthy as normal. My dad and grandfather was always time on work and they started to feel the change when they started believing in a religion. Now people around us are all religious and god could always help us when we are facing a great wall.

Date: January 28th, 1896

Pendyrus mine Disaster

I knew this would happen one day. Everyone was terrified. People were crying, praying, and some fainted in shock. The Pendyrus mine had been collapsed. Today in the morning, my mother was having a heart attack so my dad and I had to take care of her and we were late to work. We grabbed our tools and started to shove ourselves underground. About an hour of work, we felt a little shake on the walls. We had this experience before so we didn’t take it seriously, but suddenly the coals that we were mining started to crack. It was like an earthquake. The floor was shivering, my lamp fell to the ground, and I started to dash towards the entrance. My dad was behind me. My heart was beating, the walls were collapsing, and I was pushing the people in front of me. The entrance was losing light. I sprang through the small whole and I was finally out. I looked behind right away and my father was standing, looking at the destroyed coal mine. People behind my father were unable to escape. It was too late for them. It wasn’t just our mine that had been collapsed. Mine No. 7 and 8 were also down. Tyler town changed to a disaster. My legs were badly scratched and hundred of people were injured. Gasses all around and fire was flaming everywhere. The rescue team kept digging to find more survivors but there was none underground. Twelve died in the mine where we were working, fifty-seven in no.7, and 20 in mine no.8. Families came running without shoes. They couldn’t believe what have happened to their family. Some parents lost their children; some children lost their parents. I was standing, watching people cry. My mother came running as well. When she saw my father and I, she poured out her tears and she hugged me as tight as I was unable to breathe. This was my first time seeing my mother cry this much.

The Pendyrus mine before it was broken down

Today was like watching a horror movie. What if I tripped and got stuck underground? What if I was safe but not my father? I was proud of myself. When I looked out the window from second floor, I saw people kneel down to the ground and wanted this situation to be a dream. The place where the mines have been broken down was still filled with dust and flame. The owner was standing in front of his mine and it looked like his mind was going nuts. I had a smile in my face when I saw the mine owner watching his own, useless mine. Kids and men died mining underground

Conclusion The long-term effect is that people’s life changed. Their life started to get easier. The machines helped our lives much better than before. People had to work with hands, but now it is difficult to find a job where a person has to do a job all by hand. The technology developed and people found more ways to make machineries work. Electricity was the biggest change to the world but coal is still very effective around the world. Now mostly all devices are powered and charged by electricity. So what has never changed. Well the most biggest one is how the people are treated by money. The wealthy ones always live much better than the poor. The air remained the same after the resolution because they continued to use coal until they used more of electricity. The people still had to work but the technology got better and better so the work that people had to do was getting less. Now we are living in a better environment because people started to care about nature and their planet. Number of scientists were increasing and they created a way to make a machinery work without using coal and it was electricity. Nowadays people are starting to create cars that goes with electricity, cables are used in homes, and all our devices are charged using electricity! The use of coal still remains the same but the use of electricity has increased much more than expected.

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