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GAINMORE™ TEAM ADVANTAGE  LEVERAGING INDIVIDUAL POTENTIAL TO TEAM PERFORMANCE WITH COHESION AND UNITY OF  EFFORT TO ACHIEVE TEAM AND ORGANISATIONAL GOALS   This programme goes boldly where no team leadership training has gone before. It raises the standard for team and personal and leadership development with an engaging, fast-paced simulation on the golf course as the extended classroom where application of skills are immediate, the learning process enjoyable and memorable! You may be questioning why you and your team have genuine ability, yet are still only getting average results. Individuals demonstrate great potential yet the known synergies of team working are seldom realised. Increasingly, team members are expected to work autonomously and geographically separated from peers, relying on the effectiveness of communications to share experience and, critically, to share knowledge and information. Team members need the flexibility to work alone, in physical teams and in virtual teams and consistently deliver. Team leadership is no longer just the remit of those holding the title, but all team members working together towards common goals.

ENABLE COMMUNICATION, GENERATE TEAM SPIRIT AND ENGENDER TRUST  GAINMORE™ Team Advantage is a one or twoday reflective programme that provides the participants with the tools and techniques to lead themselves and their teams to greater performance. Participants leapfrog to higher levels of judgment and insight. They’re challenged to think. Assess risks. Deal with non-performance. Decide. Act. They get blindsided. They recover. They consider both short- and long-range organisation impact. The challenge becomes the backdrop for deeper insight into the individual and team actions that lead to positive results.


Identify SMART shared Goals and create a shared vision

Guide the team to focus on business objectives and outcomes

Align the right resources and recognise every member’s talents and strengths

Set practical and challenging objectives and achieve them

Learn to communicate effectively and positively with common technology based tools

Plan and strategise as a team and share the right knowledge with the right people

Ensure that the team and organisation align with the culture and business direction

Develop a shared situational awareness and insights into contextual understanding

Develop unity and cohesion of effort towards stated goals.


OUR APPROACH: SIMULATION LEARNING  In this programme, the focus is on effective command instruction, shared experience and shared situational awareness as key components of productive team working. This programme utilises a range of tools and techniques from the powerful GAINMORE™ Advantage Framework to help participants learn proven methods of enabling people to be more effective by harnessing their natural abilities, and motivating each other to achieve outstanding results.

WORKSHOP MODULES:   Team Goals and Vision

A series of powerful activities to identify SMART goals using the SWING process that ensures team agreement and motivation towards achieving the goals aligned with organisational goals.

Aligning and review of goals - Learning new skills

Few of the target audience are likely to have ever played the game of golf. Through learning a new skill that requires focus, active listening to command instruction, and personal effort – participants quickly realise their ability to adapt and learn – building selfconfidence through immediate feedback of own efforts and early success.

Values – review vision and influence Coaching new skills

The key tools of effective communication and review coaching are explained and used in continued activities and practised as participants coach and review each other.

Attitude and review Shared Experience

Through a powerful series of activities, participants put their new skills to use in small groups of three or four. The golfing activities continue to develop their newly learned skills and, in competition with other groups, plan and strategise as a team to achieve the intended outcomes.

Attitude and nature Team Role and Leadership Paradigms

Understand personal paradigm in respect to other team members – recognise personal strengths and weaknesses and the power of team diversity and synergies of individual contributions to realise seemingly impossible tasks as a team.

Influence - Shared Situational Awareness

An essential component of team cohesion and unity, shared situational awareness understanding is developed through a unique and powerful simulation on the Executive Golf Course. Participants continue to work in their original foursomes or threesomes participating in a simulation decision game that takes place over 9 decision points (holes). The simulation encourages knowledge sharing and team problem solving, enhances team spirit while maintaining focus on service in a climate of continuous change. Breaks down any silos and provides a compelling motivation to share.

Workshop Review

Drawing together the learning and experiences from the day and creating a plan of action for transfer to the workplace that continues to enhance team spirit and sharing, team and personal development.

CUSTOMISATION   GAINMORE™ Team Advantage is ideally over two consecutive days, with single day customised variations. Our long experience in designing effective experiential learning interventions has led to the creation of business simulations within the game of golf that provides a non-threatening platform to experience behavioural change in an environment that encourages deep self-awareness, rapidly understood and accepted business metaphors with immediate application back in the workplace. The design of our interventions encourages high team spirit and integration, shared experience and fun in a competitive and challenging experience.

To discuss how CELSIM can transform your organisation to cope with the immediate, prepare for  the future and lead the process of organisational renewal, please contact:   

DR. JOHN KENWORTHY  (65) 6245 0908 Email:  

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