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CELSIM Sales Advantage “Your bottom line starts with your front line” You are a sales leader of your organisation, division, or department with immense scope to impact not only on the operational and financial performance of the business, but also on the motivational and cultural aspects that shape your organisation’s future competitive positioning. As you're constantly being asked to do more with less, being able to motivate people to accomplish their best and sustain the results is increasingly important in developing new business and retaining existing clients. In an increasingly complex competitive environment where organisations need to repeatedly transform and renew itself to exploit opportunities and counter threats, superior sales leadership qualities and competencies become the key to inspiring commitment and motivation from your teams and generate the necessary high-performance culture to succeed.

Build and motivate a winning sales team Based on our GAINMORE™ framework - developed through 14 years of international experience and research – and the power that is ‘Creating Client Value’ from best-selling author of Spin-Selling and associate Neil Rackham - CELSIM delivers high impact sales training programmes that offer a unique blend of realism, pragmatism and thought leadership for business sales advantage. As a diagnostic tool, the GAINMORE™ framework enables you to identify, understand and prioritise the cognitive, behavioural and emotional changes individuals and teams need to make to align and achieve their own and the organisation’s goals. Our GAINMORE™ framework provides a robust and objective analysis of desired outcomes from a training solution. It identifies the development modules appropriate to close the gaps based on the organisational context. Using the Buying Cycle, we focus on how sales people can add value at every stage of the buying process to achieve the results you are looking for, how to achieve successful behavioural and organisational change that works, and, how to sustain it. CELSIM Sales Advantage programmes deliver targeted and tangible performance improvement to create deep sustainable change swiftly and easily, giving you the power to achieve and go even further and win more business.

Customisation – developing your priority needs Each of our clients has a unique combination of business priorities, your products and services, your people and your marketplace. CELSIM Sales Advantage programmes are customised for your team. The benefit of our firm foundations and experience is that we design and deliver an intervention targeted to achieve your specific outcomes. The example programme shown below is a case study example. Albeit, since the start of the current financial crisis the issues addressed are common to many organisations, we will discuss and understand your priorities and people before partnering with you on a solution.

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CELSIM Sales Advantage Case Study Example The Client A well-respected industry #2 player in South East Asia. A solid reputation for their products and services facing stiff competition from new and smaller players in the market. Good brand recognition and reputation have enabled sales staff to ‘coast’ in the recent past few years thanks to a robust and growing economy. Tightening cash flows in client organisations have seen a shift of allegiance to cheaper, lower quality products and services in a rapidly shrinking market. The sales team lack confidence and skills and the appropriate attitude to succeed in this more difficult market and they need to find and secure new business and retain existing clients. Challenge Design and deliver a powerful experiential sales programme that will: • • • •

Equip team members with skills of networking and influencing and their adaptation for different buyer roles Develop Shared Experience and Shared Situational Awareness to leverage regional skills and presence Develop tenacity of purpose and persistence to follow-through Use Techniques that enable the company to be front of prospect’s minds.

Solution We created a Sales Advantage programme using a business simulation within the game of golf – suitable for a mixture of golfers and non-golfers and providing a non-threatening platform and an environment to encourage the development of skills in using the tools and techniques learned. Over two days, we structured the programme to include interactive workshop sessions for learning and practise of the principles of Creating Client Value interspersed with golfing activities where the tools and techniques are practised. Returning to the workshop to review learning and wrapping up with a team and individual planning session to establish specific action plans for immediate implementation in the workplace. Follow-up individual ad-hoc coaching continues to be provided to address specific issues participants discover in using the tools and techniques and to refine their use in real life situations. Outcome Participants on this programme benefited substantially, learning to: • • • • • •

Establish how to create new revenue by leveraging the whole organisation’s capabilities more fully and enhance value propositions through reviewing assumptions on customer segments, targeting and positioning Proactively identify new opportunities Have a fresh, client-centric approach to developing business and identify competitive advantages, industry success factors and profit models that underpin different market positions innovation and financial appraisal Navigate complex buyer roles Influence buying criteria in highly competitive situations Add value at each stage of the buying cycle. To discuss how we can transform you and your organisation to cope with the immediate, prepare for the future and lead the process of organisational renewal, please contact:

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As a diagnostic tool, the GAINMORE™ framework enables you to identify, understand and prioritise the cognitive, behavioural and emotional ch...