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Welcome to Summer Madness Firstly we just want to say a huge THANK YOU to you for having the courage, willingness and enthusiasm to bring your group to Summer Madness at Glenarm. Every year we see 1000s of young people leave Summer Madness changed and inspired by a fresh encounter with Jesus – the only reason they are here is because you as youth leaders, family members and friends have invested in them spiritually, physically and emotionally. In the middle of the late nights, early mornings, portable showers and toilets, countless burgers and constant activity if you ever wonder why you're here remember that this weekend lives will be changed..forever. You are an absolutely vital part of that transformation. Whether this is your first or 21st year at Summer Madness this is a new year for us all. Glenarm is a completely new site for us and it brings with it a host of opportunities that we hope you'll be able to take advantage of over the course of the festival. To start with we wanted to give you a quick guide to the festival essentials. But, as always, if you have any questions don't hesitate to drop in to the Subcamp HQ where the Subcamp team will do their best to help you.

Ashleigh Nelson Subcamp Director

Subcamp Basics: Subcamps are where everyone who is staying overnight at the festival lives. Split into four obviously coloured zones to make admin easy - Blue, Green, Purple and Red. When you booked you will have been told which colour you are to camp in – after that it's simple – find that colour and a patch of grass that you like the look of and make camp!

Please make sure that by 1am all your group are inside their tents and not disturbing neighbouring tents. We have groups of varied ages as well as young families. This curfew is in place for everyone's benefit. Subcamp Leaders and Security will be on duty throughout the campsite from 12am to support you in this process. If you have any issues or need a hand just let them know.

Caravans: Caravans are either in the blue or purple zone to keep them near the road Powered sites (by prior arrangement) are only in the designated areas as power supply is limited. To conserve diesel the site generators will be switched off between 10pm and 8am. Make sure to charge your battery during the day and switch over in the evening. No vehicles, including caravans, are allowed on the main campsite as we can't guarantee getting them safely on and off. Apart from emergency services there are no exceptions to this rule

Emergency Access Road: There are clearly marked roads leading to and from the Subcamp HQ – these are for emergency service access - so please don't camp in these spaces.

Subcamp HQ The Subcamp HQ is at the centre of the campsite. Here you will find Subcamp leaders. They are responsible for the management of the campsite and camping experience. If you have any questions or need any help at all please call over and they will support you and find a solution. Equally they will be working with you to support you as you implement safe camping with your group and as you get your group to bed each evening before the camp curfew. Camp Curfew: The festival curfew is 1am. This is nonnegotiable and is in place to ensure that everyone gets enough sleep to enjoy the programme.

Sleeping Arrangements: This is a Christian festival so we promote Christian values: We would ask that there is no sharing of any enclosed tents by males and females of any age unless married. We would also ask that no over 18 shares an enclosed tent with any under 18s unless prior written parental consent has been received. Things we don't want on site: Alcohol and drugs (unless medically prescribed) are not permitted on the site – so please make sure you keep an eye out for them. There is a permanent amnesty on site – so if found these can be handed in to Subcamp HQ at anytime. Weapons: it goes without saying, any offensive weapons are not permitted on site. This includes laser pens or similar items Waterbombs/waterpistols/waterbomb catapults: We believe that water-fights should be an inclusive affair. If any your group members have brought any of these items can you please let us know and we'll

organise a water-fight arena for anyone who wants to participate. Anyone using these items outside of the organised waterfight will sadly have them permanently confiscated. Abusive language or behaviour: We want to build a community of fun and fellowship over the duration of the festival, we hope every group and group leader supports us in this aim. If anyone engages in sustained abusive language or behaviour as determined by either the Subcamp or Security Teams then they may be asked to leave the site. We will ALWAYS consult with you as group leader before any decision is taken. Safe Camping: Pitch your tents properly using all the ropes and pegs – if you are not sure how a particular tent goes up ask the Subcamp Leaders. Leave a gap of c. 2-3metres between each tent – this is to ensure that if there's a fire it doesn't spread easily between tents Keep the guy pegs positioned close to your tent edge to avoid creating a trip hazard Please zip tents up when leaving them as this helps keep them weather-proof Please get your group to check all the pegs and guys of their tent each day to keep everything tight and secure. If you are using gas laterns/lights please only use them outside as there have been a number of gas poisoning incidents at campsites recently. Safe Cooking: Whether you are feeding the 5000 or just yourself – please do it safely. Cooking on the campsite is absolutely fine this year just try to look after the grass and site around us. Keep gas fires/BBQs c.1-2metres away from canvas or any flammable items and be aware of sparks. BBQs are not allowed to sit directly on the

grass – please keep them raised up so the grass isn't burnt. Fires Due to the proximity of canvas and trees no open fires are permitted on the campsite apart from the one at Subcamp HQ. If you spot a fire please alert the Subcamp Leaders as soon as possible. They are equipped to deal with fires. If you hear the site alarm, please evacuate your group to the centre of the adjoining field – in front of the castle. The Subcamp Leaders will support you in this.

Toilets, Washing and Showers: There are a large number of toilets situated around the site. These are marked on your site guide. The site team will be cleaning these regularly – please help make this unpleasant job easier by encouraging your group to leave a toilet as they'd like to find it. For people looking to just wash and avoid the queue we've created a solution – the washing trough. Located on the campsite this should let you get ready fast each morning. There are also a significant number of showers near the campsite. These are marked on your festival guide. Each shower costs £1 for 5mins. They are open at several times each day, as displayed at sub-camp HQ We would love to have more Showers on site but despite the donation towards each shower taken they still make a significant loss each year due to the costs associated with their installation and running. But we want to make the camping experience as comfortable as possible so we've installed as many as we can.

Food Basics: There will be a small stall selling food basics (milk, bread, etc) from the road beside the campsite each morning from 8.30am – 9:30am. There's also a range of food outlets in the village area Charging Phones: We know it's important to stay in contact with your group. There are a number of venues (e.g. Tearfund) in the village with mobile charging points. In emergencies Subcamp HQ also has phone charging capabilities. Festival watch-outs: Trying to familiarize yourself to a new location and all the potential watch-outs is never simple. We've tried to outline a few that you may want to consider and put in place appropriate guidelines for your group during the festival. Large site: Glenarm is a large site – Summer Madness is based in the first 30% of it. There is lots more to explore but make sure you are comfortable with your group doing so unaccompanied or else create an appropriate series of boundaries for them.

The Brook: There is a very shallow river running beside the castle and along the perimeter of the site. Make sure your group is aware of it. Glenarm: Glenarm is a very small village - traffic running through it, and along the coast road, is quite light. As your group will be able to leave and re-enter the festival at anytime during the day make sure you establish the boundaries for your group early. Open site: Summer Madness has always been an open-site. We are not allowed to physically prevent anyone from leaving the site. Please establish with your group if they need to inform you if they leave site. In the case of a minor inadvertently trying to leave the site we will request their parents/responsible adult to collect them from the gate. Everyone will be checked for festival passes when they attempt to reenter the festival site. Your group, your rules: Summer Madness will support you as much as it can to ensure your young people have a safe and fun festival. But ultimately you are their leader and able to establish the specific rules and geographic boundaries that suit your group best. Please let the Subcamp Team know if there's anything they can do to support you as you lead your group.

Group leaders' miniguide  
Group leaders' miniguide  

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