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Class Rules and Photo Lab Procedures Attendance: The BHS attendance policy will be strictly enforced. (Please see the student handbook for details.) Attendance will be taken with a “sign-in sheet”. Forgetting to sign-in may result in an absence for the day. On the first day back after an absence, arrangements must be made to make up the class period(s) missed. Tardy Policy: Habitual tardies will not be tolerated. Tardy students my be expected to clean the darkroom or do other chores around the Photo Lab. Hall Pass: The photo classroom is a very busy place. Do not leave the classroom without permission AND the hall pass. Students failing to use the hall pass will be marked absent for the day. Cheating: Cheating is a very serious matter and deserves a very serious consequence. A "0" will be given to all students involved and parent/teacher conference scheduled. Late work / Make up work: It is the student's responsibility to make arrangements to make up missed work. Late work will not be accepted unless you had an "excused" absence on the due date and you contact me personally on the day you return and make arrangements for a new due date. Redoing Assignments: Some assignments may be "resubmitted". Redo dates will be posted and with no exceptions the original work must be resubmitted along with the "redo". Tests ad quizzes may NOT be retaken or redone. Idle Time: There may be an occasion or two when you have “down time” in the photo room. Please think ahead and plan your time well. It is not acceptable to sit around and do nothing! If your photo work is done, you may work on other school work or extra photo projects but NO “hanging out”. Computers are for school work only. Music: Music is an important part of the vibe in the photo lab. Let’s keep the music “school appropriate” and let’s keep an open mind. Absolutely no ear buds or headphones. Grading: Grades in Photo classes will provide feedback, guide instruction, and reflect a student’s knowledge and attainment of content standards. Grades will reflect what a student knows and is able to do. Each assignment will be worth a specified number of points. The semester grade will be determined by to student's percentage of points available. 100% - 90%= A 89% - 80% = B 79% - 70% =C 69% - 60% = D

Class Rules