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Birds Most of the peoples like to watch birds while they are flying and few of people also wants nesting of them close to their house. The birds like English sparrow, starling and pigeon are most seen birds in daily life. English sparrow: This is the most common seen bird in the world with typical length of 16 cm and its weight is between 24 to 40 gm. They are completely associated with human habitation .Feeds mostly on seeds of grains and weeds and many other foods. They damages crops by pecking seeds, buds, flowers, vegetables and matured fruit. They are much common in industrial park or on a lawn.

Pigeon: Most of peoples calls them as a city doves, city pigeons and street pigeons and can found in large numbers in the city across the country. Most common color of the pigeons is blue gray. They are not afraid of the peoples and eat just about anything

Any bird can make a problem as it does any unpleasant thing. Some birds can make different types of sounds they are listenable at day but make nuisance at night when we are sleeping. Even they carry different insects along with them. Birds make trouble when they eat food or even fishes in pond. So the services like bird control or bird removal Toronto are really needful for them without hunting.

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